Wednesday, 29 February 2012

That special room ..ha ha..

      My son's wedding is around the corner. This afternoon I sat back and looked at my living room. Everything macam biasa.I looked at the curtains.Still ok saja. Stared long at the carpet.Quite old but not so worn out.Sofa? ok lagi. Rumah pengantin lelaki tak perlu lebih2 kan ? kan?

     Two weeks to go for the reception in Indera Kayangan. Ok kut ? tak payah tukar apa kut. I need to just mop the floor and scrub that little2 corner...ok? fine.presentable..! ! siap.

          Come I take you into the bilik pengantin. First if you notice the flowers on the side tables by the bed..well jangan complain.Those flowers are not meant to be there. They are there temporarily only.Fresh flowers will take their place on the big day.
         Well ...only for my blog it is..!! Orang lain tak tengok lagi tau..

       Actually I wanted to take from the other angle, tiba2 jadi macam ni pula..boleh la.Since this is the room on the groom's side , I think we dont have to really decorate it too much .

                Flower balls and cristals. The most tedious one is pinning up the leaves along the tape of this wall curtains..

          Since I am not a tailor,  if there are some faults with the curtains , pejam sebelah mata sudah. To match the curtains I made some scatter cushions di hujung kepala katil. Flower balls hanging from the wall curtains are Faten's creations.So are the beads of cristals .The flower arrangement on the foot of the bed is hastily done by me..Asal ada saja.The comforter has tiny embroideries on it.Nampak macam dulu2 punya tekad. I suka..

                                   The last one.The look from outside the room

         I know it looks simple to many people.But kerana ini hasil tangan sendiri I rasa puas..Anyway the owner of the room and his bride-to-be pun suka.and approved !.cukup la.standard kita , I told my son...



Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The case of my lovely black dress...

                     It was in 1980. I bought a soft black chiffon material  with grey flower patterns on it. Then I sent it to a tailor living next to my house in Telok Kachang .She turned it into a beautiful black dress. A low cut on top and a mermaid cut from the waist down. It turned out so nice.
                    I had it ready to sing at a function in UITM Arau then. The dress was the only black dress I have masa tu.It was a smooth running event.I sang two songs that nite.The dress was comfortable and cling beautifully on me.
                     I wore it to one more function after that until  one day a friend came to borrow it just to show her tailor the pattern of the dress.
                     I waited for the dress to come back to me .I guess I waited for it too long.Because until now it never came back to me.She borrowed it for good ! !

                     Once I saw her in Kangar two years later. She was with a girl about 3 years old.Must be her daughter.Just as I was about to cross the road to speak to her about the dress, she was gone. Pusing2 the area cari dia , macam kilat ..hilang..

                     Asked her friends... no one knew about the dress.They never saw her wearing it either....Macam-macam perangai manusia...I missed that dress..dia buat apa dengan baju saya?.

                     Suddenly out of the blues she appeared in front of me at the market last week. She was 3 times her weight dulu. Wearing slipper Jepun. Holding a basket ..We came face to face..She did not recognise me. I introduced myself.She couldnt escape.
                     " apa khabaq . Lamanya tak nampak you.You pi mana.berpuluh tahun hilang ? " I asked.
                     " I ikut husband I pindah pi Sarawak. Ni baru balik."
                     Just then a man appeared by her side. Must be her husband.The question I wanted to ask since the last 32 years died on my lips. Tak jadi.The husband looked like a nice man.Tak sampai hati pula nak malukan dia in front of him..

                     The mystery of my  black dress dragged on...I guess I have to forgive her and accept
the fact that I have lost my dress forever....

                                              This is the 2nd from left.

P.S. But I still want my dress back...sob sob..


Sunday, 26 February 2012

Once upon a time...

                       My son's wedding is coming really near.Just around the corner. I spend my time last night and this morning to clear some boxes in the storeroom. Came upon these photos..they were still in perfect condition .kept in a big box together with (  3 )other precious photos that are so priceless beyond me.(Let they be my little secret )
                       So much that I want to to say but I feel unable..Those photos when life was so good. No responsibilities. Enjoyed each and every second of it. I will tell you about some of the photos here.
                    Kar Im persuaded me to join this girl guide thing.She said there were so many activities they did then.So she dragged me with her one day.Masuk la..kena pakai skirt pula. I was used to long skirts ( midi skirts) and jeans.So tempah la skirt ni.dark blue with matching light blue blouse.
                       Best jugak join depa. Ada la juga something done in the evenings. Unfortunately Kar Im dalam group lain.We nagged the lecturer in charge..(Lupa nama dia) nak in the same group.She paid no attention.Even remembered she said to us.." Manja sangat ! tak boleh berenggang "..

