Monday, 26 September 2011

Nyonya cantik hilang...

          I went brisk walking like usual this morning.After about 300 meters I turned to see whether nyonya cantik was there too.No sight of her. I continued walking.A few regular friends were there.No nyonya cantik..
           Kept on walking.Started sweating.My eyes nyonya cantik still. Passed by her housing area, no sight of her..
          Maybe she 's not walking today.Or tak sihat kut.? I kept on my steps. A few young girls were jogging fast..I smiled .They smiled back.
          "Jogging aunty ?"
          "No , just brisk walking " I said..
          Two men were fishing. So early? The fish were still in bed la..
           "Dapat? " I asked.
           "Belum lagi." Both answered at once..
          One Chinese lady was doing taichi alone.She was always earlier than me. slim lady with blonde coloured hair.This one has her back to everyone.Couldnt see her face..
           Hah dah letih jauh dah jalan.Turned back , no nyonya cantik..Stopped by bought nasi lemak for my son and newspapers too.
          Walked home, without seeing nyonya cantik..I stopped outside my house, fed my fish in the small pond,Nice to see the fish splashing in the water to get the share..
           Duduk atas kerusi batu, looked tru the newspaper,looked up, saw my neighbours busy outside sweeping the floor.
          "wei orang pencen, seronok na pencen, boleh pi jogging.."
          I smiled happily, " ya , la boleh join the club na.apa resipi hari ni? "
          Such is the life of a retiree.No tension, no stress... leganya...lapangnya..Anyway I still want to be organized. I dont want to waste time talking away or dozzing on the sofa....
          Life is short..Let it be meaningful...

Friday, 23 September 2011

The engagement of two lovebirds....

    My son Ahmad Khazimi is an architect in Shah Alam .Coincidently his fiancie is also an architect working in Kelang.This post is about his engagement to the girl he loves.
   17th September was a date chosen to make this ceremony come true.The following snapshots tell everything..

                 Khazimi getting ready at Famila's house to go to Kelang where Raihan Suhaila awaited him...

                                 Our convoy heading our way to Kelang from Wangsa Maju ..

                    The ceremony was planned at 11. We reached Raihan's house minutes before time..

                                        Dah sampai.Carrying the hantaran prepared earlier.

                                   Made our way into the house. Welcomed by Raihan's relatives..

                                      Beautiful hantaran in shades of purple, Raihan's favourite color

                               3 girls in my life..Famila, Faten Allia, and my cucu Sara Zulaikha..

                                                                    Discussions began...


                                           The bride to-be came out for another occasion..

                                  I was given the honour to put on the engagement ring on her finger.

                                                          The smile on his son

                            And the smile on her fortunate of them to be successfull in love..............

                                                             posed for the camera..

                                                            Enjoying nasi kenduri..

                                                                           The food.

                                       Acara he could entertain his friends.

                                                    Happy now ?  It shows on the face..he he

      The date for the wedding was set to be on the 11th of March in Seri Andalas and 17th of March in Indera Kayangan.May Allah grant us what we pray for..Amin...

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Nyonya cantik ! !

    I saw her walking towards my direction, her face putih dengan bedak. I thought it must be bedak nyonya.She is an old Chinese lady.....her body slim and fit. I smiled at her, she smiled back, in no time we were walking together along the jogging track..

    "Aunty duduk mana ?"
    " Sana belakang " pointing her finger to the few wooden houses .
    "Umur you berapa aunty ?  
    " Alah dah 83 dah.Sudah tua la" She kept smiling.

    I was shocked.She must be kidding I thought. 83 ? My God, she looked strong..I got more friendly now. I looked at her again. Her face was flawless.No freckles like other Chinese ladies her age.
    "Aunty, you makan apa ? you punya kulit cantik,?"
    " Mana ada makan apa.tak da punya la.mana ada cantik... sudah tua ma "
    "Itu dalam beg plastik tu ada apa? "
    " Nasi lemak la. mana ada apa.he he." She started to laugh.
    " ok ok aunty, hari2 you makan apa ? you punya badan cantik lagi.tak ada gemuk ?"
      She looked at herself.Then smiled..
    "Lu pun cantik ma"
    My turn to laugh..
    I patted her on the shoulder.
    " Aunty, bukan apa saya saja suka tengok orang tua macam aunty, masih banyak makan sayur ke aunty" In my heart, banyak sungguh Maznah ni tanya.tak jemu berusaha..

     "Tak dak saya tak suka sayur punya orang,,hari2 makan ikan, ketam, semua laut punya .."
     "Tapi saya tengok aunty kuat jalan."
     "mana kuat, lutut semua sakit ma, saja aku jalan2.rumah tak da orang.."
 In my heart..( secretive juga orang tua ni)..I remembered my mum at home..still strong juga, eats only vege and fish, never gets sick langsung, only her face is filled with freckles,unlike this beautiful nyonya..
     Suddenly she turned to me .her eyes looking up and down.
    "you punya umuq berapa? " Aik lawan towkey pulak nyonya ni. tanya kita balik. I was thinking fast.what to say ....
     " Saya sudah 60 ma." (just want to see her reaction).

