Wednesday, 29 February 2012

That special room ..ha ha..

      My son's wedding is around the corner. This afternoon I sat back and looked at my living room. Everything macam biasa.I looked at the curtains.Still ok saja. Stared long at the carpet.Quite old but not so worn out.Sofa? ok lagi. Rumah pengantin lelaki tak perlu lebih2 kan ? kan?

     Two weeks to go for the reception in Indera Kayangan. Ok kut ? tak payah tukar apa kut. I need to just mop the floor and scrub that little2 corner...ok? fine.presentable..! ! siap.

          Come I take you into the bilik pengantin. First if you notice the flowers on the side tables by the bed..well jangan complain.Those flowers are not meant to be there. They are there temporarily only.Fresh flowers will take their place on the big day.
         Well ...only for my blog it is..!! Orang lain tak tengok lagi tau..

       Actually I wanted to take from the other angle, tiba2 jadi macam ni pula..boleh la.Since this is the room on the groom's side , I think we dont have to really decorate it too much .

                Flower balls and cristals. The most tedious one is pinning up the leaves along the tape of this wall curtains..

          Since I am not a tailor,  if there are some faults with the curtains , pejam sebelah mata sudah. To match the curtains I made some scatter cushions di hujung kepala katil. Flower balls hanging from the wall curtains are Faten's creations.So are the beads of cristals .The flower arrangement on the foot of the bed is hastily done by me..Asal ada saja.The comforter has tiny embroideries on it.Nampak macam dulu2 punya tekad. I suka..

                                   The last one.The look from outside the room

         I know it looks simple to many people.But kerana ini hasil tangan sendiri I rasa puas..Anyway the owner of the room and his bride-to-be pun suka.and approved !.cukup la.standard kita , I told my son...



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