Wednesday, 2 May 2012

nyonya cantik appeared at last...

       After weeks of buat2 sibuk or just malaskan diri sewing the table runner, today I went jogging. It was drizzling in the early morning.Went out real early. Semangat nak jogging ni.
       Met a few regular friends ..
       " Wei pi mana hilang lama sangat ni "
       "Ada ada."
       "tak sihat ka ? "
       "Sihat2. saja malas. Ni dah mula balik dah .." I said.

       Then I saw someone I havent seen a long time since I was active singing dulu.
       "Hey, macammana tiba2 boleh mai jogging sini ? " I asked him.
       Scratching his head, " saja, sebelum pi market jog la sat. You apa habak? dok mana la ni ? "
        "I'm ok. Dok dekat sini saja."
         Just before I turned to continue my walking..
        "Just want to ask you.. I am now playing for this group. jum sumbang satu lagu next week? "
        " ha ha, I dah pencen nyanyi.sorry "
        "Rugi la kalau cam tu .Tak nyanyi langsung ? ish ish"
        " Nyanyi, mana pulak tak nyanyi.setiap hari nyanyi..macam-macam lagu."
        "Nyanyi di mana ? tak prnah nampak pun ? " muka heran.
        "Nyanyi di ceruk dapor dan di bilik air. ! ! "
        " La.." scratching his head again..
        "Kalau nak lepas geram selagu dua ,I ada di xxxxx  tiap2 hari main muzik di situ.Boleh la jumpa kawan2 lama " he said.

        I continued walking, my mind was back in the early 80s when I was active on stage. Then something caught my attention..
        I saw a figure walking with elbow crutches, trying hard to push her way to the front of the house. It was nyonya cantik.(Refer to my older post ).
       OMG, she looked so weak.Nampak macam baru lepas sakit lama. No wonder I didnt see her for a long time. Sayang sekali tak bawa hdphone today, or else I could snap her photo for you all to see. She was different from the last time I saw her. So skinny, pale .Rambut kusut masai..adoi..
       I said " hi nyonya. "
       She stopped and stared at me. I think she couldnt make up who ..
       I waved and said "bye nyonya.."
        I left her. When I turned for a second glance, there she was standing there, still looking at me.Muka kosong. ..kesian..nyonya cantik....

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