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Sapa Pendek tu cikgu ?

I was in year 5 masa tu. A short and thin girl..dengan rambut panjang diikat tocang..My classroom was opposite the school's front gate. Cikgu Adnan, (arwah ) we used to call him Cikgu Nan was teaching Bah. Melayu about pantun.

     He was a serious teacher, very dedicated, a man of few words.Dia jarang bersembang2 , buat kerja dia saja.
      " Pantun ni dah jadi budaya orang Melayu turun temurun.. " He said.
      "Di gunakan dalam majlis2 pertunangan, perkahwinan, kenduri kendara, sebagai pembuka kata, juga senikata dalam lagu..Pendek kata pantun memang dah jadi sebahagian daripada kehidupan kita."

      Sebenarnya dah banyak kali I heard him said, " Pendek kata ..."

      Contoh lagi,.." Kamu mesti rajin belajar supaya jadi orang pandai dan berguna, dengar kata ibu bapa, kawan dengan orang baik2..Pendek kata jadilah anak yang di sayangi keluarga dan menjadi contoh pada adik2 kamu.."

      Pendek lagi...takkan he was referring to him…

Birthday wishes for a dear friend

22.05. My friend's birthday. Every year I will never forget to include flowers for the birthday present. She loves flowers especially roses.Unfortunately roses did look fresh today at the florist. Because I did not want to wait for the next just ask the girl to wrap bunga yang fresh2 saja. Tak pa.Next year insyaAllah I try to get roses awai2..simpan dalam fridge ok..

                                      Birthday girl with her ever sweet smile..

           So happy to see her smile again.Last year was quite a sad year for her. She lost her mum, then dia pula sakit. This year, semua is back to normal.Dia dah sihat seperti sediakala..Muka dah ceria balik..senyum sentiasa...My Famila said muka teacher Fairuz dah penoh ...I asked her what about yang kanan? She said yang baju light purple tu tak yah cakap la.dah boom ke boom.ha ha..gemuk la tu..What to do lama dah tk go brisk walking .kalau pi pun once or twice a week.mana jadi kan..Tapi tak pa .Asal jangan cecah 60kg …

Tak Kisah lagi...

To regular readers, especially anak menantu and my sis Mazila, sorry dah nearly a week I did not write in my blog. Maybe dah malas nak tulis, I must say I am not productive anymore..maklum age is catching up.segala-gala pun dah slow. Slow ke ?...

        But I am still doing my daily chores like usual, pagi brisk walking so as to avoid the formation of mangkuk tingkat as my friend selalu means celulite la, cook and cook.sweep and mop, clean the toilet ,washing and ironing, lots of reading,mengaji, look after my skin , feed it with cream, Letak santan to my hair once a week (Yes I still do that grandmother's  advice ) at night go to surau. Certain afternoon will go out with my good friends, just minum or sometimes makan ringan-ringan and stories, gelak and gelak.I believe it pushes away those little worries a normal woman has, a normal mother has.

      kalau dulu I used to really take care and  gave extra attention to what I wore to school or …

Happy Teacher's Day

Today is 16th of May... In those days, hari ni la paling best. Especially in SKSP. Early in the morning I would wear my best dress.Normally dah prepare sejak malam siap tempah or bought ready made . Siap kasut and matching handbag.
           In the early morning the pupils would wait to see what their teachers wear on the day. Siap clapped when we came out of the car. Rasa macam celebrity pun ada.Cuma tak da carpet merah ja.

           Hall dah siap cleaned and decorated a few days before. We would all be in school.Some decorating the hall, some training the pupils for the stage show.The teachers involved pun turut berlatih.Ada yang nak nyanyi ke. apa ka. Sibuk.The skirting for the table siap di iron. Semua ramai2 pasang.The cleaners with their never finishing tasks. sapu sini, mop sana. Yang lelaki tolak pokok2 help the men teachers who were in charge of the hall and the backdrop.These were all before the big day.
           By 720 am, semua prizes were at one …

Mother's Day comes again..

They say this is the day to give that special attention to that special lady you call mum, the lady who resides in your heart.and her presence can never be replaced by anyone.

      To me it is always the sweetest thing to receive flowers on this special day.Flowers have always been a good choice to give for any occasion.Mother's Day is no acception.

      Thank you so much for the flowers anak2..May Allah bless you.

