Goodie baskets siap...

       I was wondering when is the time to do this. Lucky enough Faten has done this yesterday.Cantik la pula.. I never expect she is that good with her hands.She even went to the details with the beads and rose buds on the satin material in the basket. Congratulations Faten.Keep up the good effort.Lega mak tak payah bother dah about them.
      Well actually these baskets are quite useful for the wedding day. They will be filled in with goodies for the guests.
       So while the guests are enjoying the food someone will be carrying these baskets with some goodies and place it on the table for the guests. In a way tak payah lah guests nak walk to the main khemah and get the goodies after they finished their food...

       While eating the guests will have a good time enjoying some soothing music. I have chosen some good evergreen music for the day. Suhail will be responsible to download them.The volume would be like we are in the hotel lobby. I hate loud music .sampai nak makan pun rasa sesak dada  that when u meet friends you have to shout to talk to them..

                                           Beautiful goodie baskets done by Faten Allia...

              Tonite Famila and Khazimi and Sara will come home to Perlis.. So they will see the preparation done at home.Tomorrow boleh la hias feature wall bilik pengantin. Hopefully nothing is missed. Penatnya ya Tuhan...



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