Thursday, 29 December 2011

Beli cream kat Bee Farm...

                    Our last destination is the Bee Farm , next to the Grape Farm..It is not a big farm really, but its enough for my children to see and learn about this unique insect..

                     The friendly beekeeper took us around and explained in detail about how he runs the farm.

                 Lots of beehives .Just imagine how many bees there...and imagine lagi...if all the bees attack you...ha ha..
                 I saw that the bees are not confined there, but they can roam freely collecting nectar from the nearby virgin forest..

                                  He showed us what it was like in the beehive..picking out a honeycomb..awesome to see the structure of the honeycomb...subhanallah..such small insects can build such a strong structure ...

                                Suhail nak tunjuk terror. Masa ni I was far away..takut  ! !

                Products of honey displayed on the tables. Wild honey is believed to have medicinal values.Even stated in the quran..We even had the opportunity to taste raw honey from the honeycomb..sedapnya...

                Macam biasa orang perempuan bukan boleh tengok saja.So satu cream, 2 small bottles of honey, bee pollen,altogether RM 130...terbang..he he...


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Taman Anggur Perlis...minta rasa sebiji pun tak bagi.....


           Perlis has tropical monsoon climate.generally dry from January to April. Now in Perlis we called it musim timoq..where its cool with the wind blowing real strong..At night kena la pakai blanket now.Tak payah aircond musim ni..sejuuuuuk...
         So they say besides Harum Manis, grapes too can grow well in Indera Kayangan...memang betul la. tengok la sendiri..Jum...


                        This cozy area is for you to rest after you finished exploring the farm..

                    Little Sara enjoying main pondok-pondok...outside the canopy of grapes..

           Ingat Sara saja teringin main pondok2...Orang tua pun nak juga. Myself on the wooden steps pondok..teringat kecik2 dulu...

   Look at this..semua deep purple grapes hanging within reach..Minta sebiji from the girl who guided us there , tak bagi..kedekut sungguh.Pergi Cameron pun boleh try those strawberries masam...he he.
   Grapes need lots of sunshine. I saw that the shoots were evenly secured upwards to the catch wires.

                   These are green ones..tak masak lagi...banyaknya grapes.. the newest agriculture product of Perlis.


                                                    Under the canopy of grapes...if only my son Khazimi and fiancie Raihan balik lewat sikit sempat la kesini sama2..mesti best..

                           Myself posing dekat pokok anggur..Tak bagi rasa sudah....

     What I regret most is the information we got here.The girl .(.our tour guide ) did not know her stuff. Stammering ja bila jawab..cari lah yang boleh bagi info yang lengkap sikit....

     Next, follow me to tempat menternak lebah di juga tau....


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Perlis herbal Forest...

                 Yesterday I had the chance to explore some interesting places in Perlis..Dah lama teragak-agak nak pi, ni baru had  the opportunity.

                 The first place we went was Perlis herbal Forest in Batu Pahat.about 7 KM from my house.Dekat je..
                It was opened to public in 1999..dah 12 years dah.Established by the Forestry Department, it serves as a living museum for a large variety of plants of medicinal values..The famous ones are Tongkat Ali, Kacip Fatimah, Selasih, daun sembung, Derhaka Mentua, Sabah Snake Plants, Mahkota Dewa..banyak lagi tak terkata..

                                              ce ce,..posing dekat pintu masuk..

    Upon reaching the main gate we were given a small cup of air misai kucing. The lady said it can cure kidney problems..

     So many small huts for you to sit and relax...It was so cooling here..maklumla banyak oxygen..lots of big trees..

                                                   Jungle trekking la konon...

                                        Famila looks so excited..Sara mana ?

                                           Plants I have never seen before

                                    My son Suhail, relax..on the benches provided..

                                       Famila and hubby Kay...sempat lagi na..

                                   Another rare sempat pula read the name ..

                      Sabah Snake Plants can cure cancer, sore throat, gout, and kidney problems.

                   My turn to sit down.. Adoi letih juga...belum pun cover the whole of 12 hectares of the area...maybe kasut tak sesuai kut...pretended to look cool when my children snap a photo..

         jum follow me to the grapes farm my next post la..

Monday, 19 December 2011

apa punya mak..