          To all mothers in the world lets share this beautiful poem by Joanna Fuchs

Super MomMom, you're a wonderful mother,
So gentle, yet so strong.
The many ways you show you care
Always make me feel I belong.You're patient when I'm foolish;
You give guidance when I ask;
It seems you can do most anything;
You're the master of every task.You're a dependable source of comfort;
You're my cushion when I fall.
You help in times of trouble;
You support me whenever I call.I love you more than you know;
You have my total respect.
If I had my…

Pentas Kehidupan

After a short break, today I started back my brisk walking. Bila lama tak jalan rasa la juga screw dah loose sana sini.Dalam hati ..tak boleh ni, kena lawan juga. Nanti lagi lama ok la kut.
      Along the jogging track there was this Chinese couple. They were new to the track.I recognized the man owns a shoe store in Kangar. I smiled to them,Very friendly wife smiled back and said " selamat pagi "..
      Finished jalan,macam biasa made my way to the market.Dekat ja. the market is as crowded as ever. Bought some meat and fish, then to the vege stall.There were two elderly men and two ladies choosing vege.I was looking for some long beans, when this lady appeared beside me.She was in her late 50s.Wearing a blouse too tight for her plump figure, and her tudung herot petot....I saw her putting a bittergourd into her basket, a small cabbage and a handful of french beans. I was wondering why was she putting those things into her basket.Dia sepatutnya tunjuk dulu kat veg…

aku tetak mampuih..

I was teaching in a village school then, quite far from Kangar. It was my first year fresh from college. There was this new teacher , Hamidah (not her real name )a girl two years my junior teaching in the lower primary, year 2 or 3.
       From the very first day she came to the school I've seen her lost her temper with the pupils.Maklum budak kecik.Ada yang menangis , ada yang duduk diam in one corner tak mau menulis, ada yang asyik keluar pi toilet.tak tau la apa dia buang banyak kali sangat..

      I was walking to the staff-room, Hamidah was in this year two class teaching art. She called me as I passed by.
      "Oi cuba hang tengok budak ni, nak kena dengan aku dah " Her face merah padam.marah sungguh.
      "Awat ? "
      "Aku suruh bawa benda untuk pendidikan seni apa pun dia tak bawa."
      "Apa yang hang suruh depa bawak ?"
      "La, benda nak terap atas kertas lukisan ni,. bawang, kentang, bendi "
      I loo…

Sara celebrating birthday in Perth

Tunggu train

                              ni yang pantang jumpa.RM 6.per ride..!

                                  Dah pandai pegang pen..good sign

                                                       tak takut pun

                                    seronok boleh pegang kanggaroo

                                  mama pun nak bergaya juga.pose jangan tak pose..

                                 Mama Sara cute gambar ni

                                         poco-poco..Sara style

                                                dengan Babah

                                                        tengok kaki tu..

                                               Kesian letih..

                              HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART..


Lagi nyonya cantik...

It was still watch showed 645..still quite dark.Met Kak Tun.
  "Berapa round dah? "
  "Baru satu setengah.." Dalam hati ..dah 3 kilometer ni.I continued a few steps more. Wanted to go further.Changed my mind. Headed towards the market. The vege sellers were busy arranging barang jualan. I am early.Straight bought some fish, prawns, vege, ulam2, and buah kuini.Today buat sambal kuini campur udang seroi (udang sawah yang di keringkan ).Tak sabar nak masuk dapoq.
   Then baru teringat, plastik sampah dah tinggal sekeping. So hala ke groceries di tepi market.The friendly nyonya like always senyum sampai telinga..I looked at her as she opened her drawers to give me back my change.
  Dalam hati.." Ish tegangnya kulit nyonya ni..flawless and moist. "
  Mana boleh diam saja .Kena tanya ni...Looked around first..nobody's around.
  "Nya, macammana you buat? kulit you cantik. "
  She looked up at me. Then looked around us.
 "Tak dak or…

nyonya cantik appeared at last...

After weeks of buat2 sibuk or just malaskan diri sewing the table runner, today I went jogging. It was drizzling in the early morning.Went out real early. Semangat nak jogging ni.
       Met a few regular friends ..
       " Wei pi mana hilang lama sangat ni "
       "Ada ada."
       "tak sihat ka ? "
       "Sihat2. saja malas. Ni dah mula balik dah .." I said.

       Then I saw someone I havent seen a long time since I was active singing dulu.
       "Hey, macammana tiba2 boleh mai jogging sini ? " I asked him.
       Scratching his head, " saja, sebelum pi market jog la sat. You apa habak? dok mana la ni ? "
        "I'm ok. Dok dekat sini saja."
         Just before I turned to continue my walking..
        "Just want to ask you.. I am now playing for this group. jum sumbang satu lagu next week? "
        " ha ha, I dah pencen nyanyi.sorry "
        "Rugi la kalau cam tu .Ta…