Thursday, 16 February 2012

Pak Berahim a dear friend..


                                 Pak Berahim and his grandson Fawwas

           He was the most jovial man ever. A neighbour, an old friend who had done so much to the community of Taman Ira , the place I live.
           When my children were still in primary school, he taught them mengaji. He was very particular about tajwid. and a good teacher he was , that until now my children knew their tajwid well bila mengaji. My eldest , Famila can even correct your reading spontaneously.
           With his effort the surau in Taman Ira became a reality. Until now it stood strong just beside my house where people berjemaah and we even have activities going on from time to time.
           Last raya we went to his house and Famila took along Sara . We had a good time chatting about old time.
          He said to Famila " ingat lagi na mai rumah saya.. "
          which Famila replied, " mana boleh lupa tok guru saya."
          Lately his health was deteriorating.On off he would complain about so many things he wanted to do. He was very good with his hands in carpentry. He made the best looking huge bed in the house. His little hut at his farm ( like a small house ) all by himself..The wooden fence around his house. ..All has that unique touch that we thought they were done by a machine in a big furniture factory..

                                                             pondok di kebun

          His family means the world to him. Never that he went 5 minutes without mentioning his wife and his children.His wife Kak Baziah is a lady of few words. She is all sweet and smiles..
          He has beautiful loving children.All girls. He was so proud of them..I remember he said once..
          "Saya kalau boleh semua anak2 nak suruh cari kerja di sini .Dekat dengan kami."

         And with two grandchildren by his side, his world was tons better.He would tell about them again and again and again..

         Last nite I went to his house. Ada majlis bacaan yasin for our dear friend. Pak Berahim passed away only after a day at the hospital, a shock to everyone. May Allah bless you my dear friend, may your soul rest in peace..Amin...


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