                           Me in the centre short hair ( third from the right ).2nd year in college.
Put on a little weight.senang hati la katakan...ha ha

                          Best tengok gambar dulu2.First year in college.Me a skinny 46 kg.! !

       On other evenings my housemates and I would go jalan2 until we reached the aquarium Tunku Abd Rahman. No need to cook, we ate what our mak cik neighbour masak.Paid RM 65 for food and lodging.Tapi masa tu macam mahal.Because my college allowance was only RM 150.
      My friends then were these three .Raimah from Besut ( far left ), Juminah from Johor and Sapiah from Selangor.
     I shared many sweet moments with Raimah and Sapiah .Sapiah was having a problem with her boyfriend then.So hari2 ada la cerita sedih from her.
     Juminah quit teaching dah lama.(.sakit.) Recently dia kenduri kawin anak perempuan dia .Tak boleh attend jauh sangat di Johor.
      Raimah was always a very good story teller. Syok dengar dia cerita.I remember one day when she was back from our practical teaching she said her lecturer commented to her other friend that the girl spoke so fast macam keretapi express yang tidak berhenti di setiap stesen kecil..he he.
     Those sweet days..

Monday, 20 February 2012

Bravo to Tok Man...! !

       I know he is now a writer. I searched for the book high and low to no avail. Today I have the chance to meet the author in person when I handed him the invitation card to my son's wedding .

       There he was a handsome man still, with his lovely wife Puan Salomi. I was suppose to spend a short time there..(memanggil bukan boleh lama2, banyak lagi rumah nak pi ) , but instead, an hour was gone without we realizing it.

                               Stunning looking 'Tok Man ' in his younger days (in the centre).

                          'Tok Man ' now ,with his love and source of inspiration Puan Salomi..

       Nice talking to this man and his friendly wife.he sure has lots of expensive experiences over the years.Sweet and bitter .
       He handed me the book, "Yesterday Tomorrow, sharing my thoughts" by Tok Man.
       I couldnt wait long. Went home and straight opened the book and started reading. Only a few pages , I could feel the anxiety to go fast , to go on reading.. It was very sincerely written. All genuine true life experiences money cant buy...

       Yes I am promoting the book to all you  viewers..Its worth the price. It covers all aspects of life,
about love , his outlook on politics, sad incidents that bring tears to our eyes,his views and opinions ( very frankly voiced out )about health, his stroke and how it changed his whole life...All these are so
vividly written, like we are watching a life performance on stage..
         Bravo to you 'Tok Man ' and that lovely wife of yours who is always by your side through thick and thin.May you be blessed with good health in future, and able to write another book soon.Looking forward to that. very greedy of me. ( Buku ni tak habis baca lagi dah nak buku baru..he he)..

                                                This is the book...!

         Thank You sir .Assalamualaikum..

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Watch out ! ! ooooooopsss !.

        I have just finished my daily brisk walking. Still in my track suit ,sebelum balik I headed to the market on the way home. As usual beli la apa yang patut nak masak. The fishmongers semua dah jadi familiar faces, so are those vege sellers.

        " Kak hari ni ikan murah kak oi, mai tengok, ikan pari segaq2 kut nak buat asam pedas..."
        Finished buying ikan, beli udang sikit, buat perencah nak buat sayur.
        The Chinese man yang jual udang said..
        " Kemarin hang tak mai, udang elok2. Hari ni kurang sikit, tapi kalau hang mau aku ambik yang baru dalam besen di bawah meja.."

        I nak tergelak.Ada pula sembunyi2 bawah meja.Habis jual atas meja baru take out the fresh ones.Kesian dia.Masih banyak udang ..berlonggok.Masa tu dah pukul 8 lebih..Boleh habis ka ?

        I walked to the vege stall. The young man about 28 years old was the seller there.
        "Ha kak " Sambil bagi basket kecik for me nak letak sayur..

                             Vegetable stall at market baru Kangar..The Chinese lady in the red t shirt is the most friendly seller .Her bahasa Melayu is superb.

