Friday, 17 May 2013

My girl's convocation

             She is my third born, and the second girl in the family. Yesterday was her big day and a happy one for me too. Her convocation day..

             She was dressed in green, my favorite colour besides blue. I did not attend teacher's day celebration in school yesterday.I missed all the fun. Days before I trained budak2 menari, menyanyi, tapi on the day I tak pi sekolah..Tapi tak pa , anak punya pasal, takkan tak attend that big event kan ?

             She looked flawless yesterday, the green dress looked perfect on her, fit her like a second skin.The pleated long skirt flowed nicely as she walked gracefully into the hall along with her friends .

             Graduates walked up on the stage. I waited for her name to be called to receive the scroll. It was a sweet moment although yesterday was the third time I faced the same auspicious moment. Dulu kakak, then followed by abang ( my second ) and now her turn to feel the glory to graduate.

                                          After the ceremony..with the flowers in her hands.

                     With her friends , posing outside the hall, while I waited , looking on.

                          At last with me...tak perasan pulak  kuda tu was very near us..Congratulation my girl, may you succeed in life just like your elder siblings. Amin..


  1. Hi dear gorgeous IM
    ohh my goodness, she's BEAUTIFUL!!! And smart too. You must be so proud of her. Congratulations to you and your dear girl and yes, may the blessings of God be with her always as she begin her journey in the real world. By the way, I gather you have 2 girls and 2 sons?

    My 2nd daughter's convocation will be in November this year and to be held at the the Putrajaya Int Convention Centre if am not mistaken and am so excited too. My other girl had already had hers few years back at UNITEN and yes, I do know the feeling hehe..Seems like only yesterday they were in kindergarten and now already graduating. Gosh where did the years go.

    Once again congratulations and God bless...
    tight hugs to you and your girl.:)

    1. my flawless friend, tq.
      I thought she will start hunting for jobs bila habis belajar, tapi nmpak macam nak relax dulu kat umah. She doesnt look like hrrying to get a job macam I dulu, so eager to work .
      Yes I have 2 daughters and 2 sons..the youngest now still second year in Uni.
      betul rasa macam baru kemarin mengasuh, now semua dh besar2..kita pun semakin tua..hopefully boleh masih bernafas sehingga dapat tengok mereka beranak cucu pulak.he he. insyaAllah dgn kuasa Allah nothing is imposibble..
      TQ again.warm hugs for u too my friend.

  2. Alhamdulillah, tahniah to anak and to emak too...satu family cantik menawan...i rasa inilah salah satu puncak kepuasan bagi setiap ibu...

    my elders son pun sambung belajar sambil bekerja and will sit an exam next week...kesian dia busy all the time, lari sana larii sini, macam mana emak, camtu la anak hehehe...I tak paksa, dia sendiri yang nak, so I bagi support jer la...

    moga semua anak2 kita menjadi warga negara berguna, kan? dan tidak lupa kepada guru2 yg mengajar dan mendidik mereka selain dari ibu yang melahirkan mereka....

    ada catering arini n esok...

    1. Sweetie, betul la apa u cakap, kita kena support anak2.tambah2 lagi if they want to cont study, benda baik msti la kena support kan?
      Tapi I tabik la u masak dlm quantity banyak mcm tu, saya masak di rmah sikit2 pun penat bukan main, maybe alah bisa tegal biasa, apa pun yg kita biasa buat dn enjoy doing it, mesti tak rasa letih, but at the end of the day dpt pulak rzeki friend said perniagaan makanan ni untung 100%..
      you ada kemahiran memasak , bukan semua org boleh masak mcm2 like disamping cari rezeki, dpt juga org rasa and enjoy yr food..moga2 rzki btambah lagi.Amin..

  3. Cikgu IndaMarya, Tahniah every mothers dream to see their children succeed in life. The first step is the important one and your beautiful girl dah pun berjaya with that first step towards life. Its still a long way to go but InsyaALLAH with your guidance and having taken the first step,she will find success, joy and happiness in all her future decisions. Nice photo of you and her together macam adik beradik,you are both beautiful,keep smiling as i always said you do have a beautiful captivating smile.Regards from Uncle AL.

  4. Dear Uncle AL, alhamdullillah sorang lagi habis belajar, tinggal sorang saja lagi in Univrsity scnd year now. so I tk yah worry sgt la now. of course masa kecik2, susah juga brtungkus lumus bantu depa belajar, setiap kali exam duduk la teman anak2 belajar .when they reach sekolah menengah habit belajar and to compete with others dah tk yah bimbang lagi.
    Wat I always remember is, kalau kita ajaq anak orang sungguh2, maka anak2 kita pun akan di perlakukan begitu oleh cikgunya di sekolah..
    Tq for the gd wishes, for the pujian yang so very sweet, nanti nak ckp dgn anak I mesti senyum lebar punya..
    You tk cr my friend, jaga makan, jaga diri, jgn lupa ubat ikut jadual..insyaAllah sihat selalu.

