..When cancer strikes..


    I remembered him as a tall and handsome man.Among his siblings he had the good looks.He was a man of few words.He goes out to work very early in the morning leaving some cash to my mum everyday without fail.In his younger days he worked with the JKR.Then when my second brother was born he got himself a stall at the market selling fish.He was a fishmonger only for a few years.Then he bought a lorry and started to be middleman in the same business.He has an assistant to help him.He would go as far as Sg Petani where he got fresh fish to distribute to his friends at the market.Business was good.
        I remembered one day he came home driving a car. We were delighted.He took us for a spin around the neighbourhood.I remembered jadi 'Perak' in the car.Never went for a car ride before .I even asked my brother'Awat pokok2 macam dok lari sama kita ha?
        Food was never a problem.We ate fresh fish everyday, fresh fruits and fresh vege too. When cancer attacked him I did not see the car or the lorry anymore....


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