        Then I saw this woman. She was walking towards the vege's stall where I was standing. What caught my attention was, she was wearing heels. Quite high, must be 4 or 5 inches, with a flimsy looking blouse and a black mermaid cut long skirt. Adoi takutnya tengok, with the wet floor, cats appearing and running about ..what if she falls..I was saying to myself.
        " jaga2...jaga2..careful careful.." ( dalam hati )..

        As she was also choosing the vege at the same stall, tiba2 terkena tangan masa dok pilih chillies.I smiled. Dia tak tengok pun muka kita. Sombongnya dia. Hodoh sangat ke aku ni?  Mngkin kerja ofis kut, beli ikan sebelum pi kerja.
        When I showed my basket to the young seller, dia pun bagi hers and said.." Ni saya dulu, sikit saja"
The young man looked at me, and took her basket dulu..
        "Biag pi la kat hang, hang nak cepat kut " I said dalam hati.tapi geram jugak dah..sikit2.

        Just when she was walking away, I saw two kids (boys ) chasing each other .They bumped into her. Then I heard her shouted  " Ei ei ....." Then gedebap.she lost her balance and on the floor she went.With the vege and fish and everything..Terguling di situ..Adoi mesti dia malu..I went to her, kasut dia dah melayang kemana. Picked up her vege and put into her basket.
       " tak guna punya budak2. ingat tempat main ke dalam market." she said trying to get up.

       Amboi terima kasih pun dak I tolong dia. As she got up dengan muka berkerut, tergeliat kut..
I said to her...
       " Nama pun budak2. You pun salah jugak.You wear the wrong shoes mai market..Next time choose  flatter ones with a good grip.Sini kan licin. " ( Mak cik ni dah cakap orang putih..! ).

       Tak menjawab.Bagus. maybe she realized her mistakes and malu pun ada kut. Ingat senang ke nak bend dengan kain ketat at the thigh..kutip sayur and ikan on the floor. I went on my way..minta2 ada orang lain baik hati tolong kutip ikan dia..Although I am not a teacher anymore, pantang dengar orang kata budak2 tak guna...! ! !


Friday, 17 February 2012

card kawin Imi...!

       " Mak, tengok kad kawin abg.dah siap. Tengok dalam group."
       So eager berlari2 la I masuk bilik buka laptop. yes dah siap.He draft his own design.
       " Ni special, tak dak juai di kedai tau mak.."

       In the begining he wrote from Kelang ke Perlis, bunyi nya macam tak berapa puitis.The girl stayed in Taman Seri Andalas. So I said why not write dari Seri Andalas ke Indera Kayangan, baru gempak sikit.

       So jadilah cover card tu like below..

             The above is the card itself. He drew all the characters situ. Adik beradik, ipar duai.Kalau tak lawak bukan Imi namanya.I am just beside the groom, next to my son in law holding little Sara. Notice tepi Suhail hujung kiri ada a guitar beside him...
             Tengok atas meja , siap ada petai..his favourite. Dekat petai belah kanan ada ayam.sebab di umah sini ada bela ayam kampung..ha ha.His car, his bride's cats,..watak katun Superman, the film "UP" and anything come into his mind semua masuk..

           Looking at the plan to the house lagi teruk.tak larat gelak.Semua ada words such as:...

' Masuk Perlih dah "
' Dekat nak sampai dah...'
' sat lagi"

'Tu dia tu dia.."
" Wey wey "

           Tengok card tu memang macam tengok dia..Dari kecik sampai nak jadi suami orang hidup dia penoh dengan keceriaan.Moga Allah always takes care of him, his other siblings, and everybody yang dia sayang.InsyaAllah...

            "Selamat Pengantin Baru Abang "


Thursday, 16 February 2012

Pak Berahim a dear friend..