      Recently I had a chance to spend some time surveying on some baju pengantin .My son nak kawin somewhere in March next year..because Perlis offers much lower price than in KL .
      At one of the boutiques I saw a young mother and her daughter ( about 11 years old.) The mother was looking at some glamorous dresses. Harga boleh tahan mahal . As she was flipping through, the small girl said.
      " Mak tak yah la beli baju ni, mahal, baju Lin tak beli lagi.Dah dekat nak buka sekolah ni. " 
      The mother kept a deaf ear...buat tak tau ja.keep on selak baju tu baju ni. I like to see this..whats going to happen next..
      Lin as she called herself kept on persuading..
      " Mak , jum la beli baju sekolah Lin..Jum la.."
      The mother turned to her girl and said...
      "Nanti la dulu, tunggu mak dapat gaji, kita beli.."
      "Mak , masa tu dah dekat sangat nak buka sekolah, jum lah pi beli la ni."
      "Faham dak mak kata, la ni mak tak dak duit lagi.Nanti gaji la."
      The daughter gave up. She went to a bench nearby and sat down qietly. Muka masam .

           I bought a scarf. A nice one to match my blouse. Coincidently at the counter the same lady was there too, holding a very expensive looking dress ! !  so she did buy the dress ..tak payah tunggu gaji pula..? ?

           Moral of the story, sometimes just because we want something , we neglect another thing that is even more important ..Kesian Lin, nak kena tunggu gaji baru dapat baju the car on the way home, the incident berbekas jugak di hati...betul lah kata nabi..perempuan ada sembilan nafsu tapi hanya satu akal...


Friday, 16 December 2011

Good one by Patrick Teoh...

    The article below was written by Patrick Teoh in his blog "Niamah!!".
     To All those Born in the 40's, 50's , 60's & early '70s...

     First, we survived with mothers who had no maids. They cooked /cleaned while taking care of us at the same time.

     They took aspirin, candies floss,fizzy drinks, shaved ice with syrups and diabetes were rare. Salt added to Pepsi or Coke was remedy for fever.
    We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets.

     As children, we would ride with our parents on bicycles/ motorcycles for 2 or 3. Richer ones in cars with no seat belts or air bags.

    Riding in the back of a private taxi was a special treat.

We drank water from the tap and NOT from a bottle.              

    We would spend hours on the fields under bright sunlight flying our kites, without worrying about the UV ray which never seem to affect us.
      We go to jungle to catch spiders without worries of Aedes mosquitoes.

      With mere 5 pebbles (stones) would be a endless game. With a ball (tennis ball best) we boys would ran like crazy for hours.

     We catch guppy in drains / canals and when it rain we swim there.

We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle and NO ONE actually worry about being unhygenic.

    We ate salty, very sweet & oily food, candies,bread and real butter and drank very sweet soft sweet coffee/ tea, ice kacang, but we weren't overweight because.......


    We would leave home in the morning and play all day, till streetlights came on.

No one was able to reach us all day.
      We would spend hours repairing our old bicycles and wooden scooters out of scraps and then ride down the hill, only to find out we forgot the brakes. After running into the bushes a few times, we learned to solve the problem .

      We did not have Playstations, X-boxes, Nintendo's, multiple channels on cable TV, DVD movies, no surround sound, no phones, no personal computers, no Internet. WE HAD FRIENDS and we went outside and found them!

     We fell out of trees, got cut, broke bones and teeth and we still continued the stunts.

We never had birthdays parties till we were 21
We rode bikes or walked to a friend's house and just yelled for them!

     The idea of a parent bailing us out if we broke the law was unheard of. They actually sided with the law!

     Yet this generation has produced some of the best risk-takers, problem solvers and inventors ever!
The past 40 years have been an explosion of innovation and new ideas.

We had freedom, failure, success and responsibility, and we learned

              HOW TO DEAL WITH IT ALL !

And YOU are one of them!


You might want to share this with others who have had the luck to grow up as kids,

And while you are at it, forward it to your kids so they will know how brave their parents were.

PS: -The big type is because Long-sightedness or hyperopia at your age
. he... he....


~ Patrick Teoh

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

again again and again until they give in...!


                   My youngest,  Suhail just finished his SPM and was so eager to go find a part time job...So he and the gang went to those fast food restaurants and tried their luck in vain..
                   Yesterday someone called from the hotel nearby, so off he went started his work ....around 5pm. It was an annual dinner going on, so he was terribly busy until 1230pm.!
                   I read what he wrote to his friends on FB ".kerja ok, tapi lenguh kaki giler...tak boleh duduk langsung .berdiri all night long.."
                   No one force him to find that part time job, in fact I like him to help around the house until the time he goes to further his studies, tapi kerja di umah mana syok kan..
                  I remember when I got my MCE result , others applied to further their studies, but I went to the Education Office in Kangar , nak minta guru sementara..before I could get a permanent one.

