..Mirror mirror on the wall

                                             My favourite aunt

        I have an aunt .My father's elder sister. I used to like her a lot. She .answered most of my questions when others didnt bother to care.Questions like, "Seronok ke kawin? or where do babies come from?" We Malays sometimes are to shy to discuss things like that with a teenage girl but my aunt never failed to answer me.
         She was very good with her hands.She sewed beautiful embroideries which I admired.She taught me how to sew simple but beautiful embroideries too.
         She had a way with men.She had been married many times.They adored her.Feature wise she was not a pretty lady but her words when she opened her mouth..phuuuh.She was so delicate with her gentle words.
          I wish she is still here so that I can ask her about my encesstors which only she knows the details.
I didnt have the opportunity though.She passed away when I was busy caring about my fourth baby..Suhail   

My Aunt on the left sitting down with my mom on the right


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