Thursday, 17 November 2011

look down ...see? nice heels..

     Talking about shoes, it is a never ending topic for ladies. Looking back I must have spent a lot on shoes. Shoes to school. shoes in the evenings, shoes for brisk walking, to the market, shopping, for kenduri. Different shoes for different occasions. etc etc..Shoes shoes shoes.

   I think now fashions give us shoes as decorative objects not footwear..and expensive too.So many types to choose from, be it ballet flat shoes,gladiator shoes,wedges, court shoes, pump shoes,boots,heel stilettos,loafers and lots more which I have lost count.
      I have seen friends keeping their heels in the drawers and put on slippers instead, then put them on again before leaving the office..  outside the office so stylish...ha ha .perempuan tetap perempuan..

     Peep toe wedges the in-thing now, with nice straps to hold your feet.Quite high but quite comfortable.I used to wear this with long skirts..( But of course with a lower heels..3" )

                Some ladies love flat shoes , very comfy at short distance but tend to bite you heels in long distance as though you are walking on nails..too flats are not that comfortable sometimes.not enough padding to hold your weight. ..

              A few years ago during school hours... I heard pupils shouting " Cikgu....jatuh"
Everybody rushed to the scene, a young lady teacher in early 30s was lying on the floor along the corridor to the canteen.Her feet still twisted with her heels on.

             Her face twisted in pain, "adoi adoi, " holding her foot.
Since she was quite big ,a few teachers had to help pull her to her feet.A pity , she couldnt stand.So the ever  willing men teachers carried her to the bench nearby.Someone called her husband to take her to the clinic.         
     It was her first day to try to wear heels to school ! .Bad experience.No more heels after that I think.
     I have seen ladies with blue veins on their legs just because they love wearing heels.Wearing ill fitting shoes may change the structure of your feet even,high heels can even harm you with backpain,or when u are chasing a public transport is it worthwhile to wear heels ?

    When you are no longer young it is advisable to wear sensible shoes for good support.Sometimes it looks funny to see an old grandma staggering to look good in heels..
    One thing , shoes do move in circles.Just look at what my teacher ( the shapely lady in pink kebaya) was wearing in the late 70s in the photo below.She was wearing wedges ! !..and for all you know wedges are back and hot now..!


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