Raya raya raya...

     Suddenly I remembered that I have not written about last raya. This raya its Famila's turn to be here.Last year she celebrated with her inlaws in Keramat Kuala Lumpur.My son Ahmad Khazimi also came back with them.It was the merriest raya ever..with the presence of little Sara. she's able to walk now.Happy to see her walking, the way she lifts her left leg was very funny..
    On Hari Raya Eve we cooked and cooked, my target the food will all be on the table before my family go for raya prayers..memang la penat, At 4.30 am I woke up to cook the rice, panaskan smua lauk pauk, ketupat and rendang too.
          By 10 am the first family came for raya.Followed by 2, 3, 4, until late evening.Nasib baik air dah tersedia in a big glass container. Biscuits were all in the jars.Other food is all arranged nicely on the big table..

                             My cucu Sara on the early morning of raya was already outside the house..

                                                  Amboi faten awalnya siap posed tepi kolam.

                                                    Me and my sister before acara salam2..

                Crossed over to my mum (in my sis's house just opposite mine about 4 steps away )

                                                           Minta la maaf ,banyak salah ni.

                          Enjoying food ,soto ada, rice and lauk pauk, plus raya biscuits and cakes.

A lost friend of 40 years, suddenly appeared at my doorstep. Alhamdullillah.Siti Zawiyah.( Read more in my earlier post)

                     Open house at my brother's house..makan lagi.mcm mana nak dapat 50 kilos balik ni..

                                                   Brother and family at my place..

                         Once in a while standing leaning on other people's  shoulders sedap juga rupanya..

                                                My Famila, and my roses blend well..

                                           The joker in the family,never seen him looks serious.

This raya my house received lots of guests..non stop.These are reletives from Fahmi's side.His late brother's children, came from Johor and Sg Besi...

                                     My side (, my cousin in black and her children and in laws)

    Sara, nothing can compare the feelings of triumph and excitement having her in my house calling me in her soft voice, " tok, tok"....


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