Nyonya cantik hilang...

          I went brisk walking like usual this morning.After about 300 meters I turned to see whether nyonya cantik was there too.No sight of her. I continued walking.A few regular friends were there.No nyonya cantik..
           Kept on walking.Started sweating.My eyes searching..no nyonya cantik still. Passed by her housing area, no sight of her..
          Maybe she 's not walking today.Or tak sihat kut.? I kept on my steps. A few young girls were jogging fast..I smiled .They smiled back.
          "Jogging aunty ?"
          "No , just brisk walking " I said..
          Two men were fishing. So early? The fish were still in bed la..
           "Dapat? " I asked.
           "Belum lagi." Both answered at once..
          One Chinese lady was doing taichi alone.She was always earlier than me. slim lady with blonde coloured hair.This one has her back to everyone.Couldnt see her face..
           Hah dah letih jauh dah jalan.Turned back , no nyonya cantik..Stopped by bought nasi lemak for my son and newspapers too.
          Walked home, without seeing nyonya cantik..I stopped outside my house, fed my fish in the small pond,Nice to see the fish splashing in the water to get the share..
           Duduk atas kerusi batu, looked tru the newspaper,looked up, saw my neighbours busy outside sweeping the floor.
          "wei orang pencen, seronok na pencen, boleh pi jogging.."
          I smiled happily, " ya , la boleh join the club na.apa resipi hari ni? "
          Such is the life of a retiree.No tension, no stress... leganya...lapangnya..Anyway I still want to be organized. I dont want to waste time talking away or dozzing on the sofa....
          Life is short..Let it be meaningful...


  1. your next entry boleh bubuh title Teka apa sudah jadi pada nyonya cantik... Tak dan hang nak tanya petua kahkahkah. Hang tengok petua blog aku dah

  2. baru tengok sikit.nanti I tengok lagi.I have all the time now..best gila...


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