                                 Pak Berahim and his grandson Fawwas

           He was the most jovial man ever. A neighbour, an old friend who had done so much to the community of Taman Ira , the place I live.
           When my children were still in primary school, he taught them mengaji. He was very particular about tajwid. and a good teacher he was , that until now my children knew their tajwid well bila mengaji. My eldest , Famila can even correct your reading spontaneously.
           With his effort the surau in Taman Ira became a reality. Until now it stood strong just beside my house where people berjemaah and we even have activities going on from time to time.
           Last raya we went to his house and Famila took along Sara . We had a good time chatting about old time.
          He said to Famila " ingat lagi na mai rumah saya.. "
          which Famila replied, " mana boleh lupa tok guru saya."
          Lately his health was deteriorating.On off he would complain about so many things he wanted to do. He was very good with his hands in carpentry. He made the best looking huge bed in the house. His little hut at his farm ( like a small house ) all by himself..The wooden fence around his house. ..All has that unique touch that we thought they were done by a machine in a big furniture factory..

                                                             pondok di kebun

          His family means the world to him. Never that he went 5 minutes without mentioning his wife and his children.His wife Kak Baziah is a lady of few words. She is all sweet and smiles..
          He has beautiful loving children.All girls. He was so proud of them..I remember he said once..
          "Saya kalau boleh semua anak2 nak suruh cari kerja di sini .Dekat dengan kami."

         And with two grandchildren by his side, his world was tons better.He would tell about them again and again and again..

         Last nite I went to his house. Ada majlis bacaan yasin for our dear friend. Pak Berahim passed away only after a day at the hospital, a shock to everyone. May Allah bless you my dear friend, may your soul rest in peace..Amin...


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Ah reflexologist.


           Something was not right. Felt tired, dizzy, the room felt like spinning around.. Took my phone and called..
           " Ah keong ? free ka now? mai umah saya? "
           " Sekarang tak senang la cikgu, malam sikit boleh ? sekarang saya di Aloq Staq."

           At 830 pm ,he appeared.Looking tired. His first words...
           " Awat cikgu ? tak sihat pulak ? sorry customer banyak. Tak dan mai awai.. "

             I stretched out my left foot, he started his work..

           Ah Keong is an experienced reflexologist. He learnt the techniques from his father who got it from his masters in China long ago...
           Since as far as I can remember Ah Keong is always there when I need his help.Usually after a treatment  I rasa lega.I know this urut kaki business can improve blood circulation,reduce pain, and reduce stress which I need badly.

           I remember my youngest son Suhail when he was 10 years old, selalu pitam, tak lalu makan, always fainted during assemblies kat sekolah, Ah Keong came 3 days berturut2 urut kaki.. After that Suhail dah OK, makan lalu and active macam budak2 sebaya dia..

           Ah Keong always takes with him a small wooden chair to sit and a small 'good morning towel' to wipe excess cream after he finishes his work.Although ancient reflexology did not use any cream or oil during the treatment, Ah Keong insisted to use Nivea Cream, Dalam hati I suka sebab if he uses cream urutan jadi lebih mudah, and of course I paling suka sebab after that my feet feel moist ...bukan senang orang nak massage cream on your feet for one whole hour..!

             When he applied pressure to a certain part of the feet I feel the pain.. and he would say,
"ni stress, or constipation or jantung ."..and he will concentrate more on the area..
             Friends asked , " bagus ke reflexology ni ? "
             I said, " Try dulu baru tau.."

             Starting on the left foot and then the right one, he finishes his work in an hour. Ayat biasa dia sebelum balik.
           ." Cikgu minum ayaq kosong satu gelas, jangan mandi atau kaki kena ayaq..biaq darah jalan laju dulu..dalam satu jam" I dah boleh hafal reminder ni..again and again..

             I served him drinks before he left, then paid him a mere RM 20..a good reflexology for so cheap.
             "Ah Keong tak naik harga ka? "
             " Dengan cikgu saja ..orang lain RM 30 to 40.., kawasan Kangar saja.Rumah jauh lebih sikit..Cikgu mau lagi murah pi kedai.."...

                                               Reflexology...The bare facts...It works..!


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The return of the man who nailed the trees....


           Ha ha, something to see masa brisk walking this morning. The man who nailed the trees returned.(Refer to my older post ) This time he did something different. Instead of knocking nails on the trunks, he changed his style of decorating the trees ( for God knows why  ! )..

          He tied some of the trunks dengan tali rafia. Also dengan lebihan plastic ikat kotak yang biasa kita tengok tu. Not one tree, but many trees. Below is a colorful one.Red and white selang2..quite creative..Along the jogging track you see trees beautifully decorated with multicoloured strips of plastic ropes...