  5. Congratulations to your beautiful daughter and her equally beautiful Mum :) I ni duk tengah rasa stress nak kena urus anak bongsu masuk kolej bulan julai ni...lots of documents to be printed and filled..mujurlah benda ni bukan setiap tahun nak kena urus. I pray for your lovely daughter's bright future :)

  6. dear naniasda, memang banyak forms kena isi, lepas tu sedih la pulak anak dah tinggal berasingan..unless rumah dkat dgn college kan? anak bongsu pulak tu, sedih la mama .
    TQ for those sweet comments.moga u too bnyak sbar nanti anak masuk college.jgn sedih2 tau..bila left alone.

  7. Hi IndaMarya, Wow! Sekali lagi, WOW! Never knew....I mean looking, admiring your photos that you have tiga University kids.
    Congratulations are in order here...
    1/ To you and hubby for bringing up scholars. Congratulations!
    2/ To your daughter. Congratulations! Well done! Outstanding!

    Tell her, a gentleman from Canada sends his congratulations and greetings...
    'May the wind always be at your back, and the sun upon your face, and the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars'.

    She sure has her mom's very attractive looks....and can be mistaken for sisters too.
    Have a beautiful Sunday.


  8. ha ha, Lee, I have told her a gentleman from Canada sends his congratulations and greetings..whats the reaction?
    of course senyum sampai telinga la..and I love that 'dance with the stars ' part. Pandai main with words eh..
    Actually as long as we give them full guidance since they are in primary school, check on their academic performance all the time, make sure they excel in exams, and push them in subjects they are weak at, and shower them with all the love they need.
    As children they too have their own little foibles . All humans are fallible,but I always put myself in their shoes if something goes wrong and look at it from their point of view, sure all will go well punya la..
    And another thing I told her, all women are born beautiful but only one thing to differ them..POISE..Many are pretty but lack poise..and one important thing in the family is smile..a winsome smile always have a magic effect on keep on smiling..he he.
    TQ Lee, have a nice day ,stay handsome, stay healthy stay coooool as ever.

  9. Hi IndaMarya, nice to meet you. Thanks you for visiting my blog with your sweet compliments. :)

    Congratulation to your daughter. Wishing her all the best. With this success, comes greater opportunities and challenges. Face it with the same zeal, as you always have. Congratulation.

    Your daughter is very pretty,like mother,like daughter.
    Smiles and stay young always.
    Have a nice day. Regards.

    1. Hi Amelia, tq s much for the gd wishes. I pray all the gd opportunities will come her way and hope she will face a much brighter future soon.

      Thanx for the it.You too keep smiling and stay sweet as ever. hve a nice day my new found friend..

  10. hahhahah kuda tu takdak sondol akak ke?
    Mana la tau nak bermanja2 hihi.

    Anyway.. tahniah! :-)

    1. dekdaa, mana dia berani, saya garang ooo.sebelum dia sondol saya , saya pelangkung dia dulu..berlaga garang konon, tapi yg sebenarnya dlam hati dok takut masa ambik gmbaq tu, takut dia attack..

  11. aunty...congrate! to both of u...
    kejayaan anak pun kejayaan mak nyer jugak kan?

    cantiknya dia macam mak nyer..hihihi

  12. Tq harnida, memang kejayaan anak mcm kejayaan kita juga..kdg2 Allah bagi macam2 kat anak kita apa yang kita tak dpt masa hidup kita..syukur banyak2..TQ for the puji pujian..awat rasa baju ketat entah? kembang la tu he he.

  13. oh wow!! I mean...WOW! WOW! you have a beautiful dotter la cikgu. yeah, I could see clearly where did she inherit dat. congrats to you both...especially your dotter. it's her big day...she shud be proud of herself. you can bring home calon menantu. hihihihi. ^__*

    1. apeeeeee? calon menantu? ha ha.hopefully that prince charming will appear soon to lift her off her feet and live happily ever after..(macam fairy tales pulak kan? ) I tak kisah sapa dia suka..boleh long as he makes her happy.that is wat matters most to me .TQ anyway for the super duper cr dear.

  14. manisnya..macam mak dia juga ;)
    mcm mana la rupa anak saya bila besar nanti ye

    1. anak Irfa besar msti macam mak dia la, or sometime ikut muka bapanya kan? tapi suspence kan? masa anak kecik kita tak boleh jngka rupa masa dewasa, I've seen some girls bila besar muka jadi lain sungguh banding masa kecik.