Tuesday, 29 November 2011

cakap la... cakap...!

           When I entered the class I saw a new face sitting at the corner . With her face down, she hardly looked at me.When everybody stood up to wish me good morning, she just stood up with a blank face.La awat pula  ni..kes tak mau bercakap pula.

             Then I asked her to introduce herself. No words.
             "Your name please ? "
             "Nor Aini." adoi jenoh dok perembang telinga...almost whispering..
             I thought of asking where she came from .What was her last school. Where is she staying , father;s occupation...I changed my mind.
              " Let me have have a look at your personal file"
              I got all the information I need. She came from Perak. Father  worked in the army. A retiree now, kerja kampung . Living in the kampung nearby..

               I looked at her old report card from her formal school..Mampuuusss, her English marks was 39 in the last exam. I have a small group of  illiterate ones. Now this one although not illiterate, but the look of her marks showed I have to really geared myself real hard to help her pass in the coming exam.
              Days went on, she was the most hardworking girl I have ever seen. did her homework on time.mistakes banyak, but never asked anything.Did her corrections regularly..Only one particular thing was lacking.She did not speak at all.She only nodded and shook her head...and of course she had no friends..kesian tengok dia.Everywhere she was alone..to the canteen, at the lab, even in the class she preferred to sit alone.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

What goes around comes around....


       One day a man saw an old lady, stranded on the side of the road, but even in the dim light of day, he could see she needed help. So he pulled up in front of her Mercedes and got out. His Pontiac was still sputtering when he approached her.
    Even with the smile on his face, she was worried. No one had stopped to help for the last hour or so. Was he going to hurt her? He didn't look safe; he looked poor and hungry.

     He could see that she was frightened, standing out there in the cold. He knew how she felt. It was that chill which only fear can put in you.

     He said, "I'm here to help you, ma'am. Why don't you wait in the car where it's warm? By the way, my name is Bryan Anderson."

     Well, all she had was a flat tyre, but for an old lady, that was bad enough. Bryan crawled under the car looking for a place to put the jack, skinning his knuckles a time or two. Soon he was able to change the tyre. But he had to get dirty and his hands hurt.

    As he was tightening up the lug nuts, she rolled down the window and began to talk to him. She told
him that she was from
St. Louis and was only just passing through. She couldn't thank him enough for coming to her aid.
Bryan just smiled as he closed her trunk. The lady asked how much she owed him. Any amount would have been all right with her. She already imagined all the awful things that could have happened had he not stopped.

    Bryan never thought twice about being paid. This was not a job to him. This was helping someone in need, and God knows there were plenty, who had given him a hand in the past. He had lived his whole life that way, and it never occurred to him to act any other way.

     He told her that if she really wanted to pay him back, the next time she saw someone who needed help, she could give that person the assistance they needed, and
Bryan added, "And think of me."

    He waited until she started her car and drove off. It had been a cold and depressing day, but he felt good as he headed for home, disappearing into the twilight.

    A few miles down the road the lady saw a small cafe. She went in to grab a bite to eat, and take the chill off before she made the last leg of her trip home. It was a dingy looking restaurant. Outside were two old gas pumps. The whole scene was unfamiliar to her.

    The waitress came over and brought a clean towel to wipe her wet hair. She had a sweet smile, one that even being on her feet for the whole day couldn't erase. The lady noticed the waitress was nearly eight months pregnant, but she never let the strain and aches change her attitude. The old lady wondered how someone who had so little could be so giving to a stranger. Then she remembered Bryan .

      After the lady finished her meal, she paid with a hundred dollar bill. The waitress quickly went to get change for her hundred dollar bill, but the old lady had slipped right out the door. She was gone by the time the waitress came back. The waitress wondered where the lady
could be. Then she noticed something written on the napkin.

    There were tears in her eyes when she read what the lady wrote: "You don't owe me anything. I have
been there too. Somebody once helped me out, the way I'm helping you. If you really want to pay me back, here is what you do: Do not let this chain of love end with you."

    Under the napkin were four more $100 bills.

     Well, there were tables to clear, sugar bowls to fill, and people to serve, but the waitress made it through another day. 

    That night when she got home from work and climbed into bed, she was thinking about the
money and what the lady had written. How could the lady have known how much she and her husband needed it? With the baby due next month, it was going to be hard....