               This is the last tree in the row.Agaknya dah habis tali masa tu..If his intention is to strengthen the trees, nailed them, then tied them, I wonder what he will do next, coat them with cement ? Men and the strange things they do..sometimes baffled you..( Crazy men la of course, bukan yang cerdik pandai tu...he he )


Saturday, 11 February 2012

Just days before he becomes someone's husband...

            Dont  know what to say or how I feel. sorang lagi anak dah nak kawin.. My son, Ahmad Khazimi .happy ? excited ? touched? all in one..

           Satu-satunya anak yang never serious. Just look at all his photos below. you will see why I said so..a joker in the family.
          When he told me he is seeing someone and wanted to get married, we all laughed.. Betul ke? lawak ke sungguh2..
           I tak ada sebarang objection. My son is in love and he wants to share his life with a special as a mother I sokong 100%..

           "Dia orang Kelang mak, architect juga macam abang..2 years my junior "

        ..thats all I know..During the enggagement time, dah set tarikh kawin 11th March akad nikah di Kelang.

                              Look at him, walau seribu orang tengok dia tak kisah..                                   
                   Buat serious tapi kami semua gelak..dengan selipar jepun di mana he goes..kecuali to the office.

                                                            Ish ish...

                          Forced to be serious during bacaan doa selepas engagement..

                                            Selesai majlis, back to his old self..

             Dengan telephone mainan Sara, pak chik Guard dok tengok pun heran...Suka usik Faten..pantang jumpa

                             Cukup sayang dengan Sara.He is eager to have a child cepat2 lepas kahwin..another cucu for me..he he

                                                               Lagi dengan Sara

                                                Tengok ...macam dia sorang di situ..

                                                              Another one he he

         Dengan kawan2.Orang lain pose biasa..Dia ? ? Masa kerja di office tak tau la macam mana ..

                                     Nak drive...Sempat melawak lagi  .With fiancee Raihan..

                      Dengan kakak..yang jadi penjaga dia , penasihat di KL..In the background their photos masa kecik2..kerja dia la tu, semua dia edit jadi black and white..

                                              Dengan tok..

                                            Pose di mana pun macam ni lah...

                                  Di awal pagi raya selepas balik sembahyang raya..

                                 His Shah Rukh Khan's nose...gambar ni nampak mature sikit..

                                     Di Bali...dengan yellow belt dia..adoi..Dia tak peduli kalau ada orang tengok pun..Kurus kering masa ni ..forced him to eat.Dia pun naik jemu mak dok call suruh makan...akhirnya now dah touched 55 kilos...recently balik kampung nampak la berisi sikit..I reminded him, kurus sangat nanti tak segak pakai baju Melayu ..nampak macam hanger ...

                                                           Kah kah kah

                                 Among friends..semua dah faham dia...tak terkata..
                                 Tu dia..selipar jepun tak lekang di action tepi laut..

           On his birthday, With Suhail,Photo during Famila's wedding.Nampak serious sikit .He is a good son. Just like his name which means "Orang yang menahan kesabaran.."Ingat pesan mak and tengok lah contoh2 orang baik2.".I know he will be a good and responsible husband to Raihan Suhaila ..InsyaAllah...


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

ICU part 3...Final Episode


         5th day in the intensive care unit...Treatment continued. I was not showing much progress. I was tired , not much sleep there. So many serious cases around..On the next bed an accident victim, the other bed an old man in comma..At the far end a cancer patient ...death here and there..almost everyday..I couldnt make myself sleep at all.My eyes sunk deeper with dark circle...
              At 3pm on the fifth day a woman was admitted into the ICU. She was put on the bed beside me.She was so near ,only inches away. The ICU was quite packed by then...
              I heard the nurses talking, she just delivered a baby boy.She was from Langkawi.A lady in her late 30s. A big woman.There was a complication during delivery.She lost so much blood.

              I could see how pale she was.Almost yellow. So pale..I could hear her breathing so hard.Almost gasping for breath.
              I could sense something was wrong. I called out for the nurse. She examined her. Then she went out and called the husband in.