                   When I met the officer in charge ( Cikgu Malik )at the Education Office in Kangar , the first words he said was " memang ramai orang minta nak jadi guru sementara ni, bukan awak sorang je, nantilah. balik dulu ada kosong kami panggil."

                    I went home, looked at my siblings' faces.I know I couldnt afford to give up.The next day I went again at the same time, just to make him remember my face . This time he said , pointing at the letters on his table..

                   "Tu tengok tu surat2 atas meja saya tu, semua tu surat budak2 macam kamu ni minta guru sementara. STP pun ramai..Kamu ni SPM saja..kalau kamu di tempat saya kamu nak bagi kat budak STP ke SPM ? "

                    Masa tu muda lagi sangat2 .tak tau nak jawab apa.. went home lagi..Sampai umah, my mum asked ..
                   " Macam mana ? depa kata apa ? ada harapan dak dapat guru sementara tu? kalau dapat lega la sikit"
                   I wanted to tell her what the officer said tapi tak sampai hati, so I said to her..

                  " Esok depa suruh pi pulak, hari ni tak dan nak sembang. depa sibuk "

                  The next day, at the very same time 230 pm , I was in front of the officer. This time dia dah ready. He put down his pen immediately when he saw me and said..

                   " kamu ni bersungguh2 na nak kerja..? "

                    Suddenly I dapat semangat baru my mind I said kalau tak dapat pun sudah but I want to say what I have to say today...

                    I looked at him in the eyes and said loud and clear..

                    " Encik , sepanjang Encik jadi pegawai di sini ada dak budak lain seumur saya ni yang mai minta kerja ni tiga hari berturut2 ?." and before he could say anything I continued...
                    " Memang saya ni ada MCE saja. Compared dengan surat2 atas meja encik tu. Tapi saya ni lain sikit dari depa tu, saya ni anak sulung yang kena bela lagi 5 mulut di rumah.. ayah saya dah mati 3 tahun dah... Hari ni saya akan tunggu di sini sampai encik kata betul2 tak dak kosong guru sementara tu baru saya balik."
                 After that I could not continue another tears dah lebih laju dari hujan di luar office tu...
                 He did not say a word, he got up and was gone for about 10 minutes.. I did not move an inch from the chair in front of his table..

                Then he came back and said to me..

                 " Ok la Maznah, kamu balik dulu, saya janji esok saya bagi jawapan.. Tak payah mai esok na, saya akan bagi jawapan.Tulis alamat kamu di sini.."

                 He kept his promise, the next day an office boy from the Education office came looking for me. In his hand was a letter ..suruh I pergi kerja as a temporary teacher di Sek.Keb.Kuala Perlis...starting the very next day ! !

PS..Cikgu Malik, if u can read this , I am sorry for bothering you masa tu.Bukan I suka pun pi kacau orang tapi I had a responsibility that nothing in the world could stop me doing what I did then...


Tuesday, 13 December 2011

buat suspence saja...

    Subject: Strange Happenings In A Hospital ..... 
    There was this case in this hospital's Intensive Care ward where patients
always died in the same bed on Friday mornings around 9am regardless of
their age, gender, medical history or condition.
    This puzzled the doctors and some even thought that it had to do with the
supernatural: Why did death occur at that same bed around the same time
every Friday?
    So the doctors decided to go down to that particular ward to investigate the
cause of the deaths.
Come Friday morning, everyone at the hospital ward nervously waited for the
terrible phenomenon to occur again. The new (unknowing) patient laid there.
    Some doctors held wooden crosses, prayer books and other holy objects to
ward off evil...and they waited.
8am, the patient was still alive...
8.30am...still breathing...
    Just before the 'cursed' time, the door to the ward swung open...
    Scroll down…..

    Then Ah Soh, the part-time Friday cleaner, comes in and unplugs the life
support system so that she can use the vacuum cleaner!

he he he..

Monday, 12 December 2011

1 X Monei..Monei...( you read satu kali Monei ..Monei) mcm lagu sifir la..

       Suddenly I remembered this funny story  to share with all my loyal visitors to my blog..I was about 11 years old then . in standard 5.
         One day my mak cik took me to her friend's house in Bintong, about 1/2 KM from my house in Telok Kachang. ( Sorry I have to stick on to the old spelling of the word Kachang as spelled dulu2 he he )..

