Friday, 27 January 2012


           I was in the bank. Just as I was filling a form, a lady in early 30s approached me. I had a quick glance at her.She was wearing baju kurung with a scarf not properly tied and a pair of worn out slippers.

           "Kak nak minta tolong sikit boleh ?"
           " Nak minta tolong apa ?"
           " Saya ni nak minta 10 ringgit ."
           Before I could answer, she continued..
           "Kalau tak dak 10 ringgit, 2 ringgit pun tak pa.."
           I looked at her and said...
           " Mai dari mana ni ? "
           " Saya mai dari hospital, tiba2 tengok duit tak dak".
           "Mai dari hospital?  Jauhnya jalan  mai bank sini cari apa? "
           Then she was quiet ... I was quiet too.I know she was lying. paling pantang orang bohong..
           All of a sudden another lady came to the scene. She whispered to me..
           " Kak jangan bagi, dia ni rata2 dok minta duit kat orang...bukan sakit apa pun, badan sihat..saja malas nak kerja kut "

           I looked at the first lady again.Yes she looked ok to me..She left me .I finished off with my business and made my way out of the bank.
           Outside along the pathway, I saw her standing alone facing the signboard..and to my surprise she was reading it. Spelling each word loud and clear..
           " U N T U K ..untuk. P EK E R J A ..pekerja..and so on..."
           I thought to myself.. " La tak betui rupanya.."
           I took out 5 ringgit and gave her..she accepted the money and walked fast to the mamak restaurant nearby..without even a thank you..

          Recently I was with Faten at The Store Supermarket in Kangar choosing a t-shirt. Then suddenly I saw her again.She was holding a t-shirt .Then she asked another customer nearby...
          " Ni berapa ratus ? "The lady said " Tak tau, pi tanya situ" pointing her finger dekat pembantu kedai..
          Then I heard her complained.." Tanya sana suruh tanya sini, mai sini suruh tanya sana pula..gila sungguh hangpa ni "

           She dumped the t-shirt on the rack and walked her way down the escalator...
           Then when we walked to the car to go home, there she was sitting on a chair in the restaurant nearby.. mulut asleep....

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Bestnya di Telok Kachang....


           Today my good friend ( classmate in primary school ) jemput makan kenduri kawin anak dia.It was in Telok Kachang.My kampung dulu. Best tak terkata jumpa kawan2 yang lama berpuluh tahun tak jumpa.

              Yang tak kenal kita pun ada.
              " Rumah aku belakang umah hang dulu." La jenoh dok explain pula..
               Last2 lepas dok terkebil2 biji mata  baru lah...
              " Nah ka ni ? ha aku ingat dah.Sorry muka hangpa jadi belain " Pulak ...
              Then salam orang tu salam orang ni, yang bestnya bila nak balik orang dapat kotak kecik, my sister and I dapat special bag yang di dalamnya ada benda2 lain... Thanx Ein..

                                    My sister in law.She's married to my second brother..

     Balik kenduri terus pi umah my auntie. Tengok2 persiapan terakhir sebelum kenduri lusa 25th January.Her inlaws dah mula sampai. So kerana kerja pun tak ada nak buat, kami ambik gambag la..

                           With my sister Mazila and sister inlaw my auntie's house. tak ada apa nak jual, jual senyum pun jadilah....


Saturday, 21 January 2012


      At last kerja hias bekas hantaran pun siap. Jenoh juga pasting  a flower here, tying a ribbon there,tediousnya bukan main, kalau orang punya memang tak sanggup, tapi anak sendiri apa nak kata.
      Sometimes tengah buat, tiba2 pening. Berhenti sat, lega buat balik.Then masuk dapor, masak masak masak. Then buat balik benda ni..Only two days.Dah siap.Actually bukan rumit sangat pun.Masa yang mula tu saja yang went tru trial and error. Bila sampai ke dua and seterusnya dah terror..he he.

      What left now is to go about the clothing. Dah shop for the materials at Gulatis Alor Star. Now I only need to draw the pattern and send to the tailor.

      Untung sikit anak lelaki, kalau girl then lagi banyak benda kena siap. Tempat akad nikahnya, dengan alas duduk dan latar belakangnya .Then kena siap macam satu platform untuk duduk bergambar selepas selesai nikahnya.

      Tapi anak lelaki hanya perlu pelamin and hiaskan meja untuk makan beradab saja ,then the guests which I will attend to later.

      My next agenda is the bilik pengantin. Flowers for the room dah siap. Tinggal nak letak saja.Curtain I dah jahit sendiri.Siap. Feature wall bilik tu pun dah siap plan what to put. Maybe lambat sikit la compared to Famila dulu.Anak sulung kita masih terkial2 takut tak sempat and semua in the end siap terlalu awal. When it comes to the second one, I dah tau nak budget masa.and know what to do first..