     " hah, betui ka.haiya jangan bohong la. nampak 40 saja uh..?

      My turn to laugh.
      "You mau tengok IC ka? " I pretended to dig into my track bottom's pocket.Kalau ada sungguh mampus..
     Then she patted me pula.Looked at my face and said.
      "haiya, you makan apa ? cakap sama kita "

      I laughed out loud.Typical of women.young or old they are so concerned about their looks.
     " Makan sayur saja aunty." Muka dia tak puas hati.
      "Esok kita cakap lagi a aunty.. tunggu kita sini aa.nanti saya cerita apa saya makan eh "
     Sambil geleng2 kepala, she walked away towards her house, I caught myself staring at her, a beautiful lady, briskwalking everyday, not in tracksuit like me but in kebaya nyonya and batik sarung with slipper Jepun..! !

Puan Dariah Saad...specially for you..

   As I was sorting out books in my room, I came across a poem which automatically flashed back my memories to the lady which I used to admire when I was in form 4 at Derma school.
    When my eldest daughter got a place in Tg.Kursiah College in Seremban, she was the principle there.People said as I mingled around with other parents in the hall of the school on registration day
    "You from Perlis eh, the pengetua sini pun orang Perlis tau".
    Never came into my mind it was her.Puan Dariah Saad , my Bah Melayu teaccher in form 4...

    Tup tup, a few months later she was appointed the Perlis Director of Education.Of course I was proud enough to hear that. When sometime we bumped into each other she was the first to smile and aknowledge.Kadang 2 dengan pengarah2 ni kita tk berani nak look up.hormat kan.But she is different..she would smile and said 'cantik baju' or sekolah mana u la ni? "
   Once I was the host in one programme at the state library where they called "big people" in perlis to tell about their " life with books". 2 days before the programe I was told she would be one of the guests.Ish apalah nak tanya dia ni.That sort of question came into my mind.
   The day came, she was as sweet as ever, without a trace of makeup on her face, looked at me and smiled.I gained back my confidence and asked her lots of questions , more than I did with the other guests...

   On her retirement day I again had the opportunity to be the emcee for the day at the big beautiful hall of SJKC Khoon Aik Kangar. It was like the reunion of all the memories.I stated all that came into my mind, I serenade her a song, and at the end of the ceremony I presented her my poem which I specially wrote for her.
This is the poem.....
   She hugged me as the poem exchanged hands.She was my teacher and thats the way I thought one should do to show we appreciate our teachers. I turned to end the ceremony with tears in my eyes.I was not alone.From the corner of my eyes I saw her wet eyes..God bless u teacher..May u live happily till the end with those sweet grandchildren of yours....

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Raya raya raya...

     Suddenly I remembered that I have not written about last raya. This raya its Famila's turn to be here.Last year she celebrated with her inlaws in Keramat Kuala Lumpur.My son Ahmad Khazimi also came back with them.It was the merriest raya ever..with the presence of little Sara. she's able to walk now.Happy to see her walking, the way she lifts her left leg was very funny..
    On Hari Raya Eve we cooked and cooked, my target the food will all be on the table before my family go for raya prayers..memang la penat, At 4.30 am I woke up to cook the rice, panaskan smua lauk pauk, ketupat and rendang too.
          By 10 am the first family came for raya.Followed by 2, 3, 4, until late evening.Nasib baik air dah tersedia in a big glass container. Biscuits were all in the jars.Other food is all arranged nicely on the big table..

                             My cucu Sara on the early morning of raya was already outside the house..

                                                  Amboi faten awalnya siap posed tepi kolam.

                                                    Me and my sister before acara salam2..

                Crossed over to my mum (in my sis's house just opposite mine about 4 steps away )

                                                           Minta la maaf ,banyak salah ni.

                          Enjoying food ,soto ada, rice and lauk pauk, plus raya biscuits and cakes.

A lost friend of 40 years, suddenly appeared at my doorstep. Alhamdullillah.Siti Zawiyah.( Read more in my earlier post)

                     Open house at my brother's house..makan lagi.mcm mana nak dapat 50 kilos balik ni..

                                                   Brother and family at my place..

                         Once in a while standing leaning on other people's  shoulders sedap juga rupanya..

                                                My Famila, and my roses blend well..

                                           The joker in the family,never seen him looks serious.

This raya my house received lots of guests..non stop.These are reletives from Fahmi's side.His late brother's children, came from Johor and Sg Besi...

                                     My side (, my cousin in black and her children and in laws)

    Sara, nothing can compare the feelings of triumph and excitement having her in my house calling me in her soft voice, " tok, tok"....

Monday, 12 September 2011

Selamat tinggal Padang nan indah..

