Friday, 1 July 2011

My dining table on hari raya day...

         When I was a little girl my mum used to make ketupat for raya day and so do all my neighbours. The men will go get the palas leaves to wrap the ketupat.Nowadays we can simply go to the day market. Lots of these leaves are sold.

                                                       Palas leaves sold at the day market.

                       Then my grandma would open up the leaves so that its easier to put in the glutinuos rice. Usually we children would gladly do this.simple job.Then mum would cook the glutinuos rice with santan (coconut milk) .It should be half cooked because at the end of the process the ketupat will be cooked again the second time.

                    The palas leaves will then be folded like this to be filled with the half cooked rice.

                                                       Then just stuff in the rice tightly.

                             Then tie the not really tight so as not to let water get into the ketupat.

                                                     The ketupat is ready to be put to boil.


                                       Enjoy it with rendang.( beef or chicken curry .).

               Lets come to the present day....Now  my daughter Famila is a champion at wrapping the ketupat...Usually all is ready on Hari Raya eve..ketupat and rendang.Anyway I can only finish one or two ketupat. Very filling.
                    Then we will attend to chicken to make ayam masak merah, my children's favourite.As early as 4 am in the morning I will get up and cook the rice.( nasi tomato or nasi beriyani ), followed by sambal goreng ( Johor cuisine ) . At 7 am before going to raya prayers everybody would sit around the table enjoying the food.

                                             Sambal goreng. My most favourite dish among all

                                                                       Ayam masak merah


          Second day of raya I normally prepare laksa or mee rebus.So when receiving guests there would always something served on the table.


                                                                         mee rebus

                          By fourth hari raya the table will be back with biskut raya...dah letih masak2..

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