Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Erni..The Star in the class..

    She is an adopted child to a respected man here in Bohor Mali. From a broken family , her mother couldnt afford to keep all the children with her.
    When she first came here to my class (yr 5) she only wrote 'ten ten ten' to anything she saw on the board.For a while everybody in the school would call her Ten Ten. She did not seem to mind though.During recess time she eats a lot, besides the RMT food ( free food to the poor children) she can still eat a lot more.And on top of that can still finish her friends' laksa or mee goreng if offered !
     Because I never allow any hanky panky in class she will stay quiet throughout the lesson.Immediately after I leave the class she will be on top of the world again, dancing , acting, whatever she wishes to do.
     In spite of her happy go lucky attitude, never does her homework ( couldnt blame her because she is an illiterate student) , she is still the centre of attraction around the school..
     During assembly she is there in the front line.Always grins with her mouth shut , because she lost one front tooth recently he he .
     The other side of her there is a soft part.On teacher's day she gave me a qur'an ! She was eager to come to my side every time the lesson is over.She will give the best grin ever and said.." teacher, buku ni nak bawa bilik guru ke? ni beg teacher nk simpan dalam kreta dak " And we will walk together down the stairs ..I will say " nanti di rumah mesti tolong mak angkat kamu tu sapu sampah atau lipat kain, kesian dia" She will say " dia tak bagi teacher, dia suruh saya tengok tv saja." I would give her a heavy pat on her shoulder and she would giggle all the way to the car...

           Look at her friends' reaction when her photograph is taken..She is the star of the class..

Monday, 25 July 2011

My Famila..glamour la juga..

     So happy to see your family keluar majalah. And you know its not easy nak keluar majalah if you are not a celebrity , be it a model, artist or wakil rakyat.So when my Famila keluar dalam majalah I was tremendously proud.
    A succesful girl dalam bidang kerjayanya sendiri di usia yang sangat muda, she potrays herself a remarkable person to her other siblings.
     The rest tak mau mengaku kalah, my second boy said dia pun pernah keluar suratkhabar pasal dapat johan pertandingan bercerita years ago, my third pula mengejek
," orang pun biasa la keluar article dalam majalah, siap dapat hadiah lagi" , the fourth one pula," adik pun besa. masa main band dalam majlis sekolah di depan tuanku lagi."
     "Tapi kakak keluar dua muka penoh ! ha apa nak kata now?he he..

    What can a mother say? I say , "Bagus bagus, semua bagus" ( hati rasa kembang) Alhamdulillah , TQ God for giving me all this.Walau saya kurang itu ini ,kadang2 lambat bersyukur, but I know Allah maha pengasih, adil dalam memberi rahmatnya kepada sesiapa yang dia kehendaki. ..
    Lets glorify Him morning and evening, He who sends blessings on you, as do His angels, that He may bring you out from the depths of Darkness into Light, He is full of Mercy to the believers....

Monday, 18 July 2011

nyonya bunga tanjung...

              I have a story to tell you about one Chinese lady who lived around my neighbourhood. She was quite old maybe around 60+ and was quite insane.She was thin, very thin.She would wear her samfoo like what we saw in the Chinese opera, tied her hair in a high pony tail and put multicoloured ribbons on it. I was 12 then.
             I have never heard her voice.Not even once.When I met her along the small road, she would always look straight on and never ever look at anybody.
              She always carried a small basket . A rattan one.I didnt know what was inside. The rattan basket was her trade mark.Always with her anywhere she went.
              There was this pokok bunga tanjung.A big tree with lots of sweet smelling flowers.My kampung people called it bunga mengkula.I love them.The flowers will fall a lot in the early morning.By afternoon the white flowers will turn brown on the ground and so would the sweet smell. gone too...
               I would wake up early on weekends just to collect those flowers on the ground. By 7am the plastic bag I carried would be half full. I would take home and scattered the flowers on my bed...
               One morning I reached there early as usual.But this time someone was already there earlier than me.It was the insane nyonya.Since I have not heard about her harming other people I ignored her and started picking up the flowers on the ground as usual.But this time something happened.
               She caught hold of my hands and said " pi , pi, jangan kacau, pi" her eyes looking into mine. When I did not make an attempt to move she said again, this time her voice shrieked like crazy ( memang la dia gila pun )..
               " Hey, shuh shuh, pi pi . Ni gua punya bunga " and she grabbed all the flowers in my hands and put into her basket.
                I looked around.there was nobody in sight. I stepped backwards and ran home.She was crazy. I was scared she would hurt me. 
                From that day onwards I only admired the flowers from far.The nyonya would always be there under the big pokok bunga tanjung , collecting more and more flowers. She would tie the flowers around her hair, so much so she looked like a walking pokok tanjung...
                  Then one day there was no nyonya bunga tanjung there.One day went to two, three, four....There was no sign of nyonya bunga tanjung anywhere....

                                                 Pokok bunga tanjung or pokok mengkula.

                 Then I heard the nyonya was dead. They found her dead, with the flowers in her basket, not far from the bunga tanjung tree.
                  I was quite happy then (mean of me ). This time nobody would disturb me picking up those flowers..But some friends told me " Hang jangan pi, kemarin depa nampak hantu nyonya tu di bawah pokok bunga tanjung tu"..............
                   I was sad because I love the flowers..I asked my brother to go with me .of course no one would want to wake up early just to pick up those lousy flowers they said...
                  Lousy flowers ? sampai hati..
                  Now when I see pokok bunga tanjung, I will always remember nyonya bunga tanjung...her stern face, her sepet eyes  (  trying desperately to open them wider...) her traditional samfoo and her small voice..." pi pi pi...shuh shuh..bunga gua punya..."

                                                    The sweet smelling bunga tanjung...

Sunday, 10 July 2011

A day to remember...Malaysians demand electoral reform and transparency...

                           People demand electoral reform and transparency. The following photos speak for themselves what happened yesterday 9th.July 2011.

                                                                    Bersih in London

                                                                   The picture of the day..

Friday, 8 July 2011

Worst Floods Hit Perlis

                      November last year Perlis was hit by the worst flood ever.It rained heavily for days and days before that.

      Timah Tasoh Reservoir is the largest freshwater wetland in Perlis. It is built to control water shortage problem in Perlis especially during dry season whereby it is used to irrigate paddy land for double cropping.
      The state government refuted claims that the dam failed to mitigate floods which hit Perlis.

                                               Just look at this .It makes you shudder...

                                                         Evacuating to higher ground.

                                                                  Another isolated case.

          Just grab whatever you can. TV is another source of entertainment you cant afford to lose.

                                                             This is very bad...

                                                  My house somewhere around this area.

        Victims moved to schools and other centres for the time being where food and blankets are provided.

      It's strange to see people casting their nets on places that used to be  busy roads before the floods. Fish are easily caught...maybe the fish also said," hey this is strange.I cant remember swimming in this water before.."

                                           The road in front of my house

                     Very bad.In front of Kangar General Hospital.Just imagine how the doctors and nurses manage the situation.

                                                  Cooking together, food for the flood victims

                                                 Flood subsided at last...go home now..


                                      Dilema di supermarket..Bankrupt la towkey mcm ni..

                                             After the floods.Cleaning and scrubbing time.

                                My neighbours wading in the flood water around my housing area.