dark dark sweet ..


         I was born in a small village about 3/4 kilometres from Kangar.Our house was a wooden one room house that my father built himself slowly until it was done. Paddy fields were everywhere. Puyu, haruan and keli were everywhere too.I would fish at every single opportunity dipping my hook in between the paddy plants.
            I was the eldest in the family but my  mother never asked or need my help to do anything.I have no responsibility at all until the later part of my life when the whole thing changed and suddenly I was the one who took charge of everything. 
            My grandparents from my father's side lived nearby .I remember my grandfather as a very handsome man. He was very very fair.They said he was from Acheh.He landed here in Perlis because of a failed relationship back at his kampung.He was very much respected in our village.He was like a bomoh who could cure anything.People often called him  for help.I was proud of him when people came over to his house to reward him with packets of rice  after the patient was cured.
             My grandmother was the opposite.She was dark but I used to hear my grandpa called her "hitam manis mana nasi aku oi"She was the lady of few words. Quiet type.I think I must have followed her to be the hitam manis girl too.he he..


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