      Bila bilik pengantin dah siap nanti I will show it in my next post and my viewers can see and comment ok?  Right now I am going to my sis's house and plan what time to go to A Star this afternoon, to go buy a dress. She and I kena wakil my auntie bawa my cousin pi akad nikah tomorrow night..

      Life is so full of ups and downs. I hope Allah terus bagi tenaga and kesihatan yang baik to go tru this. So many things I want in life tapi I tak dapat ( dah give up), but there are so many things pula yang Allah bagi yang I tak minta dan menduga akan dapat. Thank you Allah...You are so sweet to me..
so sweet...


Friday, 20 January 2012

You Me..

        When I look at this photo of me holding Famila ( she wasnt even 2 years old then,) all the joy of being a mother came back.  Sophia Loren said." When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts.A mother always has to think twice , once for herself and once for her child."

         My happiness has been secondary ever since. 

        I remember borrowing a pupil's bicycle during a free doubleperiods  to speed home to breastfeed her. Meredah batas bendang sebelum sampai ke rumah ikut short cut.Then cycled back to school like a thief who was being chased by the police.  phuuuh..
      .She has done the same for little Sara.Except that she has to be really careful on the busy street of Kuala Lumpur just to get really fast to reach Sara. I guess the challenge is greater on her because she could hear her baby crying for 'susu mama'.. on the telephone..!!

        The challenge of breastfeeding..really tested your patience at times..


        I was all skin and bones then. Makan pun tak lalu because I was too tired.Rushing .My baby would rather go hungry without susu mak. Just look how she giggled when I was with her.

        Talk about academic, each child is born with different intelligence and attitude towards learning.Since she was a kid Famila sees learning as fun and always takes it as a challenge.I saw that. 

       When she started working, She is pleasant and easy going,these qualities help her make lots of close friends in no time.I saw that too.

       Sara develops fast just like her mama. At 1 year 8 months old she talked like a baby one year her senior.Giving directions to her mama like an adult."Ok dokong mama !" ( when she's lazy to walk)..

       I told Famila a mother is like the glue that holds a family together. Heartaches and miseries are to be ignored.It sounds cruel. but thats the truth to stay tall and strong for the sake of your children.

        I played an active role in shaping her ( Famila) and I know she is doing the same to Sara.I am proud of myself and her as what she has become is the outcome of our teamwork with lots of continuous doa to the Almighty..

        History is repeating itself. May you sail through happily and safely ever after.Amin..

                                          Muka tak bersalah main phone orang..( 1 year old )

                    (  1yr 8 mnths ) My little princess gelak sampai meleleh air liur..he he


Thursday, 19 January 2012

Some men are really strange..!

      I just posted on "Strange things you didnt likely know " yesterday and today I came to see something really strange when I was brisk walking along the jogging track...
      A man in his late 30s, was standing near a big tree along the track.A plastic bag hanged loose on his waist.When I passed by, it was quite strange to see he was standing facing the tree with his back on me.He just stood there like a statue holding a hammer in his hand.

      I continued walking.When I was about 10 meters away from him,he started nailing on the tree.I thought he wanted to put up a notice or something.When I turned back for my second round again he stood macam patung cendana.macam batu.I did catch a glimpse of what he did.Nails were all over the stem of the tree !
     He just knocked the nails into the trunk.Very strange indeed. Ish the next thing came into my head.This man is crazy...Then baru rasa takut..Bila I lepas saja, he started again knocking ...
    Dear viewers,

    There are many types of men around, some work really hard to care for  the family, some relaxed baca paper while the wife macam tak cukup tangan layan customers beli nasi lemak, ( saw this on the way to the track) and some go to some trees and knock nails into the trunk...he he..


Sunday, 15 January 2012

Something from the heart...

     Preparation for my son's wedding goes on. Today I have finished sewing the souvenirs for the guests on the bride's side.During Famila's wedding I sew tiny bags with embroideries on them. So this time I did pin cushions pulak. Demam pula dah 3 days  so..stop sat..

          I regard them as very special because each and every piece is hand sewn. Draw on the satin materials then straightaway jahit. Each one is exclusive because each one is different from the other..and on top of that each piece is sewn using DMC thread..

         And at the bottom of each piece I stitched my son's name and his bride to be :Imi Rean..

         Below are some of my favourites...I hope the rombongan from Seri Andalas will love this gifts from the mother of the bridegroom in Indera Kayangan..


Thursday, 12 January 2012

Permataku yang hilang...


        Awan di langit hitam pekat
        Berarak berhambat..
        Daun nyiur meliuk laju
        Saya di muka pintu memandang dengan hati berbuku.

        Titik hujan mula turun
        Di laman rumah saya air kolam mula beralun..
        Ikan di perut kolam berlumba berduyun
        Di bawah pasu2 mereka berhimpun..

