a singer on the tree ?


      One day my father brought home a radio.It was a big one.Day and night I would listen to songs and memorised them fast.I would do a one man show by climbing a tree and sang my heart out while clinging on to the branch with my legs crossed.My friends would stand below and be my audience.

               I imagine this may be the position when you are up there on the tree, holding the branches with both hands just to feel more confident singing...How could I ever imagine to do this ? maybe this chinese girl is also trying to cast her voice across the neighbourhood..ha ha ha ha..

     My favourite was Kamariah Noor hit.It goes like...
     Wahai permata engkau jelita
     Pelita hati kawanku sejati...
    When my confidence level shoot up I have my own favourite audience..my father's friend.He would call me when he came home from work.I would sing him popular songs of P Ramlee and Saloma.After each song I would be given10 sen.In a day I could earn myself about 50 sen. Then I would spend my friends with the best most delicious pink kropok  that cost me a mere 5 sen a piece.That went on until he died five months later.

                                                               The pink kropok.


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