         It was around 6 pm then. All the children there were playing on the road. Remember I told you cars were scarce  masa tu ?    

         Well a few kids were palaying 'cikgu2' .One big sized girl was teaching mathematics. I heard the boys shouting their tables   ...1 X  2....2
                                          2 X  2....4....and so on and so forth...

         One boy ran to her mum nearby who was 'busy' gossiping with another lady. Then said.
          " Mak mai sekupang ? nak beli sotong gulung. "

         Masa tu sotong gulung was the best thing in the world for us kids. squids rolled up , red in colour,masam2 manis, ada rasa macam it was grilled. sedap gila punya..sold at 5 sen a piece.

         The mother ignored his nagging.  Mulut pot pet telling stories..

          The boy got very impatient. " Mak , nak sekupang beli sotong.." This time he was pulling the sleeve of her mum's blouse..

           "Mak cepat la, nak sekupang nk beli sotong.."

           I looked on with interest, wonder how long the mother could stand the nagging..

           Suddenly the mother pushed him away, shouting..

          " Ish , kacau sungguh budak ni, pi baca sifir nu, esok nak peksa.. Pi...pi ! ! "

          The boy gave up. I thought the story ended there.It didnt. the boy joined his friends but read a different table altogether.. He shouted loud and clear....

          1 X Monei ..Monei..

          I had a good laugh because the name of the mother  was  Monei.. ! !   !


Saturday, 10 December 2011

love at 8 years old ?

            It was after break. I had to relief a year two class. Their class teacher was at the clinic.Caught flu. A few of them were whispering when I appeared at the door.
           Someone said ." Aik teacher Maznah ? " They were puzzled why I was there instead of their teacher.
           " Asalamualaikum."
           "Waalaikummusalam teacher."
            "Ok , la ni pelajaran apa sepatutnya? " purposely I just asked.
            "Muzik, teacher." someone said.

            "Teacher suka muzik.Hari ni nak dengar sapa pandai menyanyi dalam kelas ni."
            Semua tersipu malu.someone pointed to the girl near the middle row.
            "Teacher, Bibah pandai nyanyi, dia dok nyanyi selalu dalam kelas".
            " Ok, Bibah , mai depan teacher nak dengar Bibah menyanyi.Mesti sedap kan? "
            The girl named Bibah ignored my request, buat tak tau ja.Then she pointed to the boy who mentioned her name.

              "Teacher suruh la Boy, dia selalu dok nyanyi kat awek dia.."
              "Sapa awek dia? " I was getting excited for no reason..
              "S A L I M A....." everyone shouted...

              "Yang mana Salima? " I asked.
              One girl said, " Tu yang ikat tochang dua tu." pointing to a sweet girl near the window.
              "Teacher, teacher, Boy kan dia tulis surat cinta kat Salima."
              "Ha? pandainya Boy. Mai teacher tengok? " Because I was smiling as sweet as the girl ( perasan pula ), Boy rasa confident.
              He confidently handed me a small piece of paper, a little crumpled, must have been torn out from the excercise book.
               On the paper some blurry words were written, spelling mistake here and there. It read...
               "Salima, kami suka hangpa, tapi hangpa suka cakap dngam (must be dengan) Nabil,Nabil tu bondo ( bodoh kut ).Nanti kami akat (angkat ) gen (gang) pukui dia "
               I didnt know whether to laugh or be serious...I looked at Boy and said..

               "Boy suka Salima kan? " answer...

               "Tak pa,kalau suka jum nyanyi satu lagu untuk dia, semua orang pun nak dengag"

               Without hesitating Boy went to the front of the class and started to sing.I terkejut macam nak pengsan.He sang a song made popular by Sudirman ( masa tu Sudirman was the top singer in Malaysia). face full of expression and as he sang he looked at his sweetheart...

               "Ku meniti awan yang kelabu...."

                It really touched me......

                This is true love..! !..I couldnt say anything...Speechless,.. as I heard the boy sang his heart out with the pitching and tempo out...but when looking at his expression , semua kelemahan tu hilang...

        I looked at his dream girl Salima. She was smiling from ear to ear, one hand trying to hide her face.Yet I could see one eye looking at her hero doing his one man sweet....


Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Teringat buah keriang...

