Sunday, 20 May 2012

Tak Kisah lagi...

       To regular readers, especially anak menantu and my sis Mazila, sorry dah nearly a week I did not write in my blog. Maybe dah malas nak tulis, I must say I am not productive anymore..maklum age is catching up.segala-gala pun dah slow. Slow ke ?...

        But I am still doing my daily chores like usual, pagi brisk walking so as to avoid the formation of mangkuk tingkat as my friend selalu means celulite la, cook and cook.sweep and mop, clean the toilet ,washing and ironing, lots of reading,mengaji, look after my skin , feed it with cream, Letak santan to my hair once a week (Yes I still do that grandmother's  advice ) at night go to surau. Certain afternoon will go out with my good friends, just minum or sometimes makan ringan-ringan and stories, gelak and gelak.I believe it pushes away those little worries a normal woman has, a normal mother has.

      kalau dulu I used to really take care and  gave extra attention to what I wore to school or in the evenings, I even prepared what to wear to school before I went to bed. Hang the dress to wear properly ironed, selendang,with matching handbag and shoes.Not to forget the accessories, I have bangles, rings,bracellets and neclaces to match too..ha ha Crazy..peduli apa ...
      Those things have gone slowly away. since I dont go to school anymore..( not to mention the word retiree he he )..
      Its been months since I last looked at those dresses I used to love and care. Mood sangat low.My shoes have been on the rack for months.Mesti dah berdebu.Dulu I used to wipe with a piece of small good morning towel and put baby lotion waktu malam.So the next day kasut tu will look moist, macam kasut baru..Now when I looked back..ish ish..I really buat semua tu ka? macam tak percaya.

      When I look at this latest photo of me below, I dont believe its me. I am wearing a BLACK floral blouse, with GREEN tudung, a RED handbag, and a PINK pair of shoes.! ! .he he.Masa pakai tak perasan pun .bila tengok balik gambar ni baru realize..Nasib baik the pants is black and its not blue or yellow.

    Kalau dulu I would refused to be seen dressing like this , now..tak kisah lagi..As long as that smile is still there freckles or blemished skin.I guess I am quite happy as I am. God bless me..

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