Sunday, 26 February 2012

Once upon a time...

                       My son's wedding is coming really near.Just around the corner. I spend my time last night and this morning to clear some boxes in the storeroom. Came upon these photos..they were still in perfect condition .kept in a big box together with (  3 )other precious photos that are so priceless beyond me.(Let they be my little secret )
                       So much that I want to to say but I feel unable..Those photos when life was so good. No responsibilities. Enjoyed each and every second of it. I will tell you about some of the photos here.
                    Kar Im persuaded me to join this girl guide thing.She said there were so many activities they did then.So she dragged me with her one day.Masuk la..kena pakai skirt pula. I was used to long skirts ( midi skirts) and jeans.So tempah la skirt ni.dark blue with matching light blue blouse.
                       Best jugak join depa. Ada la juga something done in the evenings. Unfortunately Kar Im dalam group lain.We nagged the lecturer in charge..(Lupa nama dia) nak in the same group.She paid no attention.Even remembered she said to us.." Manja sangat ! tak boleh berenggang "..

                           Me in the centre short hair ( third from the right ).2nd year in college.
Put on a little weight.senang hati la katakan...ha ha

                          Best tengok gambar dulu2.First year in college.Me a skinny 46 kg.! !

       On other evenings my housemates and I would go jalan2 until we reached the aquarium Tunku Abd Rahman. No need to cook, we ate what our mak cik neighbour masak.Paid RM 65 for food and lodging.Tapi masa tu macam mahal.Because my college allowance was only RM 150.
      My friends then were these three .Raimah from Besut ( far left ), Juminah from Johor and Sapiah from Selangor.
     I shared many sweet moments with Raimah and Sapiah .Sapiah was having a problem with her boyfriend then.So hari2 ada la cerita sedih from her.
     Juminah quit teaching dah lama.(.sakit.) Recently dia kenduri kawin anak perempuan dia .Tak boleh attend jauh sangat di Johor.
      Raimah was always a very good story teller. Syok dengar dia cerita.I remember one day when she was back from our practical teaching she said her lecturer commented to her other friend that the girl spoke so fast macam keretapi express yang tidak berhenti di setiap stesen kecil..he he.
     Those sweet days..

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