Wednesday, 4 July 2012

nisfu syaaban nite

         The  night was blessed with a long rain all night long. Cold to the bones. Starting from dusk to dawn this morning,it is indeed an important night to all  Muslims to stay awake praying with high hopes that all sins are forgiven.

          To the Muslims , 15th night of the Syaaban month is a night of seeking pardon and repenting to Allah.Last night was the night.Everyone who wants to turn a new chapter of their life to the better will fill the night with prayers .Starting with the reciting of the Yassin in 3 consecutive times after magrib is the night that the prophet Muhammad said the second most blessed night after Lailatul Qadar.

         Biasa terbaca dalam sirah nabi, that he did not sleep in this special night, so much so his wife went searching for him. Akhirnya jumpa baginda tengah bersujud tidak bergerak2. She thought he was dead.She touched his toe and he moved...

        Kita orang Islam percaya malam inilah amalan setahun kita di bawa naik ke langit oleh para malaikat.dan diturunkan buku amalan baru untuk tahun ini.

        The most wonderful thing is semua pintu2 rahmat dibuka pada malam tersebut dan Allah turun ke langit dunia pada malam Nisfu Syaaban untuk mengampunkan insan2 yang berdoa kepadanya.

         Last night was the night..Nisfu Syaaban just left us. Hopefully Allah dah melihat kita semalam dan mengampunkan dosa2 kita.Amin..

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