ICU Part 2...


            3rd day in the treatment went on..I was in bed all the time.Not allowed even to pee.Everything done on the bed. Bed pan was my good friend. I just lie there
            .I was connected to a monitor that will constantly check my heart rhythm. ECG was done from time to time to measure the rate and regularity of my heartbeats, also to detect the presence of any damage there.
            My mind wondered wildly, back to my past.. adoi...fate was such..

             "Cikgu, hari ni kita cuci rambut na?"
             " Atas katil ? " I asked..
             " Tak pa, katil ni boleh adjust macam2 bagi cikgu selesa"
             So there I was, my hair being cleaned in bed.

             Then something happened that night. It was still early, around 845pm. There were two nurses on duty. I was lying like patung cendana.Not able to move much because of all the wires .My eyes fixed on the ceiling. I was praying silently ..." I dont want to be here dear God, take me out of here."

             I tried to get up..
             One of the nurses came near " Cikgu , jangan gerak sangat, nanti penat balik. Baik cikgu tiduq saja na?"  She then continued with her work at the table.
               I heard somebody walked into the ICU . I turned to my left. An old lady wearing baju kurung kedah and batik sarung walked fast by in slipar jepun. Her face putih dengan bedak sejuk. She walked straight on. 
              An hour later another nurse on duty came and check my BP.
              " ICU ni sapa pun boleh masuk ke cik? "
              " Tak boleh cikgu. Awat tanya? sapa masuk? "
              "Baru tadi ada sorang tua pompuan masuk.Jalan tepi saya ni ke arah pintu belakang tu "

              " Mana ada ...cikgu mimpi kut.Kalau dia masuk mesti kena lintas depan kawan saya dekat pintu masuk tu.di meja depan tu. Kalau pun ada orang dapat masuk dia tak boleh keluaq ikut pintu belakang.Sebab, pintu belakang tu kunci. Ni kunci ada pada saya ni...!! "

              I looked at the nurse with eyes so wide that she said." cikgu jangan pikiaq macam2.You sakit jantung, nanti melarat ."
              " Saya tak mimpi. In fact saya tak tiduq pun. I was very sure.. I saw her passed by "
              " OK2, tak pa cikgu. La ni kita tunggu dia patah balik, sebab kalau dia pi pintu kunci, dia mesti kena patah balik. Jalan mati.." Dia cuba memujuk...

              I did not sleep a wink that night. My palpitations got worst... The old lady never came back...


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