             Seorang lelaki berpakaian lusuh masuk  dengan langkah longlai...
             He held the lady's hands . His face full of anguish..Full of love..He said almost under his breath.I could hear his every word and I cried with him...
             " Pi la elok2.Jangan bimbang, saya akan jaga anak2 kita. Mak pun ada .Dia boleh jaga depa. Kita dapat anak lelaki tadi.. saya akan letak nama dia Muhamad Taufik macam kita janji dulu.." And he stopped to cry softly..
              He went out to call his mother in law in..The minute he left the room, the lady suddenly gave a groan, and lifted her right hand as if not allowing him to leave her..
              She was so near me..I said softly the Kalimah Syahadah..I know she could hear it..
Suddenly her big hand fell down hard on my chest  ! ! She was dead..!
              Her mother came in with the husband and eldest son..Everybody cried....I couldnt stand it any longer...I felt like I was breaking every limb watching them...

             6th day in the ICU...At 830 when the doctor was making his round, I was the first to call him to my bed and pleaded to be transferred to a normal ward ..
             " If you want to see me get better , then please move me out. 5 nights here only made me weaker, I couldnt rest, I couldnt sleep."
             He started explaining many things to me..
              I lost my temper unnecessarily..." No I dont care if u allow me or not, I would rather be dead outside than in this room.."
            An hour later I was transferred to another ward where I met my cousin who was admitted to have an operation..for appendix..
            I was discharged a day later...but continued to be warded very often for almost a year after and out of the hospital..until I became a different person who learned to have an organized life and willingly redha dengan takdir Allah...


ICU Part 2...


            3rd day in the treatment went on..I was in bed all the time.Not allowed even to pee.Everything done on the bed. Bed pan was my good friend. I just lie there
            .I was connected to a monitor that will constantly check my heart rhythm. ECG was done from time to time to measure the rate and regularity of my heartbeats, also to detect the presence of any damage there.
            My mind wondered wildly, back to my past.. adoi...fate was such..

             "Cikgu, hari ni kita cuci rambut na?"
             " Atas katil ? " I asked..
             " Tak pa, katil ni boleh adjust macam2 bagi cikgu selesa"
             So there I was, my hair being cleaned in bed.

             Then something happened that night. It was still early, around 845pm. There were two nurses on duty. I was lying like patung cendana.Not able to move much because of all the wires .My eyes fixed on the ceiling. I was praying silently ..." I dont want to be here dear God, take me out of here."

             I tried to get up..
             One of the nurses came near " Cikgu , jangan gerak sangat, nanti penat balik. Baik cikgu tiduq saja na?"  She then continued with her work at the table.
               I heard somebody walked into the ICU . I turned to my left. An old lady wearing baju kurung kedah and batik sarung walked fast by in slipar jepun. Her face putih dengan bedak sejuk. She walked straight on. 
              An hour later another nurse on duty came and check my BP.
              " ICU ni sapa pun boleh masuk ke cik? "
              " Tak boleh cikgu. Awat tanya? sapa masuk? "
              "Baru tadi ada sorang tua pompuan masuk.Jalan tepi saya ni ke arah pintu belakang tu "

              " Mana ada ...cikgu mimpi kut.Kalau dia masuk mesti kena lintas depan kawan saya dekat pintu masuk tu.di meja depan tu. Kalau pun ada orang dapat masuk dia tak boleh keluaq ikut pintu belakang.Sebab, pintu belakang tu kunci. Ni kunci ada pada saya ni...!! "

              I looked at the nurse with eyes so wide that she said." cikgu jangan pikiaq macam2.You sakit jantung, nanti melarat ."
              " Saya tak mimpi. In fact saya tak tiduq pun. I was very sure.. I saw her passed by "
              " OK2, tak pa cikgu. La ni kita tunggu dia patah balik, sebab kalau dia pi pintu kunci, dia mesti kena patah balik. Jalan mati.." Dia cuba memujuk...

              I did not sleep a wink that night. My palpitations got worst... The old lady never came back...

Monday, 6 February 2012

ICU...Part 1.