        Burung2 di dahan bambu menciap terbang,
        Orkid yang bergantungan turut melenggang..
        Ayam saya di reban mula berketuk panjang..
        Masing2 gundah dengan hujan yang datang

        Saya melihat pergerakan awan,
        Saya amati riaknya bergumpalan..
        Dari dadanya air membuak beruntaian
        Basah jua bumi di mandi di siram..

        Tiba-tiba hati merintih sayu..
        Dalam deruan hujan saya sunyi dan beku
        Kelopak mata saya seperti awan hitam itu 
        Meratapi satu pemergian
        Permataku yang sudah hilang.....

                                                                                                                       3.50 pm..

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bawang Putih Bawang Merah...

        They were twins.At first glance anybody would know it.They looked the same pysically too. Both tall, slim, beautiful with sharp features, dark thick hair.Beautiful is just the word for them..
          One day I was teaching about some grammar on the topic prepositions. I called a volunteer to show some actions. The elder sister by 5 minutes Laila Nasuha came to the front.
Her twin looked on.
          " Stand beside me " the girl stood beside me.
          " Stand behind me " and she did the action..and so on and so forth..
          I took off the ring from my finger and put it on the table and said..
          "The ring is on the table " The class repeated after me..
           I put the ring in my bag...Then said..
           "The ring is in my bag now.."
          The drill went on and on..until I was satisfied that everyone understood.

         Then it came to written exercises . The whole class started to write in the blanks on the handouts given, except the younger twin Laila Najihah.
         "Why are you not writing? " I asked.
         No answer.Muka masam.
         " Teacher, dia dok suruh kakak dia buat" someone said.
         " Mana boleh ! You have to do your own work" I said.
         Later that afternoon I found out very often all her homework and exercises in the class would be done by her sister Laila Nasuha.

        "Why ? " I asked a teacher who had been in the school lama.
        " Macam cerita bawang putih bwang merah la.adik tu dok buli kakak" she said.

        What did I do..
         I buat drawing competition in the class. Entitled : My favourite food.
         Laila Nasuha as usual did her work in silence. Laila Najihah dengan muka masam pretended like she was doing something but I saw nothing at all.kept on erasing the fruits she was drawing.her eyes kept on looking at her sister, signalling to draw for her.

        Nasha had a hard time not to help her because I was all the time right behind Najihah. Then I went purposely to Najihah and coached her .Helped her to draw and colour nicely.She seemed very happy. Mata dah tak tengok kakak dah..
        Of course she won the competition ( saja nak bagi with a purpose too), her sister Nasuha won second place. When I wanted to give the prize to her ( A beautiful pencil case ) I said..
        "Tengok Najihah lukis sendiri lukisan ni.Boleh dapat hadiah pertama lagi.Teacher tunjuk sikit ja.maknanya dia memang pandai. Nasuha tak tolong dia pun ..Lepas ni jangan minta tolong dah Nasuha buat kerja sekolah na.Sebab Najihah kadang2 lebih pandai dari Nasuha.."
        Her face blushing ..seronok la tu. Then I had to go talked to Nasuha pula about my intention buat macam tu..Both were happy. Since then tak da lagi Najihah nagging asking her sister to help.Semua done sendiri.Of course teacher dia dok puji la memanjang..Adoi bukan senang nak jadi cikgu...bukan saja mengajar tapi mendidik..macam anak sendiri ..baru beres semuanya..


Sunday, 8 January 2012

Another hobby...

      Besides singing, gardening and  sewing, I have one more hobby yang I can consider another favourite of mine. I suka simpan botol shampoo yang I dapat dari hotel2 yang I menginap. So check in saja , the first thing I do is heading into the bathroom, to get the shampoo bottle or conditioner in there. Dapat ja terus masuk bag.Would be very happy bila masuk saja and nampak botol2 tu.
     To make it more meriah, I would add in perfume bottles too.Perfume bottles are so beautiful, and of course the good smell of the perfume is still there..sedap..Dengan bottles yang multicolours , they look so beautiful,green blue, yellow. red...cantiknya..of course with the shampoo content still penoh..

                I arrange them nicely in one special place. Almari kaca ni I letak di living room.So buka saja almari tu the sweet and nice smell fly out ..fill in the space.Its almost full now..And I am still hunting for them.Recently my friend gave me another 5 perfume bottles..Rasa macam dapat emas..I like...

   In the background and inbetween the bottles I will put in some souvenirs from places I visited..
Cantik kan? Hopefully almari ni akan penoh juga one day...With each item ada sweet memories that lingers in my mind as much as the smell of the perfume lingers in the air of my living room...


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

I miss u ngah...and your beauty tips..

    I am cleaning and sorting up my store in the house when I found small old photos of my late aunt. In my earlier post if u can recall back , I have some memories with her. I owe so much to this aunt. She has lots of beauty tips that I still hang on till now.
    I wanted to scan the pictures but they were so blur.not good.

