Tuesday, 7 February 2012

ICU part 3...Final Episode


         5th day in the intensive care unit...Treatment continued. I was not showing much progress. I was tired , not much sleep there. So many serious cases around..On the next bed an accident victim, the other bed an old man in comma..At the far end a cancer patient ...death here and there..almost everyday..I couldnt make myself sleep at all.My eyes sunk deeper with dark circle...
              At 3pm on the fifth day a woman was admitted into the ICU. She was put on the bed beside me.She was so near ,only inches away. The ICU was quite packed by then...
              I heard the nurses talking, she just delivered a baby boy.She was from Langkawi.A lady in her late 30s. A big woman.There was a complication during delivery.She lost so much blood.

              I could see how pale she was.Almost yellow. So pale..I could hear her breathing so hard.Almost gasping for breath.
              I could sense something was wrong. I called out for the nurse. She examined her. Then she went out and called the husband in.

             Seorang lelaki berpakaian lusuh masuk  dengan langkah longlai...
             He held the lady's hands . His face full of anguish..Full of love..He said almost under his breath.I could hear his every word and I cried with him...
             " Pi la elok2.Jangan bimbang, saya akan jaga anak2 kita. Mak pun ada .Dia boleh jaga depa. Kita dapat anak lelaki tadi.. saya akan letak nama dia Muhamad Taufik macam kita janji dulu.." And he stopped to cry softly..
              He went out to call his mother in law in..The minute he left the room, the lady suddenly gave a groan, and lifted her right hand as if not allowing him to leave her..
              She was so near me..I said softly the Kalimah Syahadah..I know she could hear it..
Suddenly her big hand fell down hard on my chest  ! ! She was dead..!
              Her mother came in with the husband and eldest son..Everybody cried....I couldnt stand it any longer...I felt like I was breaking every limb watching them...

             6th day in the ICU...At 830 when the doctor was making his round, I was the first to call him to my bed and pleaded to be transferred to a normal ward ..
             " If you want to see me get better , then please move me out. 5 nights here only made me weaker, I couldnt rest, I couldnt sleep."
             He started explaining many things to me..
              I lost my temper unnecessarily..." No I dont care if u allow me or not, I would rather be dead outside than in this room.."
            An hour later I was transferred to another ward where I met my cousin who was admitted to have an operation..for appendix..
            I was discharged a day later...but continued to be warded very often for almost a year after that..in and out of the hospital..until I became a different person who learned to have an organized life and willingly redha dengan takdir Allah...


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