Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The return of the man who nailed the trees....


           Ha ha, something to see masa brisk walking this morning. The man who nailed the trees returned.(Refer to my older post ) This time he did something different. Instead of knocking nails on the trunks, he changed his style of decorating the trees ( for God knows why  ! )..

          He tied some of the trunks dengan tali rafia. Also dengan lebihan plastic ikat kotak yang biasa kita tengok tu. Not one tree, but many trees. Below is a colorful one.Red and white selang2..quite creative..Along the jogging track you see trees beautifully decorated with multicoloured strips of plastic ropes...


               This is the last tree in the row.Agaknya dah habis tali masa tu..If his intention is to strengthen the trees, nailed them, then tied them, I wonder what he will do next, coat them with cement ? Men and the strange things they do..sometimes baffled you..( Crazy men la of course, bukan yang cerdik pandai tu...he he )


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