     She knew how worried her husband was, and as he lay sleeping next to her, she gave him a soft kiss and whispered soft and low, "Everything's going to be all right. I love you,
Bryan Anderson." 


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

They are human too...

             " Oi hang dah tak dak idea dah ke sampai tulis pasal orang tak betui tu dalam blog hang?"
            Someone ( a good friend ) called me , because I wrote about those special people in my latest post. Terkejutnya saya.
            " La, depa tu bukan orang ka?" I asked.
            " Ya la banyak lagi benda boleh cerita yang lebih bermanafaat dalam blog hang tu " He insisted.
            " Lepas tu siap ambik gambag depa tu pula.he he. hang tak dak kerja lain ke" and he laughed like he has heard something very funny.

            So I pun buat jawab sambil gelak2.
            " Look , Perlis ni kecik ja, dalam FB orang lain berlambak gambag depa tu, I copy je masuk blog.dan kebetulan ada cerita sikit I masuk pi la untuk kawan2 share.I am not a reporter yang bawa a camera wherever I go..come on la.." Dia diam..
            " Kalau hang nak, dekat umah aku ada orang gila yang muka dia tak dak dalam FB, nak ambik gmbag mai la"..he was testing me..
            " Boleh boleh nanti I pi na ? u bawa I pi jumpa dia.Nanti I pi ambik camera I " He seemed satisfied..

            Sometimes we tend to forget, those special people have a very special place di sisi Tuhan.Dosa pun tak di kira. Kita ? what about US ??

            Satu-satunya kata2 Dr Hamka yang I tak boleh lupa ialah : Jangan ketawakan orang yang jatuh, tapi bersyukurlah sebab kita tidak jatuh..

           My friend, take this as something to ponder...


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Singgit mana cukup nak pi jumpa Ayu...kedekut !

                  Always I would  talk about common things, about friends, about love ones, about my pupils and things like that.Today lets change to something else..I am going to talk about some special people in Kangar town. A small town where I live where almost everybody knows each other...So guys come to the smallest state in Malaysia and see what I have for you today..

                  People in Perlis Indra Kayangan are sure familiar with these people .They are seen daily measuring the streets in Kangar. They are not aggressive ..They dont harm anyone .Sometimes its quite interesting to see them, how they behave and how people stare at them sometimes..

      This ever smiling man is always seated along the corridor of Maybank finance.He is there everyday.Most of the time he would be lying down with his face facing the road.It was an empty face with no expressions at all.Wearing torn shoes and terribly dirty clothes, He just lie there amid the people passing by towards the ATM machine nearby. Many say he can speak fluently in  English..

              This is an active one.He really goes brisk walking and tours Kangar town everyday asking for cigarettes from anybody he wants to.Early in the morning at the time I send my son to school he could be seen with his t-shirt on, by noon, he would be only holding the shirt...dah buang .panas...! His father was also like him... often seen him talking to himself loud enough to be heard from a distance.Now the father dah meninggal..Look at the cigarette in his left hand.His favourite spot is near the main road .Right under the traffic light.He would lie down on his side, in the hot sun, smoking , like he is basking on a beach..so relax..

                     These two brothers are so loving.The elder brother seldom let go of his brother's hand.Look at the photo..Once when I was waiting for my son in front of the state library, the younger brother approached me before I had the chance to wind up the window screen..

                    "Wei ada jumpa Ayu dak? " he asked me.His brother looked on.
                    " Ayu mana? " saja nak layan...dalam hati takut jugak, but because I was in my car and many parents were there juga tunggu anak2 keluar sekolah, I beranikan diri..
                    " La , takkan tak kenai? Ayu dok di Abi nuh.."
                    "Tak kenai " I said ..my hand nak tutup cermin kereta..
                    " Hey, hey, nanti sat. Ni , Ayu tu tunang saya.Kalau jumpa dia kirim salam boleh dak ? "
                    "Boleh boleh, jumpa saya kirim salam "
                    Then terkejut I, the other brother came near and said ..
                    " Minta singgit, nak beli roti ? "
                     Kesian pulak..
                    I gave each one of them sorang seringgit. Before I could wind up the screen, I heard the younger one said...

