Monday, 19 December 2011

apa punya mak..

      Recently I had a chance to spend some time surveying on some baju pengantin .My son nak kawin somewhere in March next year..because Perlis offers much lower price than in KL .
      At one of the boutiques I saw a young mother and her daughter ( about 11 years old.) The mother was looking at some glamorous dresses. Harga boleh tahan mahal . As she was flipping through, the small girl said.
      " Mak tak yah la beli baju ni, mahal, baju Lin tak beli lagi.Dah dekat nak buka sekolah ni. " 
      The mother kept a deaf ear...buat tak tau ja.keep on selak baju tu baju ni. I like to see this..whats going to happen next..
      Lin as she called herself kept on persuading..
      " Mak , jum la beli baju sekolah Lin..Jum la.."
      The mother turned to her girl and said...
      "Nanti la dulu, tunggu mak dapat gaji, kita beli.."
      "Mak , masa tu dah dekat sangat nak buka sekolah, jum lah pi beli la ni."
      "Faham dak mak kata, la ni mak tak dak duit lagi.Nanti gaji la."
      The daughter gave up. She went to a bench nearby and sat down qietly. Muka masam .

           I bought a scarf. A nice one to match my blouse. Coincidently at the counter the same lady was there too, holding a very expensive looking dress ! !  so she did buy the dress ..tak payah tunggu gaji pula..? ?

           Moral of the story, sometimes just because we want something , we neglect another thing that is even more important ..Kesian Lin, nak kena tunggu gaji baru dapat baju the car on the way home, the incident berbekas jugak di hati...betul lah kata nabi..perempuan ada sembilan nafsu tapi hanya satu akal...


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