Monday, 13 August 2012

macam2 cerita..

       Raya is around the corner, jemaah is getting less in number. Some dah balik kampung, and the ladies are busy preparing the raya cookies.Dari packed penoh to the door now its hardly half the usual number.
                                           Tempat the men ambik wudhuk..
                                          Ruang Morei...

       Rasa letih di penghujung puasa makin terasa. My lips getting drier and drier. But as we go to the end of puasa , my friends here keep on motivating each other. so we keep on, striving for that extra bonus Allah has promised.

        Last night we continued our quran reciting as usual after Witir and continued till 1230.midnight.The men on the other side dah lama hilang. One or two ladies beside me started yawning and left.There were about 4 of us left then. My eyes too were trying hard to impress me although they kept closing from time to time..felt like dozing off...

                         The inside of our surau.My favourite place is near the stand fan..

       We stopped for a few minutes.There was always tea and some kueh (Left over morei ) and we kept our eyes opened with the tea served.
        Then someone knocked at the door.I knew her.She's the maid of my neighbur.She was with us masa tarawikh tadi.
         "nak baca quran ?"  someone asked.
         "Tidak,majikan saya tidak ada di rumah.Saya tak boleh masuk.dah sejam lebih tunggu di luar rumah.Takut saya."
         "Tunggu saja di sini. " I said."Kalau lapar makan saja roti nan dan teh tu " I pointed to the food.
         "Tidak apa ibu.Udah kenyang "
         I looked at her.Kesian. Why did they have to leave her without leaving her the key or just informed her of their whereabouts and when they will be back .
         She got up and took a quran, and started to read softly after my friend .She could read. I mean could read very well.
         From time to time her gaze fell on the door..Then I got up and said..
         " Jum saya teman kamu kerumah.tengok samaada puan kamu sudah balik."
         At 1.00 am I was touring the neighbourhood like nobody's business. She opened the gate and went in.Then all was quiet.I thought mesti 'Puan ' dah balik and she left me standing there macam orang bodoh in the middle of the night. Bertuah sungguh ! !
         I walked fast, almost running back to the surau again. Takut.
       An elderly friend said we better start our Tasbih prayers soon or we would end up sleeping in the surau till morning.Another lady Kak Yah said she wanted to join.Dia keluar .I guessed dia pi ambik air sembahyang. After 10 minutes  there was no sign of her. I went out again to see whether she was at the toilet.( Dont know why last night I jadi berani pulak )...Toilet gelap. Ish balik umah dah ke ? 

       So we started off with our Sunat Tasbih..Letihnya ya Allah. baru I remembered I only took a glass of fresh orange and a small mug of laksam masa berbuka tadi.

         Finished the prayers, suddenly dengar orang bagi salam, Kak Yah came dengan sebuah beg kecik, nampak well prepared  macam nak beribadat sampai subuh

        "La , tadi balik rumah ka? " I asked.
        "Ingat nak mula pukul 230. ! ! " she said.

        " Tak boleh kak Yah, letih sangat hari ni. Kami dah smbahyang tasbih tadi masa kak balik "

        "Tak pa, saya buat di rumah saja. " she said softly.

        We crowded around the tea .jamah la sikit roti nan, and teh hentam sampai dua cawan.he he .
Rasa macam dok berkelah pula di surau tengah2 malam..seronok pulak.sayang sekali kepala dah mula pening, and mata tak mau berkompromi dah.nak terpejam....

        See you all tomorrow night friends..The fasting days are getting lesser and raya is around the corner Moga Allah terima ibadah kita...seikhlas kita menyembahkan kepada NYA..


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