                    " Keta besag, tpi kedekut, bagi singgit ja, mana cukup nk pi jumpa Ayu..."...


Monday, 21 November 2011

My dear dear pupils..

       I thought  it was just a blink ago that I walked into that year 4 classroom and met each an everyone of them.. Just like yesterday I was standing in front of the class teaching them...Now they are all growing up so fast right under my eyes..

      In 2009 they were so innocent, but now I could see many of them are not so innocent anymore...They are turning into beautiful teenagers now..

     I tremember talking and chatting with them everyday, be it at the canteen early in the morning before the bell rang, or at many other opportunities..I know quite a lot about everyone of them..no secrets at all.They liked to tell and be frank ..Then I would advice about so many things..from how to take care of those flawless young skin they have, to how to look after themselves when they have this young girl problems..

     They would open their eyes wide when I told them that I've been through all the things they told me..Someone would say." La teacher tau pasai ni? " or " bestnya teacher habak benda ni.." and so on and so forth...

    Sharing girls stories was the most interesting..Then we would laugh loudly. The boys would feel jealous and started to imagine we were gossiping about them..

    I remember one day I was not feeling well, felt my head spinning and dizzy.When I told them, they would feel very concerned and worried..
    "Teacher pi la rehat dalam bilik guru ada aircond." someone said..
    When I looked at them , someone said " Tak pa teacher, kami tak bising aih. jangan risau"
    Now UPSR is over, the school is closing for the six weeks holidays..long long holidays..They will all go to secondary schools next year...


     These sweet little faces are turning into young ladies... I wish they would remember what I have taught them, those facts of life they were about to face soon..

         I am going to miss you girls, and of course the boys too....Grow up gracefully, grow up to be fine young ladies..
       Remember teacher is always here if you ever need me....  


Thursday, 17 November 2011

look down ...see? nice heels..

     Talking about shoes, it is a never ending topic for ladies. Looking back I must have spent a lot on shoes. Shoes to school. shoes in the evenings, shoes for brisk walking, to the market, shopping, for kenduri. Different shoes for different occasions. etc etc..Shoes shoes shoes.

   I think now fashions give us shoes as decorative objects not footwear..and expensive too.So many types to choose from, be it ballet flat shoes,gladiator shoes,wedges, court shoes, pump shoes,boots,heel stilettos,loafers and lots more which I have lost count.
      I have seen friends keeping their heels in the drawers and put on slippers instead, then put them on again before leaving the office..  outside the office so stylish...ha ha .perempuan tetap perempuan..

     Peep toe wedges the in-thing now, with nice straps to hold your feet.Quite high but quite comfortable.I used to wear this with long skirts..( But of course with a lower heels..3" )

                Some ladies love flat shoes , very comfy at short distance but tend to bite you heels in long distance as though you are walking on nails..too flats are not that comfortable sometimes.not enough padding to hold your weight. ..

              A few years ago during school hours... I heard pupils shouting " Cikgu....jatuh"
Everybody rushed to the scene, a young lady teacher in early 30s was lying on the floor along the corridor to the canteen.Her feet still twisted with her heels on.

             Her face twisted in pain, "adoi adoi, " holding her foot.
Since she was quite big ,a few teachers had to help pull her to her feet.A pity , she couldnt stand.So the ever  willing men teachers carried her to the bench nearby.Someone called her husband to take her to the clinic.         
     It was her first day to try to wear heels to school ! .Bad experience.No more heels after that I think.
     I have seen ladies with blue veins on their legs just because they love wearing heels.Wearing ill fitting shoes may change the structure of your feet even,high heels can even harm you with backpain,or when u are chasing a public transport is it worthwhile to wear heels ?

    When you are no longer young it is advisable to wear sensible shoes for good support.Sometimes it looks funny to see an old grandma staggering to look good in heels..
    One thing , shoes do move in circles.Just look at what my teacher ( the shapely lady in pink kebaya) was wearing in the late 70s in the photo below.She was wearing wedges ! !..and for all you know wedges are back and hot now..!


Sunday, 13 November 2011

Mr Khor and his invisible eyes's tale..

     Well, this brisk walking business has brought me to so many people I used to know.This man for example.Mr Khor Phay Sam. He was my science teacher when I was in form two. He walks with his wife everyday.A tall sweet lady.