         Dulu on the left side of my house there was this pokok keriang.It was a big tree indeed and so tall with lots of keriang. My kids maybe tak tau pun apa itu buah keriang.Keriang are a little smaller than black berries. And if you eat them you cant hide it because your tongue will turn purplish black too like the buah keriang.
        In those days there were lots of keriang around the village.They were sweet and tasty. I love them., but so hard to get them because the trees were tall and my mum was really against the idea if we try to climb and get them..
     . In my class masa tu there were a few kids who sold keriang in school.They put the fruits in banana leaves made into a cone dan di semat dengan lidi supaya tidak jatuh. Satu hanya 5 sen..By the time we got back into class after recess, semua orang senyum dengan mulut warna purple..and semua gelak.Kadang2 cikgu2 pun makan di staff room...depa pun teringin juga..

      About 500 meters from my house there was this man..Pak Hamid ( not his real name ) who sold keriang everyday during the fruit season. .He would wrap the keriang in banana leaves and carried them in a basket around the village.
      Sometimes my brothers would try to climb the keriang tree to get the black juicy keriang. Belum sempat panjat dah kena rotan kaki ..Satu masalah, dia suka berbuah di hujung dahan.Dahannya pula rapuh. Sikit je silap langkah boleh patah..and peraap....finished...
   One day we waited for Pak Hamid to buy the keriang.Tunggu punya tunggu, punya tunggu..Pak Hamid tak timbul-timbul..( tiru dialog P Ramlee dalam seniman bujang lapok ).

      The next day we got the bad news. Dia jatuh pokok keriang.They found him under the big tree, one hand still holding a plastic bag of keriang. He was dead. ....! !

    This is pokok keriang.Mostly found in the northern states of Malaysia. I am drooling just to look at the keriang on the tree.I wonder di mana la ada di jual buah ni lagi...anybody knows??


Sunday, 4 December 2011

Kain dalam cikgu luruh..!!

   "Ok semua buka muka surat 25 .Mat Akhir baca dengan kuat dan jelas." The voice of my cikgu Bah Melayu  giving instructions.It happened when I was in Std 2 .I remember this one very clearly will know why at the end of this post..Keep on reading.

         Mat Akhir stood up and read. I was then looking at some beautiful pictures in my story book in my desk. A beautiful story of some princess.
       I thought no one was looking because everyone was concentrating with Mat Akhir's reading. I look up, my cikgu was standing facing the board..He he selamat.So I continued reading 'my' story book..bukan semak buku teks B Melayu  ...!

      Suddenly I felt 'bedebab' on my back. My cikgu was standing behind me.Awat la I tak perasan dia lalu di tepi I tadi...
     "Amboi na, orang suruh semak bacaan , dia dok baca buku cerita na." and ...bedebab, once more a big one kena my belakang.
     I got both , malu and sakit..She threw  my story book out of the class. I looked at the book flying over my head..kesian buku tu tak bersalah.
    I will never forget that incident.Shame on me..

    27 years later when I dah jadi cikgu, and got transferred from SRKSM to SKSP, I saw her in that school. Of course la, my cikgu bah Melayu way back when I was 8 years old dulu . She didnt change much except now she is wearing glasses.

     I was passing by her class one morning.She was writing something on the board. She did not realized I was standing at the door of her classroom.
     Suddenly I noticed something on the floor. Her petticoat was there lying around her feet. She did not know.A few girls were gigling away now.

      "Cikgu, kain dalam cikgu jatuh, " they were saying .The boys were pointing and said." La kain dalam cikgu terlondeh.."

      I knocked at the door and said." Kak xxxx, tu kain luruh.."
      Tersipu2, she picked up the material,and turned to her pupils.
      "Awat hangpa tak habak kat saya ?
      I said "depa pun baru nampak  cikgu."
      "Nah cikgu ambik beg plastic ni , masuk kain dalam tu .boleh pi salin..mai saya tunggu sat kelas cikgu.."
              The next morning in the staffroom I heard her telling the others about that funny story.When she saw me she laughed even louder.

            " Nasib baik Maznah mai masa tu, kalau tidak saya boleh terjatuh tersangkut kain dalam saya."

        Everyone laughed...In my  mind I was thinking back macam mana dia tabuh belakang I dulu.But she was my teacher, if I were in her place maybe I would do the same kerana marah..
        Been a long time since I last saw her in SKSP. Wonder what she is doing now. She retired long ago..Wish you all the best Cikgu . Moga cikgu terus sihat and panjang umur..Amin..