The engagement of two lovebirds....

    My son Ahmad Khazimi is an architect in Shah Alam .Coincidently his fiancie is also an architect working in Kelang.This post is about his engagement to the girl he loves.
   17th September was a date chosen to make this ceremony come true.The following snapshots tell everything..

                 Khazimi getting ready at Famila's house to go to Kelang where Raihan Suhaila awaited him...

                                 Our convoy heading our way to Kelang from Wangsa Maju ..

                    The ceremony was planned at 11. We reached Raihan's house minutes before time..

                                        Dah sampai.Carrying the hantaran prepared earlier.

                                   Made our way into the house. Welcomed by Raihan's relatives..

                                      Beautiful hantaran in shades of purple, Raihan's favourite color

                               3 girls in my life..Famila, Faten Allia, and my cucu Sara Zulaikha..

                                                                    Discussions began...


                                           The bride to-be came out for another occasion..

                                  I was given the honour to put on the engagement ring on her finger.

                                                          The smile on his son

                            And the smile on her fortunate of them to be successfull in love..............

                                                             posed for the camera..

                                                            Enjoying nasi kenduri..

                                                                           The food.

                                       Acara he could entertain his friends.

                                                    Happy now ?  It shows on the face..he he

      The date for the wedding was set to be on the 11th of March in Seri Andalas and 17th of March in Indera Kayangan.May Allah grant us what we pray for..Amin...


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