Sunday, 6 November 2011

tak puas..a brief but fun time with Sara..

             Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to all of you viewers. My lovely Sara with  Famila and Kazimi came back for raya.
             It was a brief two days visit, but very happening, so much so I forgot to snap more photos to share with you my regular viewers..
             She has changed so much in about 7 weeks since I last saw her.Dah boleh cakap..and cakap banyak pula tu..Woke up very early and slept in the wee hours..The first nite she slept at 345am.went into other rooms  saying hi to everyone..adoi...

   Famila as usual spent lots of time in the kitchen helping me with the cooking, while Sara is looked after by my third..Faten Allia.I sneaked into her room once and saw Sara dancing to a song, or just lying in bed watching Upin Ipin..Relax nya dia..

                               Lepas sembahyang sunat hari raya, posing sat di ruang tengah rumah..

              With a small ball in her hand, her eyes watching what her mum is doing..entah apa dalam kepala dia..

                                Just finished crying, wanted something orang tak my room.

                   Wah wah, dah pandai bergaya la. In a beautiful pink blouse matched with a knee length jeans, siap pakai one of my gold chain, ( which she picked herself from my jewelery box ).and of course not to forget the shades to complement her looks..Amboi..benda2 macam ni tak payah ajar..(Baru 18 bulan umur..)

                   With grandma by the pond..Struggling to get down saying " fish !  !" Cucu tok dah pandai cakap orang putih...he he..


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