      This is something that I have to tell you readers. I know you people would say , nakal juga Maznah ni dulu masa kecik2. Yes you can say anything or comment below, but this story about Mr Khor is one story that I would never forget.Maybe it is quite a small incident but I tell you it never left me over the years...

      He was a very strict teacher. Before his period came, we would be in our seats like very good students, with our science books ready on our table.

      I sat in the front row. Although I was not a short girl at 14 years old, I still insisted to sit in front, for one reason, if I were to sit far from the blackboard  , I would then turn to my novels and never paid attention to my teacher teaching in front.( Kalau anak murid sendiri tak bagi perhatian ...marah, dia dulu pun sama..ha ha).

       One day Mr Khor was showing something and suddenly my friend Norjasmin ( now a staff nurse at Kangar General Hospital) said,
       " Sir tak nampak ! "
     Mr Khor looked at her and said.
       " Tu la, Norjasmin , you are so short, why did you sit behind Maznah? Afterwards change places, you sit in front, let Maznah sit behind you instead."
       He turned his back and started writing on the board.
       My best friend Lye Chun who sat near me said..
       "Maznah slide down, nanti you nampak short, tak mau you pindah tempat, tk best la macam ni. Cepat la, cepatla.nanti Mr Khor tengok."
       Fast as lightning I slided down slowly. Kaki saya terjulur ke depan ..Yes I looked shorter now. Lye Chun smiled. Her thumb up...!

      Then Mr Khor turned .Suddenly he looked at me. Put down the white chalk he was holding and said..
      "Class, let me tell you something, you know, teachers are born with two invisible eyes at the back of their heads.Although I turned to write on the board I can still see what is happening behind me." And he stared at me long and hard....Adoi..malunya..
      I have no choice but to tell the truth.
      "Sir saya tak boleh duduk belakang2. nanti tak boleh bagi perhatian.. tak pa la sir saya duduk sini na? na?"
      He did not say yes or no, but since that day I always avoided him . Malu sampai la ni..walaupun salah tak seberapa..
      Suddenly now I jumpa dia pula dekat jogging track... kena tegur la every day.
      "Good morning sir. , Hi sir, lewat hari ni sir? nak hujan la sir...bla bla bla..."
He was very friendly, keep on asking, tak kerja ke. mai jogging on weekdays..
      "Tak kerja lagi sir, I am a retiree now, just like you. U mind I join the club? " He laughed..
      This morning I took his photo and he shouted..
      "Ai, nak tayang hndphone baru pula? ambik gambag saya.."
      " Handphone lama sir, saja nak ambik gambag  cikgu saya yang paling pandai bercerita..."

      He smiled, his wife smiled too.In my heart I know he has forgotten that particular incident , although it is still fresh in my mind....he would be pleased if only he know I also used to say the same thing to my pupils that teachers are born with invisible eyes at the back of their heads...he he

                                                   Mr Khor Phay Sam my science teacher....
                                                      Still fit and strong..Long life Sir...

Friday, 11 November 2011

Awat la roti kamu jadi warna ni ? ?

      I was teaching about food. When it came to cooking terms it was quite difficult to make them understand such a lot of vocabularies pertaining to that..It was so hard for them to differentiate cut and slice, mince and chop, etc etc..           

      So pikiag punya pikiag, I decided to make sandwiches with them.I thought it involved lots of cooking terms in the process.

      Everyone was very excited about it.They were divided into groups and all were given tasks as what to bring the next day.

    One thing was clear, during the preparation , discipline is number one, or they will blow your head off with the noise.Everyone was talking at the same time.. 
    So,while showing them what to do to make a sandwich, I stressed on the terms used, for example.
    " I am slicing the cucumber, S L I C E..." It went on until the process was finished. One from each group  copied down the recipe on a mahjong paper to present to the class at the end  of the lesson.

    They learned a lot of cooking terms that day which include cut, slice, spread, chop,mix, mash, peel, arrange, garnish, sprinkle,dip,squeeze, etc etc..

    There you could see sapa yang pernah tolong emak kat umah and sapa tak pernah..The way they hold the knife,some did not even know how to peel the onions, yang pandai tu berlagak la tunjuk kat kawan2..

