Thursday, 23 May 2013

My BFF birthday today

   We set eyes on each other in 1986. That was really a long time eh..since then kami jadi best friends..Teaching in the same school for more than 20 years .kenal dalam luaq kata orang Perlis.

   Now dia dah di sekolah lain and saya pulak ke lain. namanya berpisah tempat kerja tapi jumpa selalu, sembang selalu, call selalu...

   Today is her birthday..memang selalu saling bagi hadiah pun..I dont know what I would do without a friend.mesti sunyi dunia kan? yes kita boleh ada family yang loving habis tapi friends are equally important too..

   Yesterday went to the florist, tempah bunga siap2.Then pergi cari set penjagaan rambut. Shampoo and conditioner plus cream itu ini..Then packed elok2 dalam beg.

    My last two free period memang sangat berguna and tepat. Minta izin keluaq sekolah, pi ambik bunga from the florist. Then drove fast to her school..
    There she was as eager as ever to see me. Took me to the staff room, where other teachers ada.
Ada cake atas meja, ada karipap juga

   Because I ni ta berapa suka cake, I rasa jugalah a slice..ambik hati kan?

                       Ni gambar last year on my birthday. She came over dengan present .I looked pucat. sebab baru lepas demam..

                       Ok.  I found this beautiful poem . Hope she will like it.

                          When we first talked to each other
                          I knew we would always be friends.
                          Our friendship has kept on growing
                          And I'll be here for you to the end.

                         You listen when I have a problem
                         And help dry the tears from my face.
                         You take away my sorrow
                         And put happiness in its place.

                         We can't forget the fun we've had
                         Laughing 'til our faces turn blue.
                         Talking of things only we find funny
                         People think we're insane

                         If they only knew!

                         I guess this is my way of saying thanks
                         For catching me when I fall.
                        Thanks once again 

                         for being such a good friend
                        And being here with me through it all.

              latest photo with her today..baru lagi..panas2 ...handing over my present..a bouquet of roses and a set of hair care products for  her to try . I should have worn something cheerful today, bright colours baru nampak cheerful..

                 Selamat ulang tahun ke #$%@^ . ha ha ha,,may u be blessed , and hopefully Allah wll grant all your wishes my friend..


  1. Happy B'day to your BFF...nice roses...kalau I dpt yang tu pun best gak! hehehe...

    suka la tengok wanita anggun diatas sana...*wink

    1. Hi Sweetie, thnx, she has been my gd friend evrsince we met, she's 5 years younger thn me . actually her elder sister was my classmate dulu in scndry school.

  2. Hi gorgeous IM
    so sweet... yes friends are important and especially if 'satu kepala' hehehe... I like your poem..'laughing till our face turn blue' hahaha...which is so true. So beautiful both of you. Wishing your bff a very happy birthday and may there be lots more wonderful birthday to come. and may your friendship be until the end of time..

    1. Dear flawless, betul sgt2, kalau satu kepala memang best kan? and paling syok to share secrets.hanya kita tau org lain tak tau.and she undrstands me inside out. baru ystrday kami breakfast sama2 di gerai kat market Kangar, makan kuetiaw pak Mat yang sedap giler..then sembang tak prnah habis..he is sweet kan Angie?

  3. Cikgu IndaMarya, i am impressed with your dressing sense,very nice matching colors. Memang cantik mata memandang,sejuk aje. Judging by the words you chose for your friend she must surely reflects, the wise saying of "A friend in need is a friend indeed". Wishing her Happy Birthday and many more to come Insya ALLAH. ....Uncle AL.

  4. Hi Uncle AL, tima kacih la banyak2, chek sgt berbesaq hati.(dia mai dah ckap Penang) been there belajar 2 years , jdi ckap Penang memang cekap la..tapi bukan lari banyak dari Perlih pun cuma Penang dia punya 'r' tu macam KL sikit.he he
    Dia tu memang kawan baik, I've been tru many bitter moments in my life, dia la yg bagi semangat utk truskan hidup , dan trus tabah sampai la ni..
    She herself pun was miserable many times along the way..we shared almost evrything, sad secrets ...
    tru, a friend in need is a friend indeed..and now tru ths blog I have u, Uncle AL and a few, Angie, Quinie, Uncle Lee, just to name a few who always support and advise..I appreaciate that.Thnk you sir .

  5. I would rather give a book with some words scribbled inside. That lasts longer than flowers. On the other hand I can never see the beauty in them as ladies can and do. Hope your friendship would last life-time.

    1. Al-Manar,tu la yg membezakan kita.Fitrah lelaki dan wanita berbeza.I love flowers. If I am given a choice between the two, I would rather have a big bouquet of flowers than a book..he he .sound ridiculous for a teacher to say that.But its the may have the book..and read it to yr satisfaction.have a gd day.

  6. seronoknya ada kawan baik yg setia dulu kini dan selamanya ;)

    1. memang best, bayangkan kalau kita sorang best friend .mesti sunyi.sembang dgn adik beradik bukan sma sembang dgn kawan kan kan?