leaves on the bride's hair ?

        My best friends during childhood were Mariyani and Faridah.They were my neighbours.Mariyani was the eldest of 7 siblings.Every day from 3oclock onwards in the afternoon the three of us were like kembar siam.
        Playing dolls,made from my mom' sarong, or kawin-kawin ( Mariyani would be the bridegroom because I insisted to be the bride  ! ) We would collect leaves and tied them to put over the head like a long veil.Looked beautiful enough. kah kah.
        Faridah would be the wedding planner. She would suggest a place for the bersanding .The other boys and girls would clap their hands and pretend to eat as if food is in front of them .(This part was the most ridiculous).
        When I was in form two Mariyani and her family suddenly accepted the offer as peneroka felda in Pahang.A bus came and take them there with all their belongings.It was so sudden. She was my best friend being taken away.We cried before the bus moved out of my sight.The following days was a misery to me.I still had Faridah to share my days.
        Among the three of us Faridah was the most unfortunate.She came from a broken family.Her father left them when she was still small.When her mom looked out for jobs she would be left with her grandma.
        We had to pay our school fees then every month in secondary school because we chose to be in the English medium school.It cost about RM 7.50.It was a lot of money for the poor ones like us.
         Faridah was a beautiful girl.One of the man teachers fell in love with her and helped her to pay the school fees.I guessed she loved him too.
         Suddenly when we were just about 15 years old in form three, she married a man from a wealthy family.
Her grandma was against the idea.But money took care of everything.
         I missed her dearly.Sometimes she would come back to visit her grandma.That was the time I would see her for a while.Then when the big car came to pick her up I was left with my mouth opened and my eyes wet.
          I filled my days reading from Enid Blyton books to Denise Robins romantic novels.I have few good friends in school but it was never the same without Mariyani and Faridah.I was like a child who lost her mother.

                                My school in lower secondary, within walking distance from my house.


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