     The best time was of course the makan time. I judged which was the best group with the  best presentation, also of course yang paling sedap la..So ada la cenderamata yang teacher kena prepare bagi to the winning group.
     Seronok tengok everyone makan what they have prepared themselves. Nak tergelak tengok ada yang over with the garnishing sampai you could hardly see the sandwiches.Hidden among the chillies and lettuce.! !

     Some letak mayonaise terlebih sampai meleleh-leleh...and the bread of one group turned brown . When I asked " Awat roti kamu jadi warna ni? " The whole group laughed.( maybe the chopping board used was ...adoi...hard to say..he he.)

    It was a satisfactorily lesson. The next day, I gave them some word maze .Where all the letters were jumbled up and they have to circle the cooking terms found and rewrite them with meanings in bahasa Melayu..


                         Gambar2 ni hiasan saja tau....yang budak2 I buat lagi cantik tau..ha ha..


Thursday, 10 November 2011

Lori kamu ?

          "Today I am giving u your report cards. Take it home , let your parents see it. Sign , and then bring it back to school tomorrow. Please put them on my table first thing in the morning."
          Everyone took their report cards. Looked at their marks. Some giggling with each other comparing their marks. Some just stared at the figures, saying nothing, while a few others did not even bother to see, took the cards and kept it in their bags.
          " Now you know your marks, I hope you do something about it. Concentrate on the subjects you are weak in, but dont neglect the other subjects too."
          I read out the marks of those pupils who failed in my subject (English ), asked them to bring forward their papers and started to explain why they did not score in any particular section.Those who really need attention will be called again during extra classes. Those who excelled were given more sets of questions to do as homework.
          The next morning , all report cards were on my table except one .I went looked for him and asked.
          "Where's your report card Fazli ? "
          "Terlupa teacher " muka sengih2 macam tak bersalah langsung.
          "Bring it tomorrow. Kecik2 dah lupa.Tua macam teacher tak pa juga."

          The next morning the card was on my table, but something was wrong with the signature.I called him to the staffroom and showed him the report card.
           "Who signed this report card ? "
           " Mak saya sign teacher."  talked with his face down.
           I looked hard at his face.

           " Fazli, tell me frankly.jangan tipu saya.Who signed this? "
           Diam...His hands pinching the corner of my table.
            " Ok, mak kamu sign ya? jum kita pi rumah kamu.Saya nak tanya pasai apa signature mak kamu macam budak2 tadika , or you want to tell me about it."
            Tears started flowing down his cheeks.Tu yang buat saya jadi lemah...Adoi.
             "Jum kita pi sembang di kantin."
             He followed me to the canteen, keeping his distance quite far away..
             I ordered two glasses of iced milo.
             " Ok minum dulu, lepas ni kita cerita "

            He drank his milo in silence.
           " Ok , now tell me sapa sign report card kamu tu."
           Still not showing an attempt to answer.
           Then I went straight to the point.

           "Ok, why did YOU sign the card? mak tak tau ka keputusan periksa dah keluag.?"
           " Saya terpaksa sign teacher sebab kalau mak tau saya dapat markah rendah dia nak hantag saya duduk dengan ayah.Saya tak mau."
           " Ayah di mana? " He started crying again..kesian nya hati saya.
            " Di Pulau Pinang. Dengan perempuan lain."
            "Dia dah kawin lain ?"
            He nodded his head. I thought for a while. Then touched his hands.
            " Macam ni Fazli, kamu ni bukan lemah sangat, cuma malas.La ni kamu cuba bagi pass dulu 3 subject ni, bagi mak nampak biru semua.Merah ni memang menyakitkan mata tau." I tried to joke.Dia tak gelak pun..
            " Saya tengok apa yang saya boleh buat. Ok ,benda ni akan jadi rahsia kita.Tapi teacher nak kamu janji , penggal depan kena lulus semua "
            " Dah tak mau susah hati lagi.Hari Sabtu ni ada class tambahan, jangan ponteng pulak "
            Baru nampak muka senyum sikit..and he went to class with a smile on his little face..kanak2 kesian..
That was years ago.....