           The tense inside me broke me up at last.I was keeping the pressure for years.Only one good friend knew my situation..One day I couldnt bear it any longer...Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my chest.My heart palpitates real fast..Some friends sent me to the clinic.
          In less than an hour  I was wheeled into the hospital ward. I felt the palpitations greater than ever. The nurses put me slowly in bed.A doctor came.They did ECG immediately. Another doc came into the scene.They were whispering something I did not understand.
          Two attendants came. I was moved to a stretcher. Then they pushed me out of the ward. We came to a door .I read the sign.ICU  ! !
           I asked the nurse..
           "Why am I here ? Why ICU ? "
           " Its better for you to be here cikgu.All the necessary equiptments are all here.Dont worry.You ll be ok ." With a smile on her chubby face.
          They put me down on the big bed. It can be mechanically lowered and raised to make me comfortable..I found out later the bed costs puluh puluh ribu...
          The two doctors appeared again. The young one seemed to listen attentively to the elder one.Both were Chinese.
          Then the nurses were busy. They change my clothes into hospital clothes. My palpitations grew wilder . maybe because of those moving around wearing the new 'simple no zip or buttons ' blouse..
         Then tubes and cables were all over me... The nurses were nodding  their heads to the doctors just like my pupils in school, when I was giving instructions in my TPR programmes.(Total Physical Response ) on our English weekly programme..

         BP taken, so was blood sample..I was like a new born baby helpless in the huge bed. Attended by 5 efficient humans doing their job professionally..
            The friendly nurse said...
         " Ok cikgu, rehat na. tak boleh membaca, tak boleh stress, jangan buat apa langsung selain rehat , dan rehat..Kalau perlu apa2 cikgu hanya signal kat kami, kami tak pi mana2 hanya dalam bilik ni saja.."

        The doctors smiled . The elder patted me on my shoulder and said..

         " No stress ok ?  Just relax. U be ok soon."
         "How long will I be here? "
         " Minimum 6 days. Just relax and no tension here.You will be out faster."
         The younger doc smiled and whispered. " No stress eh .you are still young..."

          They left me. The nurses went on with their work attending to other patients.
          I looked around..Oh my God.. kebanyakkan pesakit semua teruk.Only one young man  was heard saying " Adoh.a.adoh.." The rest semua either in coma or just lying there like living corps..
           I tell you more tomorrow...a frightening incident in the ICU...


Sunday, 5 February 2012

Selawat upon Muhammad SAW..


          In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful..

          Today is the day that again marks the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad SAW the person known as the last prophet of Islam, the supreme example of all people, a mercy to all mankind..
           In school when this day came it was a heavenly practice to do the selawat with all the pupils in every class I entered. I would begin with some stories about Muhammad SAW. The part they love most was how he looked like..
          Because it was a yearly activity it was like repeating the same facts but the stories never fail to attract them to know more about this last prophet..
          " He was a handsome man, fair skin, broad shoulders, neither tall nor short, very white sparkling teeth, very deep black eyes, long eyelashes, hair reached his shoulders, a bit huskiness in his voice.." 
          " Teacher nabi handsome kan? "
          "Yes very.. "

          " Why we have to selawat upon him? "
          " Because even Allah and His angels selawat upon Muhammad SAW..apa lagi kita? and for every selawat recited, 10 sins are forgiven, 10 good deeds are entered into our book of deeds.."

          "Bestnya teacher .."

          " Bukan tu saja. we will receive help of the prophet on the day of Judgement"..

          " Nabi dah wafat, macamana nak berhubung dengan dia? "

          " Senang saja, we send greetings of peace and say blessings and selawat upon Him.."
          Those are likely the questions asked by my pupils, sekolah rendah, begitu lah taraf soalannya..cikgunya pun tak berapa pandai...

           The best time is the selawat part, we will recite the selawat together, alangkah bahagianya berselawat bersama- sama ahli2 syurga..kanak-kanak yang belum dikira dosanya..what more can I ask?
           Many2 years been doing this, today I really miss this..alone in my room..berselawat la sorang2..Allah is great, maha mendengar dan maha mengetahui....

           I am only presenting my statement of thanks, appreciation and gratitude from a creature to my Creator.....

Friday, 3 February 2012

Goodie baskets siap...

       I was wondering when is the time to do this. Lucky enough Faten has done this yesterday.Cantik la pula.. I never expect she is that good with her hands.She even went to the details with the beads and rose buds on the satin material in the basket. Congratulations Faten.Keep up the good effort.Lega mak tak payah bother dah about them.
      Well actually these baskets are quite useful for the wedding day. They will be filled in with goodies for the guests.
       So while the guests are enjoying the food someone will be carrying these baskets with some goodies and place it on the table for the guests. In a way tak payah lah guests nak walk to the main khemah and get the goodies after they finished their food...

