Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Ah reflexologist.


           Something was not right. Felt tired, dizzy, the room felt like spinning around.. Took my phone and called..
           " Ah keong ? free ka now? mai umah saya? "
           " Sekarang tak senang la cikgu, malam sikit boleh ? sekarang saya di Aloq Staq."

           At 830 pm ,he appeared.Looking tired. His first words...
           " Awat cikgu ? tak sihat pulak ? sorry customer banyak. Tak dan mai awai.. "

             I stretched out my left foot, he started his work..

           Ah Keong is an experienced reflexologist. He learnt the techniques from his father who got it from his masters in China long ago...
           Since as far as I can remember Ah Keong is always there when I need his help.Usually after a treatment  I rasa lega.I know this urut kaki business can improve blood circulation,reduce pain, and reduce stress which I need badly.

           I remember my youngest son Suhail when he was 10 years old, selalu pitam, tak lalu makan, always fainted during assemblies kat sekolah, Ah Keong came 3 days berturut2 urut kaki.. After that Suhail dah OK, makan lalu and active macam budak2 sebaya dia..

           Ah Keong always takes with him a small wooden chair to sit and a small 'good morning towel' to wipe excess cream after he finishes his work.Although ancient reflexology did not use any cream or oil during the treatment, Ah Keong insisted to use Nivea Cream, Dalam hati I suka sebab if he uses cream urutan jadi lebih mudah, and of course I paling suka sebab after that my feet feel moist ...bukan senang orang nak massage cream on your feet for one whole hour..!

             When he applied pressure to a certain part of the feet I feel the pain.. and he would say,
"ni stress, or constipation or jantung ."..and he will concentrate more on the area..
             Friends asked , " bagus ke reflexology ni ? "
             I said, " Try dulu baru tau.."

             Starting on the left foot and then the right one, he finishes his work in an hour. Ayat biasa dia sebelum balik.
           ." Cikgu minum ayaq kosong satu gelas, jangan mandi atau kaki kena ayaq..biaq darah jalan laju dulu..dalam satu jam" I dah boleh hafal reminder ni..again and again..

             I served him drinks before he left, then paid him a mere RM 20..a good reflexology for so cheap.
             "Ah Keong tak naik harga ka? "
             " Dengan cikgu saja ..orang lain RM 30 to 40.., kawasan Kangar saja.Rumah jauh lebih sikit..Cikgu mau lagi murah pi kedai.."...

                                               Reflexology...The bare facts...It works..!


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