Teacher , how to spell giraffe?


         A chance to step my feet on Taiping land again after many2 years..It sure has changed a lot..Can hardly recognize the beautiful sights around..

          Taman Tasik..a breathtakingly beautiful place in Taiping. bekas lombong sejak 1885.tapi now dah jadi cantik tak terkira with lots of huge trees .green plains .Look at these photos below and believe my words..A serene beauty you cant find elsewhere in Malaysia..

         Taiping the wettest place in Malaysia ?.I think its true.It rained there most of the time.Tengok awan..gelap ja.then hujan..adoi..


             Still holding that wide smile..naik boat round tasik..bunyi engine boat yang tua dan uzur bising gila.macam it was staggering for dear life..

                     On the afternoon I was here , many newly weds have their photo shoots here.About 7 couples came in their wedding dresses..click here click there..I just stood there a few minutes and then  made my way out..not to disturb the love birds..although I love to be there longer or forever..

                                        Can stay here for hours admiring the view..


                        These trees must be hundred of years old.The trunks of these old trees have been 'cleaned'..tak percaya??..semua lumut and moss on  the surface have been removed .leaving them botak brown as if they have been shaved clean.

              The next place ? lepas berbelas tahun tak pi Taiping ,apa lagi zoo la tempatnya.


           When I look at the giraffe I remember I used to have problems spelling the word " giraffe." Sometimes I spelled it with two r and one f ..so much so in my  English class in school I use to add this word for that extra spelling exercise.And the next day I would forget how to spell the word. I hope none of my pupils will ask me "Teacher, how to spell giraffe ?" and even  just now I just looked into my dictionary for the spelling of the word...! ! he he..

                      I dont have a problem to spell 'camel ' though ha ha..


               After a long walk..sat down to take my breath..so quiet there.rasa macam I was alone in this wide world, what I heard was the chirping sound of the birds , the rustle of the leaves and the roar of the the tigers and the lions.


                                                       Roaming and roaring..

                                                      Tiny little nose..

                       Most incredible experience.Had the chance to see the caretaker feed the hippo.And he gave us the chance to feed them too..bayangkan dengan besi penghadang yang rendah tu kalau terjatuh ke dalam tu..my God.

              They were swimming in the water.heard his boots and they came very near the edge of the pond opening their mouths wide for the vege and fruits..sekali bagi makan  5 kilo sayur and buah..3 times a day! !

                            My girl Faten loves to look at these biggest animals on land.


            I cilok this photo of Kuala Sepetang town from google saja.but anyway just look at the sky..Gelap lagi...

       Before heading home, we went to Kuala Sepetang.Known as Port Weld dulu. Kita belajar dalam history sekolah menengah dulu kan? Port Weld was quite busy dulu.and they have the first railway that connected Taiping to Port Weld.Walaupun it was only a for a short distance but history facts tetap penting dalam sejarah bangsa Malaysia.

              Banners and posters about mee udang Kuala Sepetang merata-rata.So we tried mee udang MakJah.Nampak maju sebab banyak sungguh kerusi meja di situ and ada all races like the Indians, Chinese dok makan dengan seleranya.
              A plate of mee udang harganya RM7.00.Memang la banyak udang di letak about 7 ekor.tapi bukan udang besaq.sederhana saja.

                                Nampak kuah sedap.It was, kalau tak pedas sangat.

            Tapi one thing.. I dont know about the others tapi mee tu pedasnya mak oi..just managed to telan mee saja.Kuah tak berani sentuh..pedasnya ! !.I think kalau my son in law Kay ada pun ,pun takkan boleh habis makan mee tu walaupun dia seorang yang memang suka pedas..

             Faten ordered a plate of udang goreng tepung.Memang rangup.Sat saja dah tinggal pinggan saja.

            I tengok one group of Chinese dok hirup kuah sruuuup sruuuup..maybe depa tu biasa makan pedas kut.On the way home anak2 dok complain perut rasa tak sedap..ish pedas mee dah ganggu perut..

          The clouds turned dark again..it rained heavily again for kali keberapa..Kesian orang Taiping.Mesti banyak kerja tergendala kalau setiap hari hujan sentiasa turun macam ni.Like what the receptionist at the hotel said..
             "Sini kalau nak pergi mana2 mesti sebelah pagi kak, kalau petang dia suka hujan....." Its true..but bukan petang saja.pagi pun hujan juga walapun a short drizzling here and a short downpour there.

            Anyway it was a memorable day to remember in Taiping although we did not have the opportunity to explore every corner of it.

                                                       Have a nice day everyone..


  1. Taiping tempat yg tenang kan..
    mesti best cuti2 rehatkan minda..

  2. yes Harnida..tpi tak best sebab hujan tak berhenti..asyik turun saja..anyway boleh la.memang bandar yang tenang sungguh ..sunyi ja.


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