Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Perlis herbal Forest...

                 Yesterday I had the chance to explore some interesting places in Perlis..Dah lama teragak-agak nak pi, ni baru had  the opportunity.

                 The first place we went was Perlis herbal Forest in Batu Pahat.about 7 KM from my house.Dekat je..
                It was opened to public in 1999..dah 12 years dah.Established by the Forestry Department, it serves as a living museum for a large variety of plants of medicinal values..The famous ones are Tongkat Ali, Kacip Fatimah, Selasih, daun sembung, Derhaka Mentua, Sabah Snake Plants, Mahkota Dewa..banyak lagi tak terkata..

                                              ce ce,..posing dekat pintu masuk..

    Upon reaching the main gate we were given a small cup of air misai kucing. The lady said it can cure kidney problems..

     So many small huts for you to sit and relax...It was so cooling here..maklumla banyak oxygen..lots of big trees..

                                                   Jungle trekking la konon...

                                        Famila looks so excited..Sara mana ?

                                           Plants I have never seen before

                                    My son Suhail, relax..on the benches provided..

                                       Famila and hubby Kay...sempat lagi na..

                                   Another rare one.tk sempat pula read the name ..

                      Sabah Snake Plants can cure cancer, sore throat, gout, and kidney problems.

                   My turn to sit down.. Adoi letih juga...belum pun cover the whole of 12 hectares of the area...maybe kasut tak sesuai kut...pretended to look cool when my children snap a photo..

         jum follow me to the grapes farm pulak..in my next post la..

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