Sunday, 8 February 2015

Mak saya kata saya dapat C cukup la teacher...

         Its been like years since I last wrote in this blog. No big reasons actually.just plain tired, no mood to start even though there were so many things to write and share with everyone out there.
           So today lets start about something.I want to write about this boy. Now he is in form 1.

       Zainudin. (not his real name ).I noticed he was quite naughty the first day I entered the class..The last class . 6 C. A pint sized boy.pointed nose. and a smile on the face every time he saw me .

   The first 2 months was the hell of a time for me. Half of the class did not even know simple verbs like pray, wash, wear , put..etc etc. I know that very minute I would have a tough time here.

   Everyday we would be reading, drilling on action words like the above..I made them memorize. Maybe its not the way to most teachers , but to me its practical. Then by the end of February, we started writing simple sentences based on pictures I gave them. I have collected lots of pictures over the years then paste them in a thick book I kept.

   We  started with simple one like : Salleh is reading.
   Then I taught him to expand the sentence especially to the nouns in the sentence.
   Eg.:                                     Salleh is reading a story book.
                                              Salleh is reading a story book under a tree.
                                              Salleh is reading an interesting story book under a big tree.
 Then I  started teaching them complex sentences. After a week ( to my surprise ), a few from that same C class were able to write complex sentences including him..!
 E.g. Salleh who is wearing a T-shirt is reading an interesting story book under a big shady tree.

   I was overwhelmed with joy.

But at least they can attempt paper 2.first section of information transfer  without mistakes...( bahagian ni I gave them petua saja..dah ramai tk faham apa yang di baca, they boleh cam perkataan and fill in the correct words correctly..

   He said to me " teacher mak saya kata saya dapat C cukup la untuk English." he said to me one day.

   The first test he got 24 %. Then 32%, then 40%.

   Semua budak2 I paksa bawa dictionary. Wajib. buku vocab pun mesti ada. tulis makna in Bah Melayu.
   Once a week I buat dictation in Bah Melayu and they wrote back in English.
   Start dengan ayat mudah.: Saya sedang mandi
                                              Maznah sedang tidur..
                                              Noni sedang memancing.etc etc etc..

 For paper 1( 40 questions ) in 6B class,, semua orang mesti dapat at least 30 right answers.they are free to look into their dictionary. Yes they learn  that way too.and I reward them with money.I am not rich but a ringgit here and there didnt make me poorer.
   This went on for months... and everyone seemed to improve a little bit.. good. I was happy.

  Then I moved Zainudin into 6B, because he has the potential to get C.At least for the time being if not for long.(apa I cakap ni.)
   He was so eager to be in 6B. Before I took him in, I told the 6B pupils to make friends with him..and jangan underrate him..
  "Maybe he is better than a few of you in this class "
  The week  we had the trial. and guess what..HE GOT 57%..!

I  coached him more.I want him to get more..maybe a B..melangkah ke angka 6. possible ?
I think he can..( sebenarnya saya yang lebih..siap janji nak bagi hadiah lagi. he he.)
     When the UPSR results were out. I searched for his name. And I yelled like a crazy lady. He got B.! ! ! phuuuuh...alhamdulillah.
      And this year I got 6A class. mak ai..expectations lagi tinggi.lagi letih la..lagi tak dak mood buka blog...

                                    Among friends.muka nampak happy.dalam hati ? OMG.


  1. Assalam IndaMarya...
    A very inspiring story about your student and I hope he will do well in the future. Bukan you saja yang tak ada mood nak buka blog...entah ke mana hilangnya mood nak blogging...where did it go??? My husband has been pestering me to write about the recent flood and I have not a clue on how to start the first sentence...and yes my house was in deep waters too but not as bad as in Kuala Krai and Manek am still thinking on what to write..hehe...Take care and hope to see more postings from you... :)

    1. dear naniasda, this year I am teaching his younger brother .adoi.nampak mcm worse than Zainudin.kalau la the level one teachers are teaching like the pupils are too facing a big exam tentulah yg dapat ketangan kami masa tahun 6 ni tak teruk sangat nak polish kan?
      I love to hear about that big flood. kdg2 what you see on FB bukan semua betul .why not show some photos to start with.sure you ambik gambar bnyak kan?
      My friends are suggesting we go to Kelantan this coming CNY holidays.but I guess I have to figure out how to go about it.cause kja banyak.and I have to visit my grandchildren in KL.Hardly a day passed without thinking and missing those little angels..

  2. Sekain lama menunggu mood dah datang balik ye kak Inda Marya.

    1. tk brapa jugak Aina..masih perlukan lebih semangat ni..mcmmana org dah masuk 40 ni.? best tak.well apa pun jaga diri jaga makan jaga penampilan...biaq pak tuan rasa nak dok umah ja.hehe

  3. A long journey, but effective techniques. Kak, you look so lovely. Janganlah tinggal blog lama2. Rindu...hehehehehe.

    1. dear Aziela, cikgu lama msti ada banyak tips dlm poket.maca Doraemon pulak.asyik buka poket keluaq magic wand..
      tq for the compliment dear.dah tua pun.kena letak bnyak cream sikit lagi..hehe.
      how is Adam doing in secondary sch.? hope he is doing fine.budak crdik letak mana pun ok.

    2. Kak IM...Adam has just started his new phase in MRSM last week. This is his second week and he has been whining about going home...hahahaha. He chose this IGCSE course. Something related with O-Level path. Quite tough, I guess. But he likes the teachers and the school. This morning he complaints : Budak2 sini semua poyo la mama...semua berlagak.. Hahahaahaha. And he is just a typical kampung boy.

    3. dear Aziela. wow.a big wow to Adam.two of my kids were MRSM students once.its a gd place to start that first step to success.Wish him all the best.tell him dont bother about those boys.that must be his first expression.he wll get used to it in no time.Once he get a gd friend he wll enjoy his life there.tell him there are many ex kampung boys who turned out to be successful individuals that Malaysia is proud regards to that terrific boy of yours.

  4. Alhamdulillah berkat kesabaran indamarya ramai pelajar sudah nenunjukkan peningkatan.

    1. salam mudah.bnyak tenaga, masa. duit pun.teacher asyik upah saja boleh score sikit bagi duit. (Buat la mcm kaya sangat.kayap adala..haha)

  5. Alhamdulillah, anak didik dah ramai menunjukkan kemajuan...

    1. tq Bunda..ya tapi letih nya badan tua ni menanggung.hehe

  6. welcome back!
    lamanya bercuti.
    apa khabar?

    1. Nieda.tq.khabar baik2 saja.bukan kemana pun.tapi letih luar dalam.kah kah.maklum dh senja.

  7. Hi IM. macam I put my comments earlier but maybe some glitches tak get through. Takpe... I miss your blogging. Welcome back. Tu lah I pun kadang macam takde mood blogging pada hal banyak yg nak di kongsi. hehe

    Anyway, congrats on your student punya success. And I admire your passion, your compassion and your patience..

    Have a lovely day and stay beautiful always my friend.

  8. Hi dearest Angie. kita serupa.idea ada bnyk tapi malas mengadap blog.but I wll try to tell a few daily activities kat sekolah.mana ada cerita lain selain cerita sekolah.ha ha.pagi di sekolah.ptg mark buku budak.mlm type grammar items.print.bwa pi sekolah photostat.krja tu sama siang mlm.mana tk boring.
    i do hope result tahun 2015 is twice better.insyaAllah.
    actually I am nothing special.but I am willing to work hard.thats the secret.he he.tq kawan.nanti kita chat nk buat coffee minum ptg di celah daun2 dan bunga2an...haha