Memorable visit to Vietnam..

                Ramai dah kawan2 have the chance to visit Ho Chi Minh City. now its my turn.

                                           With friends at KLIA.

                 Ho Chi Minh I am.On the streets there was barely room for anything else.banyknya motorcycles. Kereta boleh di kira dengan jari..Mostly all of the people wear sunglasses and masks on their faces...debu banyak. Formally known as Saigon Ho Chi Minh city is the largest city in Vietnam.

            Some pictures from  the internet. How people of Vietnam suffer during the Vietnam war from 1945 to 1975. The war killed millions of Vietnamese civilians. Leaving Vietnam in ruins for decades.

The use of chemical weapons by the Americans affected the local people a great deal.Millions suffered from serious diseases ,  with malformations and severe defects of the immune and nervous system.

   Here at the Cu Chi Tunnels we saw how tunnels were used by the Viet Cong guerrillas as hiding spots during the war.

           Beautiful laquared paintings. All done by handicapped Vietnamese .They are victims of war who earned their living by producing these beautiful work of art.

                     The Central Post Office. the biggest one in Vietnam. a remnant of the French during colonial time in Vietnam.

             Inside was quite dark. After a quick look around here I am ambik gambar..hehe.

The second Mekong River.Of course beli la topi..nanti sunburned pulak..dah la kita gelap nanti tambah gelap ..

            On a private longtail boat ride along the Mekong River..

         On the sampan along the canals under the green canopy of the water coconut trees...I was scared stiff at times bila sampan berlaga dinding...adoi takuuut.

             Here we were given some honey, and bee-pollen to try. bought some although I already have at home..My friend Lee  from Toronto here I follow your advice.bee pollen jangan lupa. haha. There were many cottage industries here. I like most is coconut candy factory..delicious candy.

             Lastly BenThanh market. Everything is sold here.You name it..semua ada.souvenirs, local handcrafts, food, clothes, fruits.  Here you see posing among the flowers of Vietnam..
             I learn one thing here in Vietnam .Modern technologies versus organized determined human beings...human beings won..People of Vietnam...I salute you..


  1. salam..
    apa kabar cikgu...wahh lamanya menyepi..rupa2nya ke Vietnam ya..

  2. waalaikummusalam puan, hari tu sibuk budak2 UPSR now.baru lapang update blog.sebenarnya bnyak acara dah smpat nk tulis.sibuk sgt.anyway tq singgah sini.nanti saya bancuh kopi Vietnam ya.hehe.

  3. bestnya bercuti...tempat heaven membeli belah

  4. Hi dear IM, dah lama tak update blog, rindu with your ceritas and gambars. Tu mesti sibuk kan and now mesti dah lega results UPSR dah keluar.. and am sure your students semua dapat markah cemerlang 'cos ada teacher yang sangat prihatin hehe. anyway, congrats!

    Love all your holiday pics and you so gorgeous. Aikk. nape nampak macam makin muda ya.. must be the bee pollen kan? You look radiant.

    Have not been to Ho Chi Min but have been to Hanoi. But will probably visit HCM in the near future hehehe.. .
    Welcome back to blogging.

  5. Lama indamarya menyepi.
    Dah sampai Vietnam tentu banyak shopping.

  6. Salam Kak Inda..
    Apa khabar? lama tidak menyinggah di sini.
    Wah..Mesti seronok dapat gi melancong
    dengarnya di Vietnam banyak jual baju kurung siap bermanik.harga pun boleh tahan murah jugak..akak borong apa je kat sana. mesti rambang mata nak pilih kan.ehe..

  7. Aunty...
    Mac haritu saya p Vietnam..
    tapi tak dan p Cu chi tunnel.. sempat Delta Mekong saja..

    Happy holiday aunty :)

  8. Seronok kan kak pi sana paling seronok bab menghabiskan RM yang ada!

    Lamanya akak tak update blog.

  9. look happy Kak IM. And of course look gorgeous as usual. Congratulations on the UPSR achievement. I must say, you deserve a good holiday.

    Thank you for the wish for my bujang kecik as well. Alhamdulillah.... Now, following the fate. Mana nak pi school, ikut suka dia la...hehehehe

  10. Hi Indamarya, sorry have not dropped by ealier, but still recuperating from my brain surgery. Only had the stitches and staples removed yesterday.
    Wow! You were in Vietnam.
    I really enjoyed looking thru all the pics, very well taken, and especially your pics...
    Indamarya, you sure one real beautiful lady! Macham bintang film.
    And I love your outfit, very classy...and stylish.
    Can see you have a flair for fashion.

    I guess you all mabuk tengok all those motorcycle traffic there. Anyway, I guess you had fun shopping too.
    You have a great week, stay beautiful, simpan satu lagu dalam hati.

  11. Assalamualaikum, dah lama tak jengah kesini...apa kabar?

  12. teacher, lama kikta xsinggah. rupanya teacher dah sampai Vietnam.

  13. lama x singgah baca sini
    oh ke vietnam ye
    hajat nak g jugak hujung bulan ni
    tp psport x renew lagi, huhu

  14. Wahh best gi Vietnam ... wife saya hari tu ... leh lak tak jadi pergi, saya dah siap izinkan lagi. Adik dan isteri dia ada pegi .. kata derang memang best.

    Mungkin nanti nak gi juga ...

    Dah baca?
    Jom Aktifkan MyKad


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