Monday, 21 November 2011

My dear dear pupils..

       I thought  it was just a blink ago that I walked into that year 4 classroom and met each an everyone of them.. Just like yesterday I was standing in front of the class teaching them...Now they are all growing up so fast right under my eyes..

      In 2009 they were so innocent, but now I could see many of them are not so innocent anymore...They are turning into beautiful teenagers now..

     I tremember talking and chatting with them everyday, be it at the canteen early in the morning before the bell rang, or at many other opportunities..I know quite a lot about everyone of secrets at all.They liked to tell and be frank ..Then I would advice about so many things..from how to take care of those flawless young skin they have, to how to look after themselves when they have this young girl problems..

     They would open their eyes wide when I told them that I've been through all the things they told me..Someone would say." La teacher tau pasai ni? " or " bestnya teacher habak benda ni.." and so on and so forth...

    Sharing girls stories was the most interesting..Then we would laugh loudly. The boys would feel jealous and started to imagine we were gossiping about them..

    I remember one day I was not feeling well, felt my head spinning and dizzy.When I told them, they would feel very concerned and worried..
    "Teacher pi la rehat dalam bilik guru ada aircond." someone said..
    When I looked at them , someone said " Tak pa teacher, kami tak bising aih. jangan risau"
    Now UPSR is over, the school is closing for the six weeks holidays..long long holidays..They will all go to secondary schools next year...


     These sweet little faces are turning into young ladies... I wish they would remember what I have taught them, those facts of life they were about to face soon..

         I am going to miss you girls, and of course the boys too....Grow up gracefully, grow up to be fine young ladies..
       Remember teacher is always here if you ever need me....  


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