             Last Ramadhan I bought a watermelon at the stall by the roadside. When I bargained for a good price, the young man said,
         " Tak payah tawar lagi teacher, harga tu paling murah saya bagi kat teacher.Tempat lain tak  dapat harga tu. "
         I looked at him, and thought " Di mana la saya nampak muka ni, so familiar.."
         " Kita pernah jumpa ka? " I asked him.
         " Amboi teacher lupa dah kat saya.Fazli la." He smiled.
         I gave a big sigh...
         " Fazli, ya la ..minta maaf, teacher makin tua, Lupa..kamu anak teruna dah, handsome pula tu.."
         Dia gelak terkekek2...
          " Lama dah meniaga tembikai ni.? "
          " Lama juga teacher, boleh la cari makan sikit2."
          Then a big lorry arrived with loads of watermelons.Fazli stood up and said...
          " Tak yah bawa turun semua, yang lain2 tu bawa pi nat esok."
          "Pekerja kamu ?"
          He nodded...
           " Lori kamu ? "
           " Ya teacher...." His eyes meeting mine. With a stammer in his voice.
           " Alhamdullillah. Teacher suka sangat hari ni.Kamu dah ada lori , dah boleh berniaga dengan senang.Dah ada pekerja sendiri ."
           I patted him on  the shoulder.
           " Baguih2. Fazli .."
            I opened my purse to pay for the melons.
            He pushed it aside.
            " Tak payah la teacher. Takkan la saya nak minta duit teacher untuk 2 biji tembikai ni.Nah saya sedekah ja."
           I felt tears coming out, I couldnt continue another word.
           Went to my car with my eyes blurred.From far I heard him say..
           " Teacher, mai lagi na, "
           I waved my hands to him and said ..
           " No problem, tapi tak mau free dah lain kali."
           " OK TEACHER...." he shouted back..
           Ya Allah,Mudah-mudahan dia terus berjaya mengubah kehidupannya . I started the engine and drove off with my heart blosomming like the hibiscus in my garden...

Sunday, 6 November 2011

tak puas..a brief but fun time with Sara..

             Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to all of you viewers. My lovely Sara with  Famila and Kazimi came back for raya.
             It was a brief two days visit, but very happening, so much so I forgot to snap more photos to share with you my regular viewers..
             She has changed so much in about 7 weeks since I last saw her.Dah boleh cakap..and cakap banyak pula tu..Woke up very early and slept in the wee hours..The first nite she slept at 345am.went into other rooms  saying hi to everyone..adoi...

   Famila as usual spent lots of time in the kitchen helping me with the cooking, while Sara is looked after by my third..Faten Allia.I sneaked into her room once and saw Sara dancing to a song, or just lying in bed watching Upin Ipin..Relax nya dia..

                               Lepas sembahyang sunat hari raya, posing sat di ruang tengah rumah..

              With a small ball in her hand, her eyes watching what her mum is doing..entah apa dalam kepala dia..

                                Just finished crying, wanted something orang tak bagi...in my room.

                   Wah wah, dah pandai bergaya la. In a beautiful pink blouse matched with a knee length jeans, siap pakai one of my gold chain, ( which she picked herself from my jewelery box ).and of course not to forget the shades to complement her looks..Amboi..benda2 macam ni tak payah ajar..(Baru 18 bulan umur..)

                   With grandma by the pond..Struggling to get down saying " fish ..fish !  !" Cucu tok dah pandai cakap orang putih...he he..


Wednesday, 2 November 2011


         They say she is the bank where we deposit all our hurts and worries. They say she loves her children even when they least deserved to be loved..
         They say a man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best , but his mother the longest..
They say this , they say that about this special human being...and no one argues about it..
         I came across this poem and couldnt resist to post it here in my blog dedicated  for that very special woman......mak.!

A mother's love is something
that no one can explain--
It is made of deep devotion
and of sacrifice and pain. 
It is endless and unselfish
and enduring, come what may,
For nothing can destroy it 
or take that love away.
It is patient and forgiving
when all others are forsaking,
And it never fails or falters
even though the heart is breaking.
It believes beyond believing
when the world around condemns,
And it glows with all the beauty
of the rarest, brightest gems.
It is far beyond defining, 
it defies all explanation,
And it still remains a secret
like the mysteries of creation--
A many-splendored miracle
man cannot understand
And another wonderous evidence
of God's tender, guiding hand.
~Helen Steiner Rice