What raya meant to me

           After finishing form 5 most of my friends went for further studies.Not me.I never had the slightest idea to do so.My only intention was to find a job to keep having food on the table for the family.
           I got a job soon after that.A temporary teacher with RM 230. per month.It was enough to feed 6 mouth then.I would make sure to buy groceries the minute I got my salary. So at least food was not a problem anymore.At 18 I was the sole breadwinner of the family!....
           Hari raya that year was a merrier one.My siblings had baju raya! They were happy to go round the neighbourhood in their new clothes..Raya meant so much to them...I said to myself.."Ayah if only you could see this."
          We have ketupat and even cookies..and some money in my siblings pockets.....To the rich it was nothing.but to us it was the happiest moments after 3 sad years....


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