Friday, 11 November 2011

Awat la roti kamu jadi warna ni ? ?

      I was teaching about food. When it came to cooking terms it was quite difficult to make them understand such a lot of vocabularies pertaining to that..It was so hard for them to differentiate cut and slice, mince and chop, etc etc..           

      So pikiag punya pikiag, I decided to make sandwiches with them.I thought it involved lots of cooking terms in the process.

      Everyone was very excited about it.They were divided into groups and all were given tasks as what to bring the next day.

    One thing was clear, during the preparation , discipline is number one, or they will blow your head off with the noise.Everyone was talking at the same time.. 
    So,while showing them what to do to make a sandwich, I stressed on the terms used, for example.
    " I am slicing the cucumber, S L I C E..." It went on until the process was finished. One from each group  copied down the recipe on a mahjong paper to present to the class at the end  of the lesson.

    They learned a lot of cooking terms that day which include cut, slice, spread, chop,mix, mash, peel, arrange, garnish, sprinkle,dip,squeeze, etc etc..

    There you could see sapa yang pernah tolong emak kat umah and sapa tak pernah..The way they hold the knife,some did not even know how to peel the onions, yang pandai tu berlagak la tunjuk kat kawan2..

     The best time was of course the makan time. I judged which was the best group with the  best presentation, also of course yang paling sedap la..So ada la cenderamata yang teacher kena prepare bagi to the winning group.
     Seronok tengok everyone makan what they have prepared themselves. Nak tergelak tengok ada yang over with the garnishing sampai you could hardly see the sandwiches.Hidden among the chillies and lettuce.! !

     Some letak mayonaise terlebih sampai meleleh-leleh...and the bread of one group turned brown . When I asked " Awat roti kamu jadi warna ni? " The whole group laughed.( maybe the chopping board used was ...adoi...hard to say..he he.)

    It was a satisfactorily lesson. The next day, I gave them some word maze .Where all the letters were jumbled up and they have to circle the cooking terms found and rewrite them with meanings in bahasa Melayu..


                         Gambar2 ni hiasan saja tau....yang budak2 I buat lagi cantik tau..ha ha..


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