       While eating the guests will have a good time enjoying some soothing music. I have chosen some good evergreen music for the day. Suhail will be responsible to download them.The volume would be like we are in the hotel lobby. I hate loud music .sampai nak makan pun rasa sesak dada  that when u meet friends you have to shout to talk to them..

                                           Beautiful goodie baskets done by Faten Allia...

              Tonite Famila and Khazimi and Sara will come home to Perlis.. So they will see the preparation done at home.Tomorrow boleh la hias feature wall bilik pengantin. Hopefully nothing is missed. Penatnya ya Tuhan...


Thursday, 2 February 2012

About the narrow escape post..

                Friends called and commented about my post ' A narrow escape '. They asked whether I still remember the taxi's registration number. of course sampai mati I takkan lupa number tu..Tapi buat apa nak display number tu to the public.

               Dia dah dapat balasan. Kena sebiji penumbuk kat muka.Mesti sakit because Pak Mid was a big man. Looking at his hands pun I can imagine how strong was the blow.

               And I did not owe anything to the taxi man, because sebelum I jump out of the car I sempat baling duit tambang kat muka see garang dak I?  he he garang ? If only you could see my face masa dok tendang pintu taxi tu, pucat lesi..takut ! and when I remember the face of the taxi driver tu..OMG..horrible..

               My friend said bagi buat apa tambang tu, he did not deserved being paid pun , she said.
I dont know , maybe because duit tambang tu memang dah siap dalam tangan and I was busy to hold my kain lagi to get out, sebab tu I baling duit tu kat dia..tapi bukan kena muka pun, jatuh dalam taxi je...


A narrow escape..

             Working in SK Kuala Perlis went on .It was a school with very friendly staff. Everyone was willing to help if I have any problem with my teaching especially the senior teachers. Kak Teh clicked on to me like the best friend ever.
            Talking about my attire to school ,in 3 months I have a collection of beautiful baju kurung by then. It was cheap to sew myself ..

                   The staff of SK Kuala Perlis masa tu..I was in my new pink baju kurung middle row, 7th from the right.(the ever smiling one he he)..Kak Teh was 5th from the left..seated in the front row beside the Headmaster .

            One day an incident happened that made me shudder with fright every time I thought about it.
The headmaster told me I have to go back on my own because he had a meeting in Kangar and expected to be late.Unfortunately Kak Teh's husband too was not able to come because he was away in A Star.

           So we decided to take a taxi home. It was raining heavily the minute we were in the taxi. Suddenly I felt very scared because I noticed the driver kept on looking at me in the mirror. Kak Teh noticed it too.So she took out a paper and took down the plate number. As her house was along Jalan Kuala Perlis , she got down first. I was alone and stiff scared .
          The driver did not speak a word. I could sense he was looking . Tuhan saja tau.takutnya. Then we reached Kangar.It was still raining cats and dogs..real heavy.

          Suddenly he said..

          " Kita tak singgah Kangar, kita terus A Star.! "
          I got the shock of my life.

          "Pasai apa nak pi A Star ? Saya nak turun di sini.Berhenti di sini pak cik ! "
          I tried to open the door .It was stucked. Panic gila..
          " Pintu tu tak boleh buka. Tk payah buka, ikut saya pi A Star.!! " he said again..

          We were passing the state library. Ramai orang berlindung dari hujan di tangga bangunan.
          Suddenly dengan takdir Allah, ada a man , a Chinese man crossed the road .The taxi driver stopped the car tiba2. Emergency brake.I tried to open the door again. It wouldnt open.

           With all my force I kicked the door hard. I was wearing wedges remember? and this time the door opened wide. I stumbled out of the taxi.Luckily I did not fall sprawling on the street. My record book soaked in the rain , and so was I.May be because so many people were watching , he did not bother to close the door. and sped off instead.
           I walked home crying in the rain.My whole body shivering not because I was cold but because I was so scared.

           The next morning I told the incident to Kak Teh, who later told her husband Pak Mid.. On the very same afternoon Pak Mid and Kak Teh went to the taxi station and looked for the man. They told them  he lived in A Star. Off pak Mid went to A Star and confronted him.

            Nak gelak ada , puas hati pun ada when kak teh told me, Pak Mid found the man and punched him on the face.That taught him a lesson.., alhamdullillah, tak boleh imagine what would have happened if that Chinese man did not cross the road at that particular time ...Pertolongan Allah came in many unexpected ways..