Monday, 20 February 2012

Bravo to Tok Man...! !

       I know he is now a writer. I searched for the book high and low to no avail. Today I have the chance to meet the author in person when I handed him the invitation card to my son's wedding .

       There he was a handsome man still, with his lovely wife Puan Salomi. I was suppose to spend a short time there..(memanggil bukan boleh lama2, banyak lagi rumah nak pi ) , but instead, an hour was gone without we realizing it.

                               Stunning looking 'Tok Man ' in his younger days (in the centre).

                          'Tok Man ' now ,with his love and source of inspiration Puan Salomi..

       Nice talking to this man and his friendly wife.he sure has lots of expensive experiences over the years.Sweet and bitter .
       He handed me the book, "Yesterday Tomorrow, sharing my thoughts" by Tok Man.
       I couldnt wait long. Went home and straight opened the book and started reading. Only a few pages , I could feel the anxiety to go fast , to go on reading.. It was very sincerely written. All genuine true life experiences money cant buy...

       Yes I am promoting the book to all you  viewers..Its worth the price. It covers all aspects of life,
about love , his outlook on politics, sad incidents that bring tears to our eyes,his views and opinions ( very frankly voiced out )about health, his stroke and how it changed his whole life...All these are so
vividly written, like we are watching a life performance on stage..
         Bravo to you 'Tok Man ' and that lovely wife of yours who is always by your side through thick and thin.May you be blessed with good health in future, and able to write another book soon.Looking forward to that. very greedy of me. ( Buku ni tak habis baca lagi dah nak buku baru..he he)..

                                                This is the book...!

         Thank You sir .Assalamualaikum..

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