Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Birthday wishes for a dear friend

      22.05. My friend's birthday. Every year I will never forget to include flowers for the birthday present. She loves flowers especially roses.Unfortunately roses did look fresh today at the florist. Because I did not want to wait for the next just ask the girl to wrap bunga yang fresh2 saja. Tak pa.Next year insyaAllah I try to get roses awai2..simpan dalam fridge ok..

                                      Birthday girl with her ever sweet smile..

           So happy to see her smile again.Last year was quite a sad year for her. She lost her mum, then dia pula sakit. This year, semua is back to normal.Dia dah sihat seperti sediakala..Muka dah ceria balik..senyum sentiasa...My Famila said muka teacher Fairuz dah penoh ...I asked her what about yang kanan? She said yang baju light purple tu tak yah cakap la.dah boom ke boom.ha ha..gemuk la tu..What to do lama dah tk go brisk walking .kalau pi pun once or twice a week.mana jadi kan..Tapi tak pa .Asal jangan cecah 60kg sudah.masa tu takkan nak relax lagi.Buat la apa yg patut.and go all out (  cakap saja.dah malas sebenarnya ..)

                                Kawan dia gelak sampai terpejam mata..

                              Happy habis dengan kawan2 on Teacher's day.Cantik tudung..

                                    Fairuz on the right..with her sisters on younger days..

                     Flawless ..With her one and only son,a marine engineer  Pergi belayar jauh2 lama, but sekali balik..puas berbulan-bulan..

                     Walaupun tempat ambik gambag tak berapa strategic, as long as kita bahagia..

      We shared so many secrets.... The best secrets that only both of us know.he he. Jumpa pun quite often.go for drinks and chat2..Two hours sembang memang tak pernah cukup. Cerita tak habis.Then tangguh.A few days jumpa lagi..sembang lagi..Now since I am not working it is always a big Yes when she asked me out. And every time keluar mesti ada cerita baru to share.And it's so far the best remedy for all these tension and depression being at home all the time.(In the kitchen to be specific )..

     I have been tru thick and thin with her. Thank God ,her life  is now  like a rainbow after the rain..beautiful and colourful merintangi langit...But I guess she deserves to be happy after those heartbroken tragedies and tearful days.God is great. I pray she will be happy always with those love ones around her..
                  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR.... Mudah-mudahan Allah terus panjangkan usiamu , berkati kehidupanmu,,tingkatkan imanmu dan sampaikan niat kita menunaikan haji bersama tahun ni..InsyaAllah..Amin Amin ya Rabbal 'Alamin.


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