Fun time with my Sara..

              Since last Friday I was tremendously happy. Sara was back.We spend lots of time together.As early as 630 am, sometimes at 7am she was already in my room.
              "Tok,Tok ", she would call in that small sweet voice..

              She would love to be by the fish pond to feed the fish.Every time the fish popped up to grab the food, she would open her eyes wide and smiled to show she has succeeded ....and said "huh huh" Then I would clap my hands and said "Pandai Sara"..
              As she discovered many things along her daily baby life, everything was a wonder to her..

                                                 Eager to find the bits to throw into the pool.

                                                            More in the small pail...


                              Under the shade of the bamboo tree, we did not realize how time flew...Today at 2pm Sara and family were back in KL....Leaving me an empty big lonely space in my heart.......


  1. A big puzzle piece in every hearts she touched..
    God creates wonders when He give us this great gift


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