Sunday, 13 November 2011

Mr Khor and his invisible eyes's tale..

     Well, this brisk walking business has brought me to so many people I used to know.This man for example.Mr Khor Phay Sam. He was my science teacher when I was in form two. He walks with his wife everyday.A tall sweet lady.

      This is something that I have to tell you readers. I know you people would say , nakal juga Maznah ni dulu masa kecik2. Yes you can say anything or comment below, but this story about Mr Khor is one story that I would never forget.Maybe it is quite a small incident but I tell you it never left me over the years...

      He was a very strict teacher. Before his period came, we would be in our seats like very good students, with our science books ready on our table.

      I sat in the front row. Although I was not a short girl at 14 years old, I still insisted to sit in front, for one reason, if I were to sit far from the blackboard  , I would then turn to my novels and never paid attention to my teacher teaching in front.( Kalau anak murid sendiri tak bagi perhatian ...marah, dia dulu pun sama..ha ha).

       One day Mr Khor was showing something and suddenly my friend Norjasmin ( now a staff nurse at Kangar General Hospital) said,
       " Sir tak nampak ! "
     Mr Khor looked at her and said.
       " Tu la, Norjasmin , you are so short, why did you sit behind Maznah? Afterwards change places, you sit in front, let Maznah sit behind you instead."
       He turned his back and started writing on the board.
       My best friend Lye Chun who sat near me said..
       "Maznah slide down, nanti you nampak short, tak mau you pindah tempat, tk best la macam ni. Cepat la, cepatla.nanti Mr Khor tengok."
       Fast as lightning I slided down slowly. Kaki saya terjulur ke depan ..Yes I looked shorter now. Lye Chun smiled. Her thumb up...!

      Then Mr Khor turned .Suddenly he looked at me. Put down the white chalk he was holding and said..
      "Class, let me tell you something, you know, teachers are born with two invisible eyes at the back of their heads.Although I turned to write on the board I can still see what is happening behind me." And he stared at me long and hard....Adoi..malunya..
      I have no choice but to tell the truth.
      "Sir saya tak boleh duduk belakang2. nanti tak boleh bagi perhatian.. tak pa la sir saya duduk sini na? na?"
      He did not say yes or no, but since that day I always avoided him . Malu sampai la ni..walaupun salah tak seberapa..
      Suddenly now I jumpa dia pula dekat jogging track... kena tegur la every day.
      "Good morning sir. , Hi sir, lewat hari ni sir? nak hujan la sir...bla bla bla..."
He was very friendly, keep on asking, tak kerja ke. mai jogging on weekdays..
      "Tak kerja lagi sir, I am a retiree now, just like you. U mind I join the club? " He laughed..
      This morning I took his photo and he shouted..
      "Ai, nak tayang hndphone baru pula? ambik gambag saya.."
      " Handphone lama sir, saja nak ambik gambag  cikgu saya yang paling pandai bercerita..."

      He smiled, his wife smiled too.In my heart I know he has forgotten that particular incident , although it is still fresh in my mind....he would be pleased if only he know I also used to say the same thing to my pupils that teachers are born with invisible eyes at the back of their heads...he he

                                                   Mr Khor Phay Sam my science teacher....
                                                      Still fit and strong..Long life Sir...

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