    It was a great loss to me when she passed away.We were so close. I would go to her if I need some advice on this girl thing like what to take if I have menstrual cramp, what to take to have this black long healthy hair..she has all the remedies to all my inquiries..
     When I was a teenager I was given a big note book by a classmate on my birthday..I used the book to jot down all the tips my aunt told me. It was full now with some cuttings from magazines too.Through trial and error I learn which cream is good and which is not suitable on my skin.
     I learned that moisturiser is very important especially to a person with dry skin like me.And I learned too that it is best applied immediately after I have my bath..The eye area is the first region on the face that shows the first sign of aging..because the skin there is very delicate and crows feet are common for ladies at my age..

        Growing old without that extra care can cause you to lose that beauty that every woman has..maybe if modern treatment is too expensive you can always turn to traditional..they still work on your skin although in a slower pace..

     My aunt did not touch coffee because it contains caffein, cepat tua she said.Will always remember that although once in a blue moon I try juga..teringin.. 

                     My aunt sitting on the left next to my mum .Amboi ...kebaya was in trend masa tu..

     Only this photo seemed quite clear..actually photo ni dah ada dalam my older post entitled "mirror mirror on the wall."

     As I grow older  I know stress  contributes the most to your looks.It makes us look older than our age.It tightens facial muscles which cause expression lines on the face..

     I learned too that stress also contributes to acne, because it sort of stimulates glands to pump out more oil onto the skin..
     Now everyday I would walk about 5 to 6 kilometers in the early morning to control cellulites from approaching.I dont go fishing anymore because I know the sun causes dark spots on the skin making   the skin dry which encourages the appearance of wrinkles ...

     Growing old is normal. Growing old gracefully is a bonus...
     In my coming posts I will share with you readers what my aunt told me about some old remedies and tips for us women especially , to look good and stay looking good for many2 years to come..insyaAllah....


Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year in Cameron..


        Almost the whole of December I've spent time sewing and doing some preparations for my son's wedding in early March.So much so my eyes were getting blur and red. Suddenly I just wanted to get away from it all. without a second thought , there I was suddenly in Cameron. ..

         Mostly all hotels were full. Since I did not make an earlier reservations..tak sangka pun nak pi..tiba2 ja teringin..
         Lastly dapat juga Star Regency. Room -rate RM 300. Tak puas hati because, the smell of the room was not so pleasant. The night during the steamboat dinner Faten complaint about the vege not well cleaned. And true enough ada siput kecik atas sayur..nasib baik tak sempat makan..Nasib baik juga ada some patience left in me..kalau tidak..

                                      A giant replica of a strawberry welcomed us...

                                        Scenery outside our hotel window..There are 3 main towns in Cameron, Ringlet, Tanah Rata and Brinchang. Of course I chose Brinchang because it has facilities like hotels, resorts, and supermarkets, while Ringlets concentrated more on agricultural activities..

                          That night suddenly I heard fireworks bursting sound here and there.Looking out of the window, I saw other hotel guests from the nearby hotels shouting and shrieking like they were out out of their minds, I turned on the tv...patutla..It was new year..the countdown was on honking so loud on the streets... They were celebrating new year ! !  I langsung tak ingat...

            The night market is just a few steps from the hotel, Suhail teringin nak makan durian, sebiji harga RM 20. kecik ja.ada enam ulas..makan di situ jugak..
             This is how it looks.. All farm u can see..The grounds in Cameron still wet with rain when we explored the place..



                             The steps to go up to see the strawberry farm..panjat la nak hidup.(.although I dont like it, kena pakai jacket.sejuk..) Those beautiful flowers..If I am a rich woman, I nak semua bunga ni in my compound..angan2..sure tak dapat punya...

                                                             A unique flower...
            Although it was not the first visit , the flower gardens, the rose valleys and the strawberry farm never failed to excite me..

                            Duduk berlatarbelakangkan itik dan bangau...and the not so cleaned pond..

                    The golden mermaid in the pond.Sayang sekali my son said muka dia tak cantik, macam muka lelaki..he he

                                      More flowers...I love them..

                                      Look at this... The biggest rose I 've ever seen...

                               Bestnya sitting among the blooms... macam tak mau balik..

                              Tengok tu ikan kap disebelah I...nampak muka I senyum meleret..sukalah tu..

                              Ni lagi suka..mula-mula geli. tapi malu dengan Faten and Suhail yang berani pegang, I pun let the butterfly stayed on my hand for 2 minutes..When it started moving..masa tu paling geli...

                            Maybe it was not a so satisfying getaway, but cukupla to relax a little bit, before balik and started back to get on with the preparation of Khazimi's wedding. Kerja  ..kerja ..kerja..