Saturday, 10 December 2011

love at 8 years old ?

            It was after break. I had to relief a year two class. Their class teacher was at the clinic.Caught flu. A few of them were whispering when I appeared at the door.
           Someone said ." Aik teacher Maznah ? " They were puzzled why I was there instead of their teacher.
           " Asalamualaikum."
           "Waalaikummusalam teacher."
            "Ok , la ni pelajaran apa sepatutnya? " purposely I just asked.
            "Muzik, teacher." someone said.

            "Teacher suka muzik.Hari ni nak dengar sapa pandai menyanyi dalam kelas ni."
            Semua tersipu malu.someone pointed to the girl near the middle row.
            "Teacher, Bibah pandai nyanyi, dia dok nyanyi selalu dalam kelas".
            " Ok, Bibah , mai depan teacher nak dengar Bibah menyanyi.Mesti sedap kan? "
            The girl named Bibah ignored my request, buat tak tau ja.Then she pointed to the boy who mentioned her name.

              "Teacher suruh la Boy, dia selalu dok nyanyi kat awek dia.."
              "Sapa awek dia? " I was getting excited for no reason..
              "S A L I M A....." everyone shouted...

              "Yang mana Salima? " I asked.
              One girl said, " Tu yang ikat tochang dua tu." pointing to a sweet girl near the window.
              "Teacher, teacher, Boy kan dia tulis surat cinta kat Salima."
              "Ha? pandainya Boy. Mai teacher tengok? " Because I was smiling as sweet as the girl ( perasan pula ), Boy rasa confident.
              He confidently handed me a small piece of paper, a little crumpled, must have been torn out from the excercise book.
               On the paper some blurry words were written, spelling mistake here and there. It read...
               "Salima, kami suka hangpa, tapi hangpa suka cakap dngam (must be dengan) Nabil,Nabil tu bondo ( bodoh kut ).Nanti kami akat (angkat ) gen (gang) pukui dia "
               I didnt know whether to laugh or be serious...I looked at Boy and said..

               "Boy suka Salima kan? " answer...

               "Tak pa,kalau suka jum nyanyi satu lagu untuk dia, semua orang pun nak dengag"

               Without hesitating Boy went to the front of the class and started to sing.I terkejut macam nak pengsan.He sang a song made popular by Sudirman ( masa tu Sudirman was the top singer in Malaysia). face full of expression and as he sang he looked at his sweetheart...

               "Ku meniti awan yang kelabu...."

                It really touched me......

                This is true love..! !..I couldnt say anything...Speechless,.. as I heard the boy sang his heart out with the pitching and tempo out...but when looking at his expression , semua kelemahan tu hilang...

        I looked at his dream girl Salima. She was smiling from ear to ear, one hand trying to hide her face.Yet I could see one eye looking at her hero doing his one man sweet....


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