ICU...Part 1.

           The tense inside me broke me up at last.I was keeping the pressure for years.Only one good friend knew my situation..One day I couldnt bear it any longer...Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my chest.My heart palpitates real fast..Some friends sent me to the clinic.
          In less than an hour  I was wheeled into the hospital ward. I felt the palpitations greater than ever. The nurses put me slowly in bed.A doctor came.They did ECG immediately. Another doc came into the scene.They were whispering something I did not understand.
          Two attendants came. I was moved to a stretcher. Then they pushed me out of the ward. We came to a door .I read the sign.ICU  ! !
           I asked the nurse..
           "Why am I here ? Why ICU ? "
           " Its better for you to be here cikgu.All the necessary equiptments are all here.Dont worry.You ll be ok ." With a smile on her chubby face.
          They put me down on the big bed. It can be mechanically lowered and raised to make me comfortable..I found out later the bed costs puluh puluh ribu...
          The two doctors appeared again. The young one seemed to listen attentively to the elder one.Both were Chinese.
          Then the nurses were busy. They change my clothes into hospital clothes. My palpitations grew wilder . maybe because of those moving around wearing the new 'simple no zip or buttons ' blouse..
         Then tubes and cables were all over me... The nurses were nodding  their heads to the doctors just like my pupils in school, when I was giving instructions in my TPR programmes.(Total Physical Response ) on our English weekly programme..

         BP taken, so was blood sample..I was like a new born baby helpless in the huge bed. Attended by 5 efficient humans doing their job professionally..
            The friendly nurse said...
         " Ok cikgu, rehat na. tak boleh membaca, tak boleh stress, jangan buat apa langsung selain rehat , dan rehat..Kalau perlu apa2 cikgu hanya signal kat kami, kami tak pi mana2 hanya dalam bilik ni saja.."

        The doctors smiled . The elder patted me on my shoulder and said..

         " No stress ok ?  Just relax. U be ok soon."
         "How long will I be here? "
         " Minimum 6 days. Just relax and no tension here.You will be out faster."
         The younger doc smiled and whispered. " No stress eh .you are still young..."

          They left me. The nurses went on with their work attending to other patients.
          I looked around..Oh my God.. kebanyakkan pesakit semua teruk.Only one young man  was heard saying " Adoh.a.adoh.." The rest semua either in coma or just lying there like living corps..
           I tell you more tomorrow...a frightening incident in the ICU...



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