Monday, 12 December 2011

1 X Monei..Monei...( you read satu kali Monei ..Monei) mcm lagu sifir la..

       Suddenly I remembered this funny story  to share with all my loyal visitors to my blog..I was about 11 years old then . in standard 5.
         One day my mak cik took me to her friend's house in Bintong, about 1/2 KM from my house in Telok Kachang. ( Sorry I have to stick on to the old spelling of the word Kachang as spelled dulu2 he he )..

         It was around 6 pm then. All the children there were playing on the road. Remember I told you cars were scarce  masa tu ?    

         Well a few kids were palaying 'cikgu2' .One big sized girl was teaching mathematics. I heard the boys shouting their tables   ...1 X  2....2
                                          2 X  2....4....and so on and so forth...

         One boy ran to her mum nearby who was 'busy' gossiping with another lady. Then said.
          " Mak mai sekupang ? nak beli sotong gulung. "

         Masa tu sotong gulung was the best thing in the world for us kids. squids rolled up , red in colour,masam2 manis, ada rasa macam it was grilled. sedap gila punya..sold at 5 sen a piece.

         The mother ignored his nagging.  Mulut pot pet telling stories..

          The boy got very impatient. " Mak , nak sekupang beli sotong.." This time he was pulling the sleeve of her mum's blouse..

           "Mak cepat la, nak sekupang nk beli sotong.."

           I looked on with interest, wonder how long the mother could stand the nagging..

           Suddenly the mother pushed him away, shouting..

          " Ish , kacau sungguh budak ni, pi baca sifir nu, esok nak peksa.. Pi...pi ! ! "

          The boy gave up. I thought the story ended there.It didnt. the boy joined his friends but read a different table altogether.. He shouted loud and clear....

          1 X Monei ..Monei..

          I had a good laugh because the name of the mother  was  Monei.. ! !   !


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