Friday, 11 May 2012

Pentas Kehidupan

       After a short break, today I started back my brisk walking. Bila lama tak jalan rasa la juga screw dah loose sana sini.Dalam hati ..tak boleh ni, kena lawan juga. Nanti lagi lama ok la kut.
      Along the jogging track there was this Chinese couple. They were new to the track.I recognized the man owns a shoe store in Kangar. I smiled to them,Very friendly wife smiled back and said " selamat pagi "..
      Finished jalan,macam biasa made my way to the market.Dekat ja. the market is as crowded as ever. Bought some meat and fish, then to the vege stall.There were two elderly men and two ladies choosing vege.I was looking for some long beans, when this lady appeared beside me.She was in her late 50s.Wearing a blouse too tight for her plump figure, and her tudung herot petot....I saw her putting a bittergourd into her basket, a small cabbage and a handful of french beans. I was wondering why was she putting those things into her basket.Dia sepatutnya tunjuk dulu kat vege seller tu. ..
    I paid for my long beans and some chillies. The lady capai seikat kangkung , tunjuk kat budak jual sayur tu and said .
              " Ni berapa adik ? "
              " Seringgit mak cik "
       She took out one ringgit from her purse , gave it to the boy and left. OMG, she did not pay for those other vegetables she took earlier. I did not know what to do, should I tell the boy. Those men at the stall did not realize what had happened.Everybody was busy dengan hal masing2.

       So many things came into my mind..Maybe dia orang susah nak bawa balik bagi makan anak2..maybe dia teringin sayur2 tu tapi tak mampu nak bayar. But she shouldnt steal..kalau tak mampu tak payah beli in the first place..
      "Ada lagi mak cik ? " the boy asked me.
      " Tak dak dah , saja dok pikiaq nak beli apa lagi.." I said, bagi alasan ..

       I looked at the vege seller or Man as I heard he was called. the young man was  about 28 years old as my son Khazimi..I had a hard time trying  to make a fast decision to tell or not to tell.before the lady hilang dari pandangan..
        I did not tell Man...Made my way out of the market. Outside I saw the lady with a girl about 6 years old.mungkin cucu dia.comot,budak tu, but I love her big eyes,Budak perempuan tu tengah main dengan kucing2 yang banyak berkeliaran di market. Looking at her stroking the cat, and holding it close to her ,I thought of my cucu Sara who loves cats too.Kalau la this girl dimandikan ,then dipakaikan baju bersih, rambut tu di ikat elok2 mesti comei sangat2..

        "Jum kita balik, tok nak masak nasi.." the lady said, and the girl jumped to her feet and followed her. Like in a dream,I just stood there looking, till she disappeared from my eyes...aduhai...

        I felt a lump in my throat, there must be a reason why the lady did not pay for the vege she bought. Rasa insaf dalam hati, life must go on, cukup masa perut bunyi minta di isi, nasib baik Tuhan bagi rezeki and I can still afford to buy my daily needs..Ramainya orang di luar sana yang cannot afford even to buy a bowl of rice, yang tinggal di bawah jambatan, dalam rumah2 dari kotak2 .yang terpaksa menadah tangan meminta2 dari orang lalu lalang.Ramai pula yang terpaksa sampai ke usia lanjut terpaksa membanting tulang mencari sesuap nasi untuk menyambung hidup.
       Tak tau berapa minute I stood there until I terkejut dengar my neighbor Milah sergah, "Oih, ralitnya hang, beli ikan dah ? "..
        " Beli dah, nak balik la ni." Dalam hati I said "thank you Allah, for this beautiful life..I cant thank YOU enough....

        Di langit awan nampak berbalam2..the cheerful birds chirping on the trees.What a beautiful day.. 



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