Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Singgit mana cukup nak pi jumpa Ayu...kedekut !

                  Always I would  talk about common things, about friends, about love ones, about my pupils and things like that.Today lets change to something else..I am going to talk about some special people in Kangar town. A small town where I live where almost everybody knows each other...So guys come to the smallest state in Malaysia and see what I have for you today..

                  People in Perlis Indra Kayangan are sure familiar with these people .They are seen daily measuring the streets in Kangar. They are not aggressive ..They dont harm anyone .Sometimes its quite interesting to see them, how they behave and how people stare at them sometimes..

      This ever smiling man is always seated along the corridor of Maybank finance.He is there everyday.Most of the time he would be lying down with his face facing the road.It was an empty face with no expressions at all.Wearing torn shoes and terribly dirty clothes, He just lie there amid the people passing by towards the ATM machine nearby. Many say he can speak fluently in  English..

              This is an active one.He really goes brisk walking and tours Kangar town everyday asking for cigarettes from anybody he wants to.Early in the morning at the time I send my son to school he could be seen with his t-shirt on, by noon, he would be only holding the shirt...dah buang .panas...! His father was also like him... often seen him talking to himself loud enough to be heard from a distance.Now the father dah meninggal..Look at the cigarette in his left hand.His favourite spot is near the main road .Right under the traffic light.He would lie down on his side, in the hot sun, smoking , like he is basking on a beach..so relax..

                     These two brothers are so loving.The elder brother seldom let go of his brother's hand.Look at the photo..Once when I was waiting for my son in front of the state library, the younger brother approached me before I had the chance to wind up the window screen..

                    "Wei ada jumpa Ayu dak? " he asked me.His brother looked on.
                    " Ayu mana? " saja nak layan...dalam hati takut jugak, but because I was in my car and many parents were there juga tunggu anak2 keluar sekolah, I beranikan diri..
                    " La , takkan tak kenai? Ayu dok di Abi nuh.."
                    "Tak kenai " I said ..my hand nak tutup cermin kereta..
                    " Hey, hey, nanti sat. Ni , Ayu tu tunang saya.Kalau jumpa dia kirim salam boleh dak ? "
                    "Boleh boleh, jumpa saya kirim salam "
                    Then terkejut I, the other brother came near and said ..
                    " Minta singgit, nak beli roti ? "
                     Kesian pulak..
                    I gave each one of them sorang seringgit. Before I could wind up the screen, I heard the younger one said...

                    " Keta besag, tpi kedekut, bagi singgit ja, mana cukup nk pi jumpa Ayu..."...


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