    Jam sudah menunjukkan pukul 830 pagi.Namun cuaca masih samar-samar. Lampu masih terpasang.Mungkin sebab keadaan masih gelap. Air hujan masih menitik di luar tingkap.
     Kami di ruang makan resort untuk sarapan. Kerana makanan di masak serta merta, sambil menantikan nasi goreng dan mee goreng kami dihidangkan dulu dengan telur separuh masak.Panas dengan kopi panas. Sedap la juga..

        En Aziz yang sinonim dengan topinya yang pelbagai warna mengadap kopi bersama isteri.
        Fahmi lebih suka menjadi cameraman yang setia..

 Sebelum menjamah makan tengahari, Is membawa kami ke destinasi pelancungan yang tidak kurang cantiknya, Air terjun  dari Gunung Tandikek di Lembah Anai. Terpegun saya. Kalau Niagara Fall bagaimanalah rupanya.Tentulah berganda besar dan kuat lontaran airnya dari atas gunung.

    Di bahu jalan penduduk kampung tetap menjaja hasil kampung.Di sini juga banyak dihual buah markisa. bergantungan.kerepek2 yang pelbagai , berlambak untuk di beli..
    Kami singgah makan di Lubuk..Sikoci  sekali lagi kerana permintaan untuk menikmati kaloi tidak dapat di tolak oleh Is. Sedapnya hingga menjilat jari.
   Hafiz memandu kami kali terakhir ke lapangan terbang untuk membawa kami balik ke Kuala Lumpur. Terima kasih Is dan Hafiz.Kerana bersusah payah menahan kerenah kami ( kalau ada ).

    Di Kuala Lumpur saya di kunjungi anak2 dan cucu tersayang. Lain pula tengok mukanya.Maklum dia sudah semakin dewasa.Rambut pun sudah semakin panjang.Sempat juga saya mendokongnya .

         Kami sampai di Kangar pukul 1050 malam membawa seribu kenangan manis, dengan pengalaman2 baru yang tak pernah dijangka.Bumi Padang saya tinggalkan sarat dengan perbandingan2 gambaran yang saya kaut dari Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Vijck..Ternyata masih banyak yang sama walau telah 73 tahun buku itu di karang oleh Pak Hamka...
         Terima kasih kepada Puan Latiffah yang bersusah payah mengendalikan perjalanan yang sangat bermakna buat saya. Tidak pernah saya jangkakan akan sampai ke Padang.Moga Tuhan merahmati kita dengan kesihatan yang baik supaya dapat pula merealisasikan banyak lagi perjalanan2 indah di masa hadapan...

Nuansa Meninjau yang sedingin Gunung Jerai..

          Hari terakhir kami di bawa ke Nuansa Meninjau, sebuah resort cantik 4 bintang.Letaknya di kawasan terpencil yang amat sejuk sekali.Berbagai fasiliti ada di sini. Sayang sekali hujan turun tidak berhenti-henti sejak kami sampai di situ.

     Saya di bahagian belakang hotel. Berhenti saja hujan terus turun kebawah untuk mengabdikan wajah dalam camera.

     Ruang untuk berbual atau bersantai ada di sekitar resort. tiada pandangan lain selain kehijauan yang amat meruntun hati. Sayu pun ada.Indahnya anugerah Tuhan.

      Kolam renang yang bersih sekali.teringat saya cucu saya yang seorang.Kalau la dia ada bersama tentu suka dia bermain air. Tapi bila ingatkan sejuk yang hampir membekukan kaki tangan saya ....

    Bahagian hadapan resort.bersih dan terjaga rapi.Satu hal yang saya terpandang ialah di sini mereka suka meletakkan langsir pada anjung bangunan.Di bumbung pula..! tengok saja di anjung hadapan resort ini.Warna merah pula tu..

                 Kami turun paling awal.yang lain masih dibilik. Cuaca mendung.Sejuk hingga ke tulang. Tapi masih bisa tersenyum .

    Di luar pintu resort, di sepanjang jalan mata saya terpandang labu-labu besar yang dijual di tepi jalan.Ringan tulang orang2 di sini..

                         Tak pasti saya samaada rumah kecil ini rumah yang didiami orang atau hanya tempat permainan kanak-kanak. Mereka tersenyum melihat kami.Bila saya mendekati untuk mengambil gambar semua lari ke belakang. Yang tinggal hanya yang tersengih tu..

                                 Comel rumah ni.Tapi di luar laman masih ada labu untuk di jual..

  Sepanjang menginap di resort ini Cikgu Mad, suami Puan latiffah diserang demam yang teruk.Lebih 20 jam beliau hanya tidur . Makanan pun dihantar ke bilik.
    Ahli mesyuarat tingkap kekurangan ahli. Cikgu Mad seorang yang kami anggap ensaiklopedia bergerak.Banyak pengetahuan beliau. Beri apa saja topik, ada saja sisipan dan pandangannya..Mujur juga Pn Asmah seorang jururawat . dapatlah juga meminta nasihat mempastikan Cikgu Mad kembali sihat..

   Esok ialah hari terakhir kami di Bukit Tinggi...pastikan anda terus mengembara bersama saya di blog ini..