Puan Dariah Saad...specially for you..

   As I was sorting out books in my room, I came across a poem which automatically flashed back my memories to the lady which I used to admire when I was in form 4 at Derma school.
    When my eldest daughter got a place in Tg.Kursiah College in Seremban, she was the principle there.People said as I mingled around with other parents in the hall of the school on registration day
    "You from Perlis eh, the pengetua sini pun orang Perlis tau".
    Never came into my mind it was her.Puan Dariah Saad , my Bah Melayu teaccher in form 4...

    Tup tup, a few months later she was appointed the Perlis Director of Education.Of course I was proud enough to hear that. When sometime we bumped into each other she was the first to smile and aknowledge.Kadang 2 dengan pengarah2 ni kita tk berani nak look up.hormat kan.But she is different..she would smile and said 'cantik baju' or sekolah mana u la ni? "
   Once I was the host in one programme at the state library where they called "big people" in perlis to tell about their " life with books". 2 days before the programe I was told she would be one of the guests.Ish apalah nak tanya dia ni.That sort of question came into my mind.
   The day came, she was as sweet as ever, without a trace of makeup on her face, looked at me and smiled.I gained back my confidence and asked her lots of questions , more than I did with the other guests...

   On her retirement day I again had the opportunity to be the emcee for the day at the big beautiful hall of SJKC Khoon Aik Kangar. It was like the reunion of all the memories.I stated all that came into my mind, I serenade her a song, and at the end of the ceremony I presented her my poem which I specially wrote for her.
This is the poem.....
   She hugged me as the poem exchanged hands.She was my teacher and thats the way I thought one should do to show we appreciate our teachers. I turned to end the ceremony with tears in my eyes.I was not alone.From the corner of my eyes I saw her wet eyes..God bless u teacher..May u live happily till the end with those